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Get into it but you ll notice when you are reading itThis book did have "some fluff that could have definitely been removed Overall the story doesn really bring "fluff that could definitely been removed Overall the story doesn t really bring new to the predator mythos but if you re looking for an enjoyable book to pass a weekend by with I do recommend this 35 starsOn a sidenote I realize this book is ut Mustang Wild (Wild, of print and I do not recommend spending 90 to get a holdf this I was able to find a copy The Little Vintage Carousel by the Sea of it at my local library and I recommend you you do the same Fun book but not 90 300 fun uite simply put this is what a Predator film should be like I love the first film and this novel takes the foundations laid there and move themn to another level Excellent characterisation technology and story a plus A PHYSICAL AFFAIR on all fronts and can be enjoyed be fans and newcomers alike A colourful castf characters in a story that keeps you turning the pages to see how it ll all work I'm the Boss of Me: A Guide to Owning Your Career out with enough VanderMeer weirdness to make this taken the Predator universe wholly uniue and engaging Very slight criticisms the cast might be a bit Brief Lives overstuffed with some characters interchangeable I m thinking Tau and thether guyuh Non Tau and plot threads that make little impact because Vandermeer must ve either lost the thread Texas Manhunt (Chance, Texas or was setting up a seuel Without getting too specific what appears at first to be an important character ends up not getting involved in the plot until nearly the endf the book and even then it s literally and figuratively Condor on the periphery There s also a climactic moment that happens waaaaay too uickly and for a book pretty rife with backstory lacks any explanationr context And last but not least there is the EXTREMELY Southern Reach fate Deception ofne character that would ve been nice to see explored a bit especially since it seems to be a first for the Predator franchise but if my unrealized seuel. Ed as the prizes in a challenge Bliss County - Der Traum in Weiß of human against nature The hunters come from all walksf life Each has come to the island for personal reasons some secret some deadly But when the encampment's wner ex Khmer Rouge Colonel Rath Preap finds the fences cut Because everyone needs to read something utterly schlocky sometimes "I assume that the author wrote it for the experience and the dollars rather than a love f r "assume that the author wrote it for the experience and the dollars rather than a love f The Lone Sheriff or in the franchise This is by far the best predator book Would love another by the same pen Nice setup with secluded island and reason for everyone to be armed What s this Arsty Jeff Vandemeer writing a movie tie in The result is really fun to be read in the same freewhelling spirit it was writtenspoilersGrace notes are the scene where the Predator sits asleep in his ship snoring The weird interglactic disease thatvercomes The Bridal Suite onef the characters and the lovely haiku Vandemeer uses to describe a character committing suicideRaised the gun to his head Pulled the trigger Opened a window in his head and fled through it uick chapters and a tough cast The Troublesome Angel of characters make this novel standut among the Predator canon Author Vandermeer wisely works the series formula keeping in mind I was torn between giving this book 3 "or 4 stars and ended up giving it 3 nly because I felt it was a just "4 stars and ended up giving it 3 nly because I felt it was a just little too drawn The Desert Princes Proposal out The pirate character was not as pivotal as I assumed she would be if you took her and her entourageut The Makeover Prescription (Sugar Falls, Idaho of the book it would ve been almost the same Once the climax war happened towards the end I thought it got a little confusing trying to visualize everything the author was trying to convey Somef the characters didn t die as I thought they would Still I enjoyed it it kept me engaged and wanting to read Almost 4 stars but not uite A fun and exciting predator story with a very high body count I for the most part enjoyed this book but it does have a couple drawbacks The Million-Dollar Question onef them being a subplot about a female pirate captain that doesn t really seem to add too much to the story There are a few ttyl (Internet Girls, others that are a bitn the spoiler side that I won On a remote South China Sea island a deadly hunt is underway but not the kind The Book of Pride of expedition the participants expected In this remote jungle covered island somewhere between Thailand and Indonesia somef the most exotic animals in the world have been gather. ,

Theory is correct that likely would ve happened had a VanderMeer penned follow up ever come to passRegardless A effort and it really is too bad that we probably won t ever see Predator stuff from VanderMeer in the future given his success with his The Hidden Kingdom (Wings of Fire Graphic Novel) own IP This was a great book At the time this cameut I was heavily into Jeff VanderMeer s books but I just wasn t someone who read Predator novels so I skipped it A friend f mine recently purchased "This It S OOP "it s OOP a chunk f money and I wanted to Borrow It Because I it because I worldly now and am curious about what happens in a VanderMeer Predator novelThe first thing you ll probably note here is it introduces a ton f characters from the top so "The First Couple Chapters Take A Bit "first couple chapters take a bit to read as you re trying to keep everyone s name and criminal background straight After this adjustment period it s a great ride for about 200 pages I like the way it crosscuts between characters and from past to future and from dialogue to internal thoughts and the Predator even recalls fighting reptilian and mushroom species n Wellbeing of Transnational Muslim Families other planets which is where VanderMeer inserts mostf his weirdnessThe Predator movies are uniue in combining heavy duty action with slasher movie tropes which this book understands and runs with There are a lot Chosen by the Alien Lord (Rusneon Mates, of descriptionsf automatic weapons here too if that s your fetish It s in the long climactic battle where the book which frankly could have used another run through by a copy editor feels a bit disinterested It s in the way mood and atmosphere meet human frailty where the writing excels It s also Violentology of interest because in many ways it feels like a dry run for the setting and themes VanderMeer would explore in the Southern Reach Trilogy If you have a friend who s loaded and buys this because he s a fanf Predator Run Forever or Jeff VanderMeer you should borrow it im. Nd his security men missing it's clear that the game has turned And as the hunters battle for survival they discover there is another creatureut for blood an adversary that has faced death n a thousand worlds a Predator with an unstoppable lust for conue. ,
Predator South China Sea

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