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Plutonium A History of the World's Most Dangerous Element

Jeremy Bernstein ✓ 7 Read & Download

As I said earlier I Felt I Was Re Reading I was re reading Making of the Atomic Bomb all over again but in an abbreviated way The subject matter lutonium really doesn t enter until at least half way through this small book and a discussion doesn t enter until at least half way through this small book and a discussion it s unusual roperties not until the next to last chapter I felt that chapter was still
#Missing A Lot Of Interesting #
a lot of interesting Knowledge of hysics and uantum mechanics sure helps on some Espenlaub passages but overall this book is geared for common consumption A fantastic explanation on the discovery oflutonium what it takes to Splendid Solution produce it and why it is so complicated as it does not behave like any other compound The writer does tend to wander off onto different tangents but always comes back around He does his best to simplify the sciencearts but honestly many of the euations are way over my head what the reader can understand are the basic concepts and the author does a great job at this he also lets you know when arts are going to be heavy science Worthwhile but a bit of a disappointment depending on what you re looking for Tells a comprehensive account of Plutonium s discovery and features a long and educational When lutonium was first manufactured at Berkeley in the spring of 1941 there was so little of it that it was not visible to the naked eye It took a year to accumulate enough so that one could actually see it Now there is so much that we don't know what to do to get rid of it We have created a monster The history of lutonium is as strange as the element itself When scientists began looking for it they did so simply in the spirit of inuiry not certain whether there were still spots to fil. .

Iscourse into its atomic structure but doesn t devote the same care to most of its Racial Theories In Context post Manhattan Project history Also leaves some uestions strangely unanswered why is it so incredibly toxic How do the modern containment and disposalrocedures render it less of a threat Really not a bad book but compared to Richard Rhodes atomic bomb books and the various Oppenheimer biographies out there including Bernstein s own lacking in context and insight beyond the science "I Re Read It In 2015 And " re read it in 2015 and this uote by the author The The Queen I plutonium story as I hope I have convinced you is full of ironies not the least of which is that what once cost us millions toroduce will now cost us billions to get rid ofMy 2009 reviewI don t know whether to class this As History Or As Science ChemistryPhysics It History or as Science ChemistryPhysics It the history of the discovery of Plutonium element 94 in the Cigarette Kisses periodic table It is also a description of the somewhat bizarre chemistry of Plutonium due to the fact that the actinide series results from the filling of the inner f shells while the outer valence shell remains constant across the series It also weaves in some interesting sidelights on the mak. L on theeriodic table But the discovery of fission made it clear that this still hypothetical element would be than just a scientific curiosity it could be a owerful nuclear weaponAs it turned out it is good for almost nothing else Plutonium's nuclear otential ut it at the heart of the World War II arms race the Russians found out about it through espionage the Germans through independent research and everybody wanted some Now nearly everyone has some the United States alone has abou. ,
Ing of the implosion type fission bomb in WW II It explains briefly the differences and reasons for the differences between the gun type Organizations As Knowledge Systems process used for the Uranium bomb and the implosionrocess used for the Plutonium bombThe book seemed disjointed at times as the author chose to explain the chemistry in the middle of the history art of the story But the history of the discovery and characterization of a new element does not move in straight lines so why should we expect a story to be linearBernstein ends with a rovocative expect a story to be linearBernstein ends with a rovocative What next What next indeed There are tonnes of Plutonium made by many countries US UK France Russia China Israel etc How to safeguard them How to safeguard us from the Plutonium Plutonium is long lived is a dangerous radioactive substance and can be used to make fearsomely owerful boms Like everything connected with Never Sweeter plutonium there are complications 98Complications abound in this brief not overly technical history Human relations atomic behaviours the first atomic arms race It s really uite amazing whateople can do when they think that they other guy is going to kill them firstFun informative little read. T 47 metric tons but it has almost no uses besides warmongering How did the roduct of scientific curiosity become such a dangerous burdenIn his new history of this complex and dangerous element noted hysicist Jeremy Bernstein describes the steps that were taken to transform lutonium from a laboratory novelty into the nuclear weapon that destroyed Nagasaki This is the first book to weave together the many strands of lutonium's story explaining not only the science but the eople involv. ,

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