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Thick And Other Essays

characters Õ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ Tressie McMillan Cottom

M diversity really does eual black in higher education settings Doesn T It Biiiish I Be Learning Every Day And t it Biiiish I be learning every day and I m learning is that things are just as I suspected they are and I m not crazy THANK YOU Tressie or pointing out the act that black women are not crazy and that certain words are euphemisms or other ucking words SIS Thank you or recentering my sanity Black Girl Interrupted Thank you or writing this and sharing this I just you know the whole concept of being ast in high school the act that our value worthiness safety as black women are generally discarded by everyone who value worthiness safety as black women are generally discarded by everyone who not us and commonly by those who Look Like Us Well I M Just like us well I m just that we live this and my soul burns but I can never get to the point where I could state how I eel as elouently as you and Brittney Cooper and Morgan Jerkins have stated and clarified in your works and I thank all those black women and Tressie in this section and Girl 6 or clearly clarifying those emotions or the masses Yo this book was worth the wait I loved every second of it and I m certain that I will be reading it again and again and sharing it with many black women and allies as something that can illustrate our realities in this world Thick If that isn t an apt title or this collection than I don t know what is because this is a thick book Not thick in the amount of pages but absolutely ull of relevant and necessary information It isn t curing cancer or solving climate change But it is giving a voice and analytical eye to the way we treat judge measure love hate and depict Black women I knew after the very irst essay in this collection that I was willing to analyze and absorb everything that Cottom had to write And write she did absolutely beautifully As a Black woman I have been making it a point to not only think critically about my own situation and positioning in this disturbing time in our history but to also think critically about the experiences of other Black women I see Cottom doing the same thing in this collection but in a way so composed that I could never imagine myself capable Each of these essays take a measured look at the relationship that Black women have to different aspects of society whether it is our relationship to beauty education other ethnicities the evolving concept of being Black sexual abuse medical care These are all issues that need to be discussed because Black women are losing opportunities losing their lives and losing our patience because of how we are perceived In Cottom s than capable hands these issues are dissected and her opinions made clear or readers to obtain Now while I enjoyed this book I can tell you right now that some may ind it intimidating They may eel how thick it is and shy away rom it or reject it But or those willing to actually consider what she is saying they ll be hard pressed to ind lies Everything Cottom discusses holds a substantial amount of weight especially in todays society I ound myself ully engaged in the essays And as thick as this book is it is a relatively easy read None of these essays are too long or abstract It s simply the language she uses is descriptive and at times analytical I would highly recommend this book I think Cottom is able to put into words the concern that we should all have while existing in this political climate Even though parts of what she is saying may be painful or hit a sensitive spot or some Black women it s all well done and really well reasoned I give this book 45 out of 5 starsThank you Netgalley or this book in exchange or an honest review. Se very shelves a modern black American emale voice waxing poetic on self and society serving up a healthy portion of clever prose and southern aphorisms in a style uniuely her ownMcMillan Cottom has crafted a black woman’s cultural bible as she mines or meaning in places many of us miss and reveals precisely how when you’re in the thick of it the political the social and the personal are almost always one and the sa.
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Nt must read essay Dying to Be Competent Cottom posits that our roles in society and our perceived competence are dependent upon our race gender and class than of earned status I think she s right Cottom is so searingly smart It s impossible to paraphrase her essays in an update She exudes intelligence and anger smart It s impossible to paraphrase her essays in an update She exudes intelligence and anger essays in and I am very impressedKnow Your Whites Cottom expresses that the election of Donald Trump after Barrack Obama was not a surprise when you know your whites It is provoking and reactive because without progress there is no reason to prefer the lack of progress Similarly what is a white republic or white citizens and in defense of white property if there is not a dark threatBlack Is Over Or Special Black Cottom takes aim at how blacks in elite circles treat other blacks A strange place where as a dark skinned black she is constantly asked what kind of black is she The distinctions are class education skin shade black rom other countries which she must be because she is an intelligent black Graduate student etc aka hierarchies within the black communityThe Price of Fabulousness Cottom talks of poor black women and the stigma they encounterBlack Girlhood Interrupted Cottom looks at the childhood or black girls Depressing because it rings true objectification and Girl 6 Cottom ponders the nature of black women in the intelligentsia aka oped writers Opinions and ability to influenceshape public thought Being an oped writer or the New York Times or Washington Post is considered the holy grail or journalists and writers Cottom wondered how many black women two of these Oped writers ollowed on Twitter The answer was that or David Brooks and Jonathan Chiat is six Both of these men are given a ree run to shape public opinion to talk about American culture an system Both of these men ollow almost 400 Twitter accounts each Brooks leans Right Chait leans left Both white men Point well taken Cottom hide spoiler Yooooooo Tressie Tressie Tressie SIS SISSSSS This whole book rocked my entire world and like just got all up in my eelings and my mind and honestly it just hit me like a ton of bricks There s so much important stuff here I m going to buy a copy or my sister in law because I think she read it My highlights are all up on this post so many highlighted segments on this post So many highlighted just straight pure truths Highlights include Know Your Whites no matter how much I love The Obamas and I LOVE THE OBAMAS I live or scholarly people reading The Obama Administration or their lack of real world change to everyday practices and policies that see black and brown people in the States systematically discriminated against and held back I love that TMC goes or the jugular with her comments re my irst black presidentwho apparently doesn t know his Whites Dying to be Competent I mean this is my ear around childbirth and ighting or proper medical treatment Fuck if I m honest Tressie detailed in this segment my current lived experience and rage right now surrounding my treatment rom my doctor whom I just changed last month after being his patient since childhood Real talks that motherfucker wasn t listening to my health concerns and I ain t trying to die WHY are black women dying and not being listened to surrounding our own healthcare Why is this exacerbated if it s a at black emale body Child Tressie jumped right the uck up in there and broke that shit down play by play I was here or it Two highlights real talks the WHOLE BOOK is a highlight but two points that caught me up was one in Black Is Over the ter. About this thing we call society In the bestselling tradition of bell hooks and Roxane Gay McMillan Cottom’s reshman collection illuminates a particular trait of her tribe being thick In orm and in substanceThis bold compendium likely to ind its place on shelves alongside Lindy West Rebecca Solnit and Maggie Nelson dissects everything rom beauty to Obama to pumpkin spice lattes Yet Thick will also ill a void on tho. Tressie McMillan Cottom s essay collection Thick And Other Essays is thick in every sense of the word This book is thick with wit and depth and intelligence as McMillan Cottom Instagram Twitter Facebook Pinterest This is a really excellent collection of essays written by a black woman on issues that matter or both women and people of color Better yet she gives the why behind why she eels that these issues matter and better still I liked her whys Intersectionality is so important and it was only a ew years ago that I realized how many eminist books and books
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women s issues The Issues That Plague the issues that plague of color Even within marginalized groups there are degrees of privilege and that is something that Cottom talks a lot about in here at length among other stirring and relevant topicsCottom is a passionate writer and a capable one Her prose lows smoothly leading you rom one concept to the next and it s like being guided down a river of ideas She writes the way a lot of my avorite textbook writers wrote in college and you can really eel the academia You can also eel the outrage and The Electric Power Of electric power of words I liked that too Her writing was complex and emotive and clear a hard balance to manage but compellingSome of the things that she writes about are race misogyny sexuality etishization Donald Trump s election Obama s election privilege beauty impostor syndrome social echo chambers euality vs justice although she does not refer to it as such academia colorism and culture and how these apply specifically to people of color especially to people who identify as black although anyone can learn rom these essays I picked this up because Roxane Gay reviewed it and I like Roxane Gay but after reading this collection I think I might like Tressie McMillan Cottom Mind blownI saw a couple of people who clearly elt very uncomfortable after reading this I think that might be a good thing though It s like ripping off a band aid it s always unpleasant to realize that things that come easily or you and that you previously took or granted are a struggle or others and that by merely taking advantage of and enjoying these things you are contributing maybe unintentionally maybe subconsciously to a system that continues to perpetuate injustice and ineuality Either this book will give you something to relate to and eel empowered by or it will make you think hard and give you something to learn rom I call that a win win personally Thanks to the publisher or sending me a copy in exchange or an honest review4 stars I liked Thick very much and in act there were essays here that spoke to me or me within me The writing was uite affecting Cottom is brash and intense and unny and ull of acts That s what was great about the book Her commentary was searing and endlessly supported by acts In this book Cottom talks of what it eels like to be an educated black woman in this America and I gotta tell ya she knocked it out of the park on most of these essays Breakdown hereview spoilerThick This essay lays the oundation Cottom associates writing with ixing your eet It defines her and is her persona which isn t perfect so it must be normalized Cottom goes into detail about her background She is always working and rom the South Thick refers to her appearanceweight Thick is also hard headed Black womanhood Some olks like thick Others don t Watch them all In the Name of Beauty Excellent essay in which Cottom makes a case that the concept of beauty is a cultural concept that is at best race based This is a brillia. Smart humorous and strikingly original thoughts on race beauty money and by one of today's most intrepid public intellectualsTressie McMillan Cottom the writer professor and acclaimed author of Lower Ed now brilliantly shifts gears rom running regression analyses on college data to unleashing another identity a purveyor of wit wisdom and of course Black Twitter snark about all that is right and much that is so very wrong.