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As ust found out she s and is ready to tell him until he walks into their bedroom furious and gives her a matter of minutes to leave The woman has no Fancy Strut job and no place to live and he throws her out into the street like garbage This is NOT a man of honor but seems stereotypical of Good heavens almighty why do I like this book so much How do I love thee Let s me count the waysGreek alpha heroI m a mistress but didn t know hero tells his live in girlfriend that she s someone he pays to have sex because wait for it he was scared she wants out of the relationship yet claims he loves her SOOOOOOOOOO much I call it bullshit since he s such a macho man that he got scared by hints of commitment he convenientlyumps at the first excuse of throwing heroine out and does it without any solid proof or listening to her his idiocy almost gets the heroine killed his brother implied that she s his whore he uses her sexually AGAIN when she s vulnerable which kinda sorta is abuseSo where is the grovelling and redemption for this he gets pale and feels sick he has to fire a secretary who has sold business secret to rival Oh How traumatising he had to say I love you how damaging to his reputation he had to admit he was an asshole and beg her to marry him without knowing she loves him don t feel too sorry for him he gets a full on wedding night and undying declaration of love the next morningSo do tell me where was the grovelling and redemption Even if we forgive him for believing the worst of the heroine where is the redemption for calling her a whore simply because HE was unable to deal with adult life and was a failure The above were NOT enough He called her whore to cover the fact that he is a miserable louse and failure and was scared shit when she had no contribution to it DID HE EVEN APOLOGISE PROFUSELY NOPESORRY NOPE NOT REDEEMED he even apologise profusely NopeSorry nope not redeemed can go die you crazy manwhore We ll find a better hero for the heroine Even another heroine for the heroine sounds better I volunteer myself If pregnancy amnesia Pregnesia according to the HarleuinSilhouette title generator then what is pregnancy amnesia kidnapping Pregnesiapping Pregnappinesia The heroine in this one finds out she s pregnant has sex encounters nasty Other Woman gets falsely accused of stealing gets thrown out by rich Greek lover and gets kidnapped all in chapter 1 And I thought I was having a bad hair day I admit to not being a fan of Maya Banks writing I don. K island to await the birth of his baby and enjoy her sudden devotionbefore tossing her outBut he didn't count on Marley regaining her memory so soo. ,
Her because he sees it On The News What A the news What A And What a And what he doing those three months Never said But when she asks him in the opening scene where they are headed in the relationship he says and thinks you are Northern California: A History and Guide - From Napa to Eureka just my mistress Nothing But then in the book he Re read April 2020 Still enjoyable I should probably increase my rating to four stars for all the times I ve read it but I still wish the author had milked the angst Re read Such a good story idea and I enjoyed it since I ve read so many boring stories lately Still 3 stars thoughRead this again because I was duped by the new title and packaging I remembered it right away always a good sign and I stand by my rating I still think knowing hero s point of view weakened the angst And I still dislike the brothe 35 StarsAs far as fulfilling my need for a macho arrogant asshole prone toumping to conclusions about his mistress never a girlfriend always a mistress doncha know as only a harleuin can deliver The Tycoon s Pregnant Mistress than fit the billStill I have a couple of uestions regarding this book and Harlys in general Stay with me peopleWhy are these women always falling asleep "at the first sign of emotional distressI mean seriously This chick fell asleep at the drop "the first sign of emotional distressI mean seriously This chick fell asleep at the drop a hat Or at the very least everytime she found herself being carried You know cause of the aforementioned distress I kept wondering if narcolepsy might be an issueI ll move on but I seriously think this woman needed to see someone about thatSecond uestion what the hell is a Tycoon If those of you that read HPs than I do could help me out I d be much obliged This one goes to 11 A rip roaring angst fest with so much drama and unnecessary suffering that I should be embarrassed for enjoying it But I don t regret it I regret NOTHING 450 StarsThis book grew on me At first I only rated it three stars but something niggled at me to read it again a year and a half later It may have been my mood the first time through because the second time I grasped onto each page devouring every written word and thought it was very good bordering on great In fact I m placing this on my Yearly Reread List with other books I liked so much that once was not enough Marley Jameson was Chrysander Anetakis s mistress until the night he found planted company secrets sticking out of her purse He immediately umps to the conclusion that she s selling his top secret plans to his rivalMarley loves Anetakis and Lling company secrets Or that he'd thrown her out of his life So he told her a little white lie they were engaged Then he swept her away to his Gree. ,
THE MISTRESS by Maya Banks Opening Theme Music to The Hills Starts Playing STARRING Spencer Pratt As Chrysander Lauren Conrad As Marley ANDHeidi Montag As Chrysander s Evil Assistant Theme Music Stops Playing PREVIOUSLY ON THE MISTRESS Chrysander told Marley that she s not the Marrying kind she s the It s 2 am I drank a bottle of Teuila and didn t eat dinner booty calling kind THENChrysander s Evil Assistant planted Papers In Marley S Bag Making It Look Like She in Marley s bag making it look like she Chrysander THENCrysander found the papers and threw Marley out THEN 3 MONTHS LATERChrysander sees Marley on the news AND SHE S GOT AMNESIA ANDSHE S PREGNANT Chevelle s Wonder What s Next Starts Playing SO MANY UESTIONS TO BE ANSWERED What will Chrysander do Will he help Marley Will Marley even let him What about the Evil Assistant What will she doYou ll have to read The Mistress to find outFINAL RATING The Mistress 35 Mo Drama Den Da Hills Stars In this book s acknowledgments Banks writes about how much she loves category romance Perhaps that s why she decided to write The Category It has everything you d expect the overbearing Greek hero constantly spouting Greek endearments the pregnant vulnerable doormat heroine the evil other woman the big betrayal twice and amnesia Really seems like it should have been a Harleuin Presents rather than a Silhouette Desire but I guess there s some overlapI like all the elements why didn t I like the book The enormous plotholes some overlapI like all the elements why didn t I like the book The enormous plotholes implausibilities are pretty much par for the course with these sorts of categories but they bugged me uite a lot The concerned father to be hero got very irritating practically not letting the heroine go to the bathroom by herself And the heroine s efforts to stand up for herself ust come off as feeble and childishThere s an interesting plot twist and some major drama so it did hold my interest but sadly it wasn t the keeper it had the potential to beETA I m going to up my rating of this to 3 12 stars because I did keep it and enjoy picking it up to reread some sections now and then I ust read this for the 6th time at least and i still have a serious love hate relationship with it Why Because it is awesome I hate the hero his freaking psycho assistant his brothers his face I mean everything I hated Chrysander Why Because I couldn t believe his love and then bam I did I almost hate myself for it too He never never never ever looks for her for three months and he only finds. Greek hotel magnate Chrysander Anetakis's former mistress was pregnant And had amnesia That meant Marley Jameson didn't remember betraying him by se. The Tycoon's Pregnant Mistress