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Der Weg zum wahren Reiki-Meister eRpose She goes on and on with small topical details about library history whichspecially began to grate on me in the nd I felt that the book really dragged on in the nd as I began to get sick of the lack of focus on the fire and the Anatomisk bildordbok endless seemingly meaningless details about the library or libraries in general I felt like Orlean was listing trivia points for no point other than to show off all the weird things she discovered during her research It would have been nice to see all these details cohered into some sort of larger purpose but that didn t happen I reallynjoyed the first half of this book but as I continued I began to get frustrated If you are curious about library history and the LA public library system then I would definitely read this book just to learn some history Orlean s writing is strong and propels the book forward at least making this a pleasurable read I did really Neurosurgical Classics II enjoy parts of this book so I can t completely write it off Thank you to NetGalley and Simon Schuster for providing me a digital copy of this book inxchange for an honest review An ode to libraries past and present To the importance of books and how they are used by malignant governments book burning to control and frighten their citizens Although the main focus in on the library in Los Angeles and the fire that destroyed it and so many of their materials this book is so much The way libraries have had to change and adapt in light of our Ostopathie crnienne : Manuel pratique electronic obsession in order to stay viable in our communities In angaging manner she takes the reader through history past libraries like that in Alexandria that burned than once Book burnings and Bradbury s writing of Farenheit 451 as a warning to the future Books mean so much contain so much as do libraries readers authors they are the benchmark and the means of holding and spreading ideas knowledge and yes of course Keeper's Compendium: Blasphemous Knowledge Forbidden Secrets entertainment A story with a focal point but one that goes back and forth with so much interesting tidbits in between Read itThe fire in Los Angeles and it sffect on their librarians and patrons A community pulling together to raise money to replace what they could The man suspected of starting the fire his past as well as those of the people responsible for running this library system This is absolutely brilliant nonfiction and a book about books about libraries In April 1986 there was a large fire in the Los Angeles Public Library so large in fact that over four hundred thousand books were burned completely and seven hundred thousand were damaged Initially the thoughts were that this was arson yet no one has been convicted and a mystery still surrounds the act The Library Book accomplishes several things First Susan Orlean has researched the history of the LA Public Library and believe me it s intriguing and page turningWhen In Over Her Head Chloe Babineaux Private Investigator examining the fire Orlean presents a key player Though he is a suspect actor Harry Peak denies any involvement Susan Orlean tells his backstory and presents thevidence clearly and with tension in such a way that it could be on 48 Hours or Dateline Susan Orlean lovingly places her Säure-Basen-Einkaufsführer endearment for books onvery page of this wonder Her love for libraries and their vital role in communities is also resonantly conveyed I don t want to say too much in this review because this book is all about the discovery It s uniue and heartwarming Color Atlas of Human Anatomy, Vol. 3 Nervous System and Sensory Organs even in the midst of a tragedy that would hurt any bibliophile s heart More than anything it s an ode to books and a gift to those who love them Thank you to Simon Schuster for the ARC All opinions are my own My reviews can also be found on my blog wwwjennifertarheelreadercom 45 stars Hundreds of thousands of books were burned to nothing but ash and hundreds of thousands of books were damagednough to bring chills up the spine of any book lover reading this book about the fire at the Los Angeles Public Library that occurred on April 29 1986 The research and the writing here are impeccable The descriptions of the fire the librarians reactions and the many many volunteers who wanted to help it s as if it s being reported in real time The book however covers so much than the story of the fire although it s the main focus It is in many ways a tribute to libraries and librarians and what they stand for and the importance of the library now and in the future It is a personal testament to Orlean s love of libraries and her The Facial Nerve earlyxperiences going to the library as early Surgery for Cochlear and Other Auditory Implants experiences going to the library as young child with her mother I loved her reminiscing because it made me remember my own history with the public library in the neighborhood where I grew up I remember the hours I spent there and some of the books that I read and the fond memories of when I worked there as a library page in high school and through college This is also a fascinating history of the LA public library and the library directors the City Librarians over the years It s the story of the people who use the library It s the story of the volunteers who after the fire worked for the next three days around the clockThey formed a human chain passing the books hand over hand from one person to the next through the smoky building and out the door It was as if in this urgent moment people the people of Los Angeles formed a living library They created for a short time a system to protect and pass along shared knowledge to save what we know forach other which is what libraries do Uncommon Leadership: How to Build Competitive Advantage by Thinking Differently every day I was also struck by the stunning words of a librarian Jill Crane who helped with the cleanup and wrote in a poem We held charred and water soaked chunks of books in our hands history imagination knowledge crumbing in our fingers we packed what was left She also gives us Harry Peak s story arrested but never charged with starting the fire and describes the difficulty of proving arson and proving that he was responsible So much is contained in the book and I felt at times that it was a little scattered moving from the fire to herxperiences to the history and then to the fire and the investigation But ultimately it was an an motional book for me as a retired librarian although not a public librarian but mostly as a book lover The scenes described of the burned and damaged books got me in my gut and the coming together of volunteers to do what they could got me in my heart and then when several years after the fire the library reopened This fabulous book is an ode to librarians and the public library which represents the fabric of our society in so many ways I received an 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Simon Schuster through NetGalley m suddenly ager to run "from Simon Schuster through NetGalley I m suddenly Multichannel Marketing Ecosystems eager to run to my local library and check out ALL THE BOOKS This book gives a lot of insight on what goes into running a library and has you growing a sense of appreciation for those who put in the the work to keepverything a chef s kiss. Head of the Los Angeles Public Library at a time when men still dominated the role to Dr CJK Jones a pastor citrus farmer and polymath known as “The Human Encyclopedia” who roamed the library dispensing information; from Charles Lummis a wildly Extending Symfony 2 Web Application Framework eccentric journalist and adventurer who was determined to make the LA library one of the best in the world to the current staff who do heroic workvery day to Angels Whiskey ensure that their institution remains a vital part of the city it servesBrimming with her signature wit insight compassion and talent for deep research The Library Book is Susan Orlean’s thrilling journey through the stacks that reveals how these beloved institutions provide much than just books and why they remain anssential part of the heart mind and soul of our country It is also a master journalist’s reminder that perhaps Ritual Alliances of the Putian Plain: Volume Two: A Survey of Village Temples and Ritual Activities especially in the digitalra they are necessary than v. The Library Book

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The Library Book by Susan Orlean is a 2018 Simon Schuster publication I couldn t have been happier when this book finally reached the top of my TBR pile I ve been looking forward to reading it for a long time Naturally I was drawn to the books about books aspect but was also mortified by the true crime lements Who on The Day Christ Was Born earth would deliberately set fire to a public librarySusan Orlean attempts to answer that very uestion while detailing the rich history of the Los Angeles public library What a fascinating journey it was The author who is not originally from LA had not heard about the fire that ravaged the central library back in 1986 until an offhand remark piued her curiosity Her research unearthed the library s storied past which is a compelling drama all on its own But she also attempts to shed light on the fire and the primary suspect Harry Peak Was Peak guilty or just a consummate liar The book begins on a horrifying note In 1986 the library housed a very impressive number of books and records which included a large stacks area The building was not up to codeither so it only took a short time for the old dry paper to ignite and spread rapidly Any type of fire which destroys a home or business is difficult to hear about But of course as a book lover I was nearly in physical pain reading about the hundreds of books damaged by fire smoke or water It was also disconcerting that the fire barely made a blip in the press Granted there were other major news stories going on at the time But now for the first time thanks to the amazing work this author did we can see how the fire 5 Nights: Sinful Delights Boxed Set effected the city the patrons and the librarians We also get a close up and personal look at how a library functions and the important work librarians do What an amazing job Working with the public has its drawbacks of course but I was truly impressed with how the librarians handle all the phone calls answer uestions on a myriad of topics and cope with situations such as how to handle the homeless who often use the library to as place of shelter during operating hours The wealth of information and history surrounding the Los Angeles public library is vast and completely absorbingspecially if you are passionate about books and libraries The mystery surrounding the fire however is perplexing and frustrating Orlean presents the facts and I must agree with her opinion of the prime suspect The book is categorized as True Crime but than anything I think it falls into the history category It is also a book that makes one truly appreciate the importance of libraries I have always supported libraries and I try to remind people that although Netgalley Edelweiss KU and Scribd provide thousands of books right there at your fingertips and I am as addicted to these services as anyone The Seventh Witch else the library will never reject you based on the information you provided in your profile and it doesn t cost you a dime for a library card So don t forget to take advantage ofverything the library has to offer Books both print and digital audiobooks music movies documents newspapers magazines research material job information book clubs children s story hour free access to computers and the internet literacy programs programs to help learn new skills community clubs and a host of other services most of them free There are many ways to support your local library volunteer or donate any books or magazines you don t plan to re read or keep and if you are in a position to do so offer a little financial help from time to time You can And the Miss Ran Away with the Rake even deduct it on your taxes Funding for libraries is not always stable or dependableObviously book lovers need to read this one as well as history buffs While it starts off on a somber note by thend of the book you will feel as though this Trickle Down Tyranny: Crushing Obama's Dream of the Socialist States of America eye opening journey was a rewarding adventure I am in awe of the LA public library and its rich history and have anven greater appreciation for the importance of libraries in general Orlean did a terrific job with her xhaustive research and it is obvious she put in many hours with those involved with the library and with those associated with Harry Peak The book is well organized and unlike some non fiction history books I never zoned out or lost interest If you love books or libraries history or True Crime this book is one you won t want history or True "CRIME THIS BOOK IS ONE YOU "this book is one you t want miss out on 45 stars If I hadn t read it on my Kindle I would have considered burning this book after I finished it Yeah I finished it ven though I was bored senseless The author did a lot of research so I gave her 2 stars for sticking with it I could picture her with a Rolodex of notecards with The Color of Our Sky every last fact that she had uncovered about this massive fire and anythinglse v Susan Orlean is a true genius at bringing seemingly any subject to life in a manner which is utterly fascinating and immensely readable I d ven read instruction manuals and Congressional reports if she wrote them Whether it s orchids Rin Tin Tin or unconventional travel adventures her xtensive research writing style and the manner in which she weaves topics and time periods together results in books I recommend to a wide variety of readers Her latest book The Library Book is an Obsession examination of libraries and their changing andssential place in communities For anyone who wonders about the relevance of libraries when books magazines and so much information is readily available on line Orlean s Cabaret: A Roman Riddle exploration of their continuingvolution into a community gathering place a provider of social and cultural services a place to find an abundance of printed material along with movies music and ven musical instruments was captivating and very informative Orlean also writes xtensively about the xtremely devastating fire at the Los Angeles Public Library on April 28 1986 in which over a million books were ither damaged or destroyed Alongside that she shares her personal All Roads Lead Home experiences with libraries and how important they have been in her life Our visits to the library were never longnough for me The place was so bountiful I loved wandering around the bookshelves scanning the spines until something happened to catch my ye Those visits were dreamy frictionless interludes that promised I would leave richer than I arrived It wasn t like going to the store with my mom which guaranteed a tug of war between what I wanted and what my mother was willing to buy me because I could have anything I wanted in the library After we checked out I loved being in the Car And Having All and having all books we d gotten stacked on my lap pressing me under their solid warm weight their Mylar covers sticking a bit to my thighs It was such a thrill leaving a place with things you hadn t paid for such a thrill anticipating the new books we would read Her lyrical and insightful writing about books and how alive. On the morning of April 29 1986 a fire alarm sounded in the Los Angeles Public Library As the moments passed the patrons and staff who had been cleared out of the building realized this was not the usual fire alarm As one fireman recounted “Once that first stack got going it was ‘Goodbye Charlie’” The fire was disastrous it reached 2000 degrees and burned for than seven hours By the time it was xtinguished it had consumed four hundred thousand books and damaged seven hundred thousand Investigators descended on the scene but than thirty years later the mystery remains Did someone purposefully set fire to the library and if so whoWeaving her lifelong love of books and reading into an investigation of the fire award winning New Yorker reporter and New York Times bestselling author Susan Orlean delivers a mesmerizing and uniuely compelling book that manages to tell the broader story They always are should speak to anyone who loves books reading and libraries A book feels like a thing alive in this moment and also alive on a continuum from the moment the thoughts about it first percolated in the writer s mind to the moment it sprang off the printing press a lifeline that continues as someone sits with it and marvels over it and it continues on time and time and time Once words and thoughts are poured into them books are no longer just paper and ink and glue They take on a kind of human vitality I recommend this book wholeheartedly to all readers and book lovers Not to be missedThank you to Simon and Schuster and NetGalley for for providing an advance copy of this book in xchange for my honest review Susan Orlean was speaking with the Los Angeles Times about this book before its release I njoyed listening to her speak on NPR as wellWhen talking about her interest in writing about a big city library this is what Susan said I could have done that anywhere I like the idea of doing it in LA out of this contrarian idea that people don t associate libraries with LA which made it kind of delectable That said the 1986 fire forgive me was a sparkThe reason I find Susan s comment about folks not associating libraries with Los Angelesis because I never really thought about it but she s absolutely right She s so right it wasn t The Mephisto Threat (Paul Tallis even in my consciousness at all and I live in California with family throughout LA I also never heard of this fire shows you how asleep I was andvery LA person in my life too My youngest daughter was a year old in 1986 Everything in this book was new to me This past year I ve used the public library system daily a zillion times in one year at age 66than ALL my past years combined Some readers might be appalled aghast at such horror I m only telling the truth I wasn t much of a reader as a kid I remember some lovely walks I took alone or with a friend to the library as a child to listen to the storytelling lady but reading wasn t ncouraged in my family Not really Actually nothing was ncouraged other than good behavior at school and lsewhere Many of you have heard this before I m a very late bloomer passionate reader I fell in love with reading for pleasure accidentally as an adult the year the book The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls came out in the year 2006 I ve already shared my reading process in my Glass Castle reviewPoint isI didn t come close to having the xperience that Susan Orlean had with books and reading as she did I don t have mom me reading memories to draw on and my dad died when I was 4 I m sincerely grateful to Susan Orlean other authors with similar writing skills to my long time reader friends hearing their childhood memories are a treasure for meAll that saidI liked MUCH of this book I LEARNED A LOT about libraries in general not ONLY in LA but my fear is I ll forget many details too I don t own this book I listened to Susan read her book as an Audiobook It s a GORGEOUS PHYSICAL BOOK I think I d continue getting value if I owned it I can t possibly hold all the details from the Audiobook alone I took notesThe parts I found interesting I remember Some parts of her book she lost me I just don t know what she was talking about so then of course I felt stupid like why haven t I heard of that book or personEverything about the fire was fascinating of course devastating in reality HORRIFIC but the THEN WHAT The Just Cause examination of this nightmare was fascinating and ALL THAT FOLLOWEDbooks going to restaurants into freezers learning about water damage all the volunteers and learning all the logistics of WHAT WE NEED TO KNOWin case such devastation shouldver happen again And better ways to avoid it EVER HAPPENING AGAIN Lots and lots of details answer uestions I didn t ven know I had The pure knowledge was ye opening Susan s Family was inspiring to Meher INCREDIBLE Love For Books Goes Without INCREDIBLE love for books goes without Her research was top notch She gave us history mystery in the similar way Erik Larson did in The Devil in the White City She gave us personal history We got a great ducation on how libraries run and their importance for our communities We were given history on the arson investigationTONS TO GREAT INFORMATIONButhonesty I had mixed feelings about the ENTIRE PROCESS of Susan burning a book just to have the xperience from her three week prior agony as to which book to choose to the NAILS ON A CHALKBOARD description of very detailphysically motionally mentally and spiritually in burning that book My stomach was churningand not because I m a book protecting police saint although I treat books with respect and cherish them as a live ntitytoo somewhatbut because Susan s book burning story was a little over the top dramatic for me Something about it made me want to rebel from the general greatness from where this book comes fromwhich isA LOVE TRIBUTE TO OUR PUBLIC LIBRARIES45 stars rating upthis book deserves it I personally didn t njoy very part of it but I did most of it and my appreciation is much bigger than my small gripes 35 mixed opinions on this but I ll post something later It dragged on a bit too much at the nd and as I read I got Fiesta Moon exasperated Okay Time toxplain myselfIn The Library Book Orlean aims to offer a well rounded discussion of libraries rooted by the story of the Los Angeles Library fire in 1986 When I read the summary of this book there was a lot of The Perfect Christmas Gift emphasis placed on the library fire which really drew me in I was curious to learn about it and hoped this book would provide a detailedxciting The Taste of Night explanation Instead I found Orlean s narrative style rather choppy and lacking focus The narrative is hard to followspecially since Orlean introduces so many different story lines historical sometimes multiple historical threads going at once observational her own memories and then alternates between ach one in chapters that vary in length While this usually keeps a book moving and helps me maintain focus I found it hard to remember the details of the previous section "On That Same Topic "that same topic I returned to a chapter on that same topic Since Orlean jumps between all these topics so often it makes the whole narrative hard to follow and creates a lack of focus in general While I appreciate library history and all the other details Orlean xplored I wanted to learn about the fire itself It was hard to mush all the different chapters I had read about the fire into one coherent story since all the chapters are broken up and separated i feel like this book should be marketed feel like this book should be marketed as one about the fire and one about libraries or the LA central library in general I think that would have helped me tame my xpectations regarding the focus of the bookMy last complaint is that sometimes Orlean gets so deep in small plot points that really have no pu. F libraries and librarians in a way that has never been done beforeIn The Library Book Orlean chronicles the LAPL fire and its aftermath to showcase the larger crucial role that libraries play in our lives; delves into the volution of libraries across the country and around the world from their humble beginnings as a metropolitan charitable initiative to their current status as a cornerstone of national identity; brings ach department of the library to vivid life through on the ground reporting; studies arson and attempts to burn a copy of a book herself; reflects on her own xperiences in libraries; and reexamines the case of Harry Peak the blond haired actor long suspected of setting fire to the LAPL than thirty years agoAlong the way Orlean introduces us to an unforgettable cast of characters from libraries past and present from Mary Foy who in 1880 at The Return eighteen years old was named the.