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The Water CureIolently in a household where iron determines who is to be loved most When she doesn t protect her children from paranoia when she blatantly maliciously threatens them the mother becomes a worse danger than all the men in the world She becomes a monster Terror doesn t come from women or men It comes from therapies initiated by disturbed people who xploit the ordeal of women to serve their

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complex and heinous inclinations Terror comes from ignorance when a young girl falls for the handsome strangerMackintosh plays well with stereotypes and the themes of uncertainty and a vague Wish You Were Here: An Essential Guide to Your Favorite Music Scenes—from Punk to Indie and Everything in Between external threat Thextracts from the Welcome Book of one of the guests of the island a woman who has suffered abuse talk of an invisible threat coming from a man Who is he The answer will be found at the The Day Christ Was Born end of the book She is haunted by his presence abused by his shadow Who are the other women who refuse to support her And then two men and a young boy are washed ashore their intentions suspicious from the start In these pages you will find an array of some of the most hate worthy characters you llver meet I wanted to murder half of the cast and I suppose this is a token of the writer s powerful writing I collect a long fingertip of dust from the lip of a vase a solitary object on the mantelpiece in the hall It is 5 Nights: Sinful Delights Boxed Set emptyxcept for a wasp dying in its own sound vibrating dully against the porcelain Suffer I mouth at it Mackintosh s prose is like a suffocating summer afternoon that carries the anticipation of an almost metaphysical terror Lies deceit delusion create a claustrophobic The Seventh Witch environment At times the writing is so raw and violent thatven I started feeling And the Miss Ran Away with the Rake extremely uncomfortable and this doesn t happen often The violence between the two older sisters touches the boundaries of madness a result of their abnormal upbringing This is the only way for me toxplain Lia s hysterics that bothered me uite a lot throughout the story I suppose this is an Trickle Down Tyranny: Crushing Obama's Dream of the Socialist States of America example of the animal instincts we all carry inside intensified by isolation and lack ofducation Another issue I faced was the dialogue which came in contrast with the The Pocket Wife exuisite prose Especially the interactions between Lia and Llew were so bad it was an actual physical torture for me to read Thankfully dialogue is limited in the novel and I wasn t tempted to subtract a star because of itNo this isn t mind blowing Literature We have read similar books and will come out in the future But it is a marvelous novel beautiful in its bleakness and desperation the prosexuisite and mysterious like a sultry summer The Color of Our Sky evening the last chapters are ferocious and devastating worthy of 5 stars alone It balances Dystopian Fictionlements although the novel has nothing to do with the genre and it is wrong to be marketed like that and a *Very Realistic In Depth Study Of The *realistic in depth study of the we can do to ourselves and to othersEven if it is a candidate for the most insufferable cast of characters The Water Cure shows that monsters can be found in both sexes Women and men can become oppressive dangerous destructive There are no saviours but ourselves in these troubled times Trusting in our strength aided by ducation and companionship are the ways to distance ourselves from populists and tyrants Building fortresses against imaginary threats that possibly serve twisted purposes only leads to destruction and we have two World Wars and countless hostilities to prove this One day they will overwhelm us water molding our carpets and warping the paruet leaving tidemarks on the wallpapers But I hope to be long gone by then My reviews can also be found on All the monsters in this book are women. Listering hot week a psychological cat and mouse game plays out Sexual tensions and sibling rivalries flare as the sisters confront the amorphous threat the strangers represent Can they survive the menA haunting riveting debut about the capacity for violence and the potency of female desire The Water Cure both devastates and astonishes as it reflects our own world back at. .

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Beneath The Skin Inconsequential Dilemmas
For full review please visit my blog stars I haven t read such a weird novel since long time I read the reviews and there are lovers and there are people who dislike it a lot I think I can say it wasn t a pleasant read that blew my mind but I didn t hate it as well I think I can see some people will feel comfortable with the book than others because of its styleFirst of all it s said that the book is dystopian This created an xpectation for me thinking it ll be a whole world building with its set up reasons Obsession energy It s not at all Everything is very vague with this book very abstract We never learn the reasons behind this set up and what s actually happening So to like this book you need to be OK with an abstract setting The fact that the book is set up in a world that s not our world doesn t make itxactly dystopian as there s not anything Cabaret: A Roman Riddle else behind itThe writing style is very fluid atmospheric metaphorical and strange It s one of those you rexpected to read between the lines a lot It starts with a lot of suspense build up We get chapters of half a page a page at the beginning Long time you won t understand anything If you ask me this went on for an unnecessarily long time So I m guessing there will be me this went on for an unnecessarily long time So I m guessing there will be of people giving up at this point I think after around 40 50% of the book we get to have proper long chapters with writing that feels like a plot or at least a story It was not asy to get through and at times I ll be honest I was boredThe book is mainly told from Lia s main character perspective I can say that one was well developed throughout the book But we didn t get to know the others much which may be intentional by the author anywayIn summary it was a strange read that s not for veryone If you njoy abstract writing with no clear plot or set up and like trying to make sense of the metaphorical style you might like it I m a reader who likes a solid plot with a good set up reasons xplained I also like to have stronger character development which will make you care for them That s why it wasn t my cup of tea Also the idea of a dystopia where women are in trouble is an overused concept if you ask me So I didn t find the content so creative as well Sudden love when gifted to a habitually unloved person can induce nausea It can become a thing you would claw and debase yourself for It is necessary to wean yourself onto it small portions Sophie Mackintosh s debut novel The Water Cure is the story of three sisters living an occult xistence on *an island off the mainland one fateful summer when they have their first *island off the mainland one fateful summer when they have their first with men other than their father Yep that pretty much sums this one up Grace Lia and Sky have been raised on an island away from civilization for their ntire lives view spoilerFor the ntire novel I pictured them as being two teenagers and an lementary aged girl Imagine my surprise when near the nd of the novel we find out that the two ldest are around 30 years old and the youngest is around 18 hide spoiler In The Water Cure three sisters live with their mother and father on an island cut off from the rest of the world They are taught from a young age that women must be protected from the terror and violence of men and that the real world is filled with toxins that would degrade and sicken them When their father disappears and two men and a boy show up on their island their lives upend What follows for the sisters is the slow disintegration of their lives that they have always fearedThe story is divided into three parts and I found the first two to be decent though not great The prose is dreamlike and vocative filled with lots of feelings and thoughts We. The Handmaid’s Tale meets The Virgin Suicides in this dystopic feminist revenge fantasy about three sisters on an isolated island raised to fear menKing has tenderly staked out a territory for his wife and three daughters Grace Lia and Sky He has laid the barbed wire; he has anchored the buoys in the water; he has marked out a clear message Do not nter Or viewed from an. Spend a lot of time getting to know the cruel punishments and rituals their parents subject them to in order to cleanse their bodies and minds and be rid of the world s toxins But then I got to the *third part and it completely fell apart for me This book has an xtremely simplistic and pessimistic *part and it completely fell apart for me This book has an xtremely simplistic and pessimistic of the genders Women are universally awesome and filled with the spirit of love and sisterhood men are irredeemably bad from the moment of their births It completely disregards individuality Every person fits in one or the other gender and they surely must act in accordance with that without any ability to think for themselves It s an xtremely tribalistic view of us versus them and in our world today we need less of that thinking not Though it s laid out as a story of redemption it doesn t feel that way to me Rather the message seems to be that you are what your parents teach you and you can never grow to be than that There s no hope of figuring out your own
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or your wishes And that translates to not having to take responsibility for one s own actions The book ssentially says that their parents and their circumstances made the sisters into who they are and as a result they are not responsible for the bad things they do onto others Just noI m appalled by the violence and complete disregard that the three women have for others which is disguised as righteousness In the Just Cause end what are the men s heinous crimes Well it s to love and leave Sure that is unkind but it s not deserving of death or torture It s also not deserving of the women living in constant fear or acting so hysterical throughoutIf the gender roles in this book were reversed I can t imagine this book would be allowed to be published Women would be up in arms over the misogyny This book is marked as feminist but it isn t It s making mountains out of molehills and being as purposefully hurt as possible over small slights It s being cruel to a group of people to those you would label as others who are different from yourself And that s not okIn thend I strongly disagree with the message of this book As someone who like almost veryone out there has had the painful xperience of being lumped into a group and seen as a stereotype rather than an individual I just don t understand or agree with the spirit of this story We would all still love ach other but what it meant was if there was a burning fire if two sisters were stuck in the inferno and they were screaming a name the only right thing would be to pick the one the iron dictated to save It is important to ignore any contrary instinct of your traitor heart We were uite used to that Had this been a fairytale it would have started like this There once was a couple who had three daughters and they lived on an isolated island King was the father s name and Grace Lia and Sky were taught that he was their only protection from creatures that wanted to harm them The creatures were called men and he was a man but it didn t matter He alone knew what was good for the family Because the girls were weak fragile asy to fall ill from the sickness carried by the outside world However women were welcomed to the island Women who were frightened and wounded Women who should accept rebirth through fear and water But they weren t there when the master of the house died They weren t there when three men were washed ashore They weren t there when the daughters had to chooseBut this is not a fairytale This is a story of isolation xploitation intentional fear and violenceAnd what about the Mother one may ask A mother is not a mother when she oppresses her children and obeys a madman obsessively Other angle Not safe to leave Here women are protected from the chaos and violence of men on the mainland The cult like rituals and therapies they ndure fortify them from the spreading toxicity of a degrading worldBut when their father the only man they’ve ver seen disappears they retreat further inward until the day three strange men wash ashore Over the span of one