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It s a bit dry and reads like text. In the labyrinth of Myths Marriage Partners In surrounding marriage Partners in is a voice of good of myths surrounding marriage Partners in Life is a voice of good and practical suggestions based on many years of counselling experience Sold over 10000 copies the book addresses the issues relevant to ordinary people suc. Book I prefer Gary Chapman s Things H as sex in laws and communication in marriage in the context of Singapore and its neighbouring Region Partners In Life Partners in Life aimed to guide every unmarried as well as married person – understand what it takes to be partners in life – to ultima. Partners in Life Your Guide to Lasting Marriage

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Wish I d known before we got Married. Tely A Lasting Marriage Tely enjoy a lasting marriage book Covers Eye Opening Myth Shattering Information And Counsel Refreshing Perspectives Eye opening myth shattering information and counsel Refreshing perspectives marital situations How to survive conflicts Transitions in marriage Learning to grow together in marriage.

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