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The End of the End of the Earth

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Sigh Franzen can write He is intelligent His nonfiction is just not my cup of tea There is an authorial distance I His nonfiction is just not my cup of tea There is an authorial distance I offputting but I understand why he might not my cup of tea There is an authorial distance I find offputting but I understand why he might with that distance As a whole the collection is uneven There is a set of ules for the novelist that feels like he jotted some ideas on a napkin and included them in the book The essay on Edith Wharton yikes He spends uite some time discussing that she was unattractive and like has he seen male writers throughout history Let s not throw stones from "Glass Houses If You Like "houses If you like s writing you will like this collection He loves birds A LOT He loves birds the way I love Beyonc Before you denigrate yourself for picking up a collection of essays instead of a novel Franzen makes a brazen argument early on in The End of the End of the Earth for its importance the essay s in our lives in Litland as a whole An essay is a mirror to the writer to society to the The Dog Cancer Survival Guide: Full Spectrum Treatments to Optimize Your Dog's Life Quality and Longevity reader He gives it a valid worth these little nuggins are all worth their weight in goldPlease goead The Corrections yeah even Freedom has its good parts But essays Like what personal stuff apart from the writer s autobiography there s a little bit of that obviously do I No Beast So Fierce: The Terrifying True Story of the Champawat Tiger, the Deadliest Animal in History really need to take away Jeez the Iead about affluence and a sustained type of it the I m left peeved Like I will listen to you buddy Even admire the way your argument is. The essayist Jonathan Franzen writes is like “a fire fighter whose job while everyone else is fleeing the flames of shame is to Close to the Land: The Way We Lived in North Carolina, 1820-1870 run straight into them” For the past twenty five years even as his novels have earned him worldwide acclaim Franzen has led a second life as aisk taking essayist Now at a moment when technology has inflamed tribal hatreds and the planet is beset by unnatural calami ties he is back with a new collection of essays that ,

Meticulously flouncy but in serious ahem masterful prose It is "your ight your privilege Mr Franzen to explore the theme of birdsbirdwatching to Death as well as global warming Sep "right your privilege Mr Franzen to explore the theme of birdsbirdwatching to Death as well as global warming Sep travelogues bird statistics like those of an impatient kiddo with his computer like wealth of useless info about dinosaurs distant cousins to birds literary critiues He gives us a few tidbits on the writer s way and even littler on his own poeticsStill what an amazing writer Impressive organization of factoids of subjects he finds fascinating In this world of Trump hate and HUMAN not aptor or seagull migration Birds birds birds birds birds and Birds Listen To The Cover Not The Blurb Most Of listen to the cover not the blurb Most of texts deal with the before mentioned flying animals how they are threatened what it means to Franzen to be a birdwatcher and why birds are generally awesome In my opinion Franzen is also generally awesome but the bird overload in this essay collection was eally testing my patience There is nothing wrong with writing about your favorite animal but the book marketing appears to make an effort to gloss over the fact that the author has one main focus here or at least
"That He Talks About Different "
he talks about different like climate change tourism and friendship while always bringing birds into the euation Some texts like Ten Rules for a Novelist don t uite fit into the overall collection Unfortunately. Ecall us to humane ways of being in the worldFranzen’s great loves are literature and birds and The End of the End of the Earth is a passionate argument for both Where the new media tend to confirm one’s prejudices he writes literature “invites you to ask whether you might be somewhat wrong maybe even entirely wrong and to imagine why someone else might hate you” Whatever his subject Franzen’s essays are always skeptical of eceived opinion. ,

I had the impression that the concept of the book lacked stringency The upside Franzen is just a great great writer If you Münchhausen's Pigtail, or Psychotherapy Reality re not into birds though this book can be a toughead Reading Franzen is always a good idea By any measure Jonathan Franzen is a fortunate man For one thing he has a God "GIVEN TALENT FOR WRITING BOTH FICTION AND NON HE "talent for writing both fiction and non He not been without controversy but has managed to ise above it and when he churns out one of his lengthy Involving Novels Every Seven novels every seven or so is ewarded with a loyal eadership Another way in which he is lucky is that he has an all consuming passion he loves birds Anyone favored with such an interest can be considered lucky Having something to aim for to pursue gives life flavor and brightness Because of his success as an author he has time as well as means to pursue this passion and many of these essays share his experiences in far flung places if only to add to his list of birds he has encountered He knows as much as can be known about the habits and fates of his winged uarry whether they be in Albania or even Antarctica But I must admit that since I don t share his enthusiasm to Antarctica But I must admit that since I don t share his enthusiasm to extent who does I enjoyed the personal glimpses into his life that he intermittently shares I liked finding out the fate of his misplaced suitcase in the Jet Blue terminal at JFK than his uest to track down the Saint Lucia Oriole. Steeped in irony and frank about his own failings He’s frank about birds too they kill “everything imaginable” but his eporting and Migrant Resistance in Contemporary Europe reflections on them on seabirds in New Zealand warblers in East Africa penguins in Antarctica are both a moving celebration of their beauty andesilience and a call to action to save what we loveCalm poignant carefully argued full of wit The End of the End of the Earth provides a welcome breath of hope and The Violinist and The Son of Redhead: Two Plays by Leonard Melfi reaso.

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