Sole Survivor A Story of Record Endurance at Sea) [E–pub/Pdf] ß Ruthanne Lum McCunn

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Sole Survivor A Story of Record Endurance at SeaVal story with some interesting racial undertones then this is the book for You Loved This Story Loved this story the undertones this is the book for you Loved this story Sole Survivor the of Poon Lim who was castawayed after his freighter was attacked by a German sub 133 days at sea Great story I ve read a couple of these adrift books such as the man that lasted over 2 years stranded in the ocean In this book covering 133 days adrift I never connected with Poon Lim and I felt the author could have done to really make the story come alive for the reader Some of the reasons for these limitations are listed at the end One of the most obscure stories from the second world war you re likely to stumble across this book relates a Chinese steward s survival for 133 days in the Atlantic Ocean after his merchant ship was sunk by a U boat The author does a credible job of breaking up the monotony of the man s experiences on the raft with tales from his childhood and his wartime service aboard merchant ships but still survival non fiction only has so many places to go and when you re stuck on a raft with this guy the selection of material is pretty thin. Ee years of interviews with Poon and his family reconstructs his remarkable ordeal and the survival techniues that earned him world celebrity and a listing in the Guiness Book of World ,

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The story is readable and it s short It does not have the extended agony of Unbroken for example where the survivors endured so long in a lifeboat only to be captured by the Japanese If you re looking for something different in survival stories during the war this might be for you and it has the virtue of FEATURING THE CULTURE OF A CHINESE MAN AND HOW the culture of a Chinese man and how approached survival perhaps differently than an American or Brit would haveOne aspect I did note is that he seemed to have little to no sense of having lost *valuable shipmates or any concerns over the fate of the others *shipmates or any concerns over the fate of the others board his ship at all Understandably HE WAS NOT TREATED WELL AS A CHINESE CREWMAN was not treated well as a Chinese crewman one would think he d have some thoughts about the other stewards aboard the ship Certainly no sense of survivor guilt seeps through the storyPoon Lim holds the dubious world record of longest survival at sea a record I m certain no one wants to attempt to break He seems to have lived well after the war and to have looked back on his ordeal as the great event of his life rather than as the torture it must have been at the time. Ecords A classic saga of ordeal and survival that reminds us of the courage strength and resourceful intelligence of which human beings are capable Tillie Olsen author of Tell Me a Riddl. I read this book as a id and remembered to list it its protagonist Poon Lim was referenced in Life of Pi Although the writing nor the subject matter seemed particularly noteworthy at the time nonetheless after the better part of twenty years I feel like I could almost rewrite this book from memory i would certainly have no from memory I would certainly have no recommending this book to an adult but I especially consider it an excellent choice for younger reluctant readers inclined to shy away from the reading list This book is a pretty well written account of an amazing ordeal what it lacks in literary complexity it makes up in the fact that it was a real story You can really imagine yourself *being stranded and alone in the middle of the sea while *stranded and alone in the middle of the sea while this Towards the beginning it is a bit hard to read because you want to scream at Lin for all the mistakes he makes but he gets smarter and you really feel a sense of pride when things go right When things go wrong though you really feel sad and angry Overall this book was a good book but not for everyone if you think you would like a survi. When German U boats sank the British Ben Lomond in 1942 its sole survivor was a second steward Poon Lim who managed to stay alive for 133 days on a wooden raft Sole Survivor based on thr. .