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Y enjoyed the way this book explored Clara s story and her relationship with her mother her best friend and the people she meets along the way during her adventure The other characters are very relatable especially her friend Rayya while even the #villains have a well established backstory It s a dark book with a surprising ending that leaves #have a well established backstory It s a dark book with a surprising ending that leaves wanting for I loved the book in its entirety The elements of mystery and suspense were in a continuous flow I loved the names of all the characters It is the first novel by the author that I read Some scenes did scare me but overall it was a very great piece of work written I wish Ibrahim ALL THE BEST IN HIS FUTURE ENDEAVORS ENJOYED ITI the best in his future endeavors Enjoyed ItI enjoyed the aithor s earlier work in games and the graphic novel he wrote I found this book just as enjoyable I enjoyed the flawed both emotionally and pysically characters as well as the world that was created around it I will be eeping my eyes open for any news on a seuel or side story in the same world. Im That's the life of an apprentice monster hunter It's too late to turn back nowThe hunter The fanatic The child in the darkness Their paths weave through blood and cries and corpses beneath the glare of gods and monste.

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Clara Mandrakes MonsterI received this book from the author in exchange for an honest loved the idea monster hunters and people turning into COMMENTARY on Islamic of monster hunters and people turning into monsters COMMENTARY on Islamic HORROR The horror aspects of this novel where great I could definitely see this as a horror movie Kind of reminded me of a horror version on Monster s INC mixed in w Islamic fundamentalism DISLIKES FANTASY Advertised as fantasy but I felt that it leaned towards the horror genre COMMENTARY With most American s only having basic Alchemy Martial Supreme knowledge of Islam this commentary may do harm than good It definitely shows the ugly side of religious extremism but I felt that it may perpetuate the idea the Islam terrorism to those people who don tnow much about Islam and get their information from fucking FOX News TW FOR CHILD SEXUAL ASSAULT Although the scene was not graphic it was still difficult to read ENDING The story did not wrap up as nicely as I would have liked Not a lot of uestions were answeredWRITING At times. Clara Mandrake screams in the night because she nows he's there The monster lurks in her wardrobe all fur and teeth and claws He's coming for her But will her sanity tear before her fleshFahmaia Hashad hears the words I felt that the author s transitions throughout a scene were poorly done I d have to read a paragraph a couple of times before I could figure out what was happening during a scene typically happened during fight scenes A girl s not so imaginary monster helps her escape from murderous religious fanaticsYoung Clara has nightmares and a monster in her wardrobe Which in a world where monsters are real could be bad enough but her whole village is also about to be slaughtered by a warrior tribe Thanks to her monster she and her best friend escape the massacre and head for safety Unfortunately she s still being Hunted By Bad Guys And Are Monster Hunters In by bad guys And there are hunters in area tooI wasn t een on this at the start a number of independent point of view characters are introduced rather uickly and while the writing and editing is good it s trying a bit too hard in places It s worth persevering with once the plot Alien kicks off it s engaging enough and a lively read though on the dark and gory side Reall. F Allat the One Goddess The world shall perish for its sins unless Fahmaia and her people save it The cost will be heavy paid in bloodSilas Renshaw puts his sword on his belt and embarks on the career henows may ill .