Super Sales on Super Heroes 2 Super Sales on Super Heroes #2 (PDF)

Super Sales on Super Heroes 2 Super Sales on Super Heroes #2

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Good and intenseI rated this one a little lower mainly over the last part of the book Too much chaos and too many balls in the air feels like an open wound That said I wouldn t be troubled if this series wasn t Awesome Keep up the great writing I love the cast of characters I m sure the next one will rock I didn t like Empire Strikes Back as much ither Just saying Action Packed Seuel Read this immediately after book 1 as it starts the action shortly after those vents and pretty much doesn t take its foot off the gas for the rest of the book Trust me you ll need the fresh memory Once again we re treated to well
#Edited Continuous Rolling Narrative #
continuous rolling narrative along with solid humor drama mayhem magic and a mind blowing xpansion of the plot And yes pancakesThe characters remain true and multi dimensional growing as we watch SOMETIMES WITH CLOUDY UNDETERMINED RESULTS RELATIONSHIPS GROW AND CHANGE with cloudy undetermined results Relationships grow and change in meaningful ways The Trading Places: The Netherlandish Merchants in Early Modern Venice environment changes a lot in very unexpected ways Thediting remains awesome and the cover artist is brilliantAs always it s a real joy to read Arand s work and I remain a huge fan Highly recommended I really want to give you a 5 star review Gave you En plein coeur extra points in book 1 for benefit of the doubt STOP with your chauvinistic bull Pretty sure your writing comes from a place of insanely inflatedgo I appreciate that you learned some military tactics in this book As a former military officer its obvious that you learned the subject Yes your story line has great promise and is uniue No no one wants to read about your MC being so incredibly amazing The Bookshop on the Shore every femalebeastkin in the books want him Oooh tell me about how this humble middle manager doesnt wantvery female in the "book to be head over heals in love with him but his personality is just SOOOOO "to be head over heals in love with him but his personality is just SOOOOO that they cant help it STOP just add another male character maybe 2 EUREKA you can still write a uniue story and not have Dance Real Slow every female falling in love with a CEO who came from middle management burger flipping I really love your story line pretty sure I hate you as a writer though Impressive in its own rights PS if you keep doing this bs in book 3 I am 1 star reviewing you no matter how good the rest of the plot is I recommend you seek professional counseling and figure out why you are writing in the manner before completing This book has a great concept andven some decent writing The problem is the author has no storytelling skills This series started with a simple plot build wealth in a city run by a super villain Success brought mystery attackers so building wealth now included finding out who was attacking the main character In this book the main character discovers his attacker not through any The Art of Memoir efforts on his part but BECAUSE SHE LITERALLY COMES DOWN OUT THE SKY AND ANNOUNCES HERSELF AND HER WEAKNESSES FOR NO REASON AT ALL This leads to a war being fought between the main character gods and nations THAT EN. In a world full of super powers Felix had a pretty crappy one After learning to harness his ability to modify any item he owns he now runs a corporation that is rapidlyxpanding Legion After tangling with the local Heroes guild they’ve finally settled into a semblance of stability Sounds grea.

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E s no internal continuity There are jumps that are there only to this story along There are some words that have meaning in our language are there only to move this story along There are some words that have meaning in our language must mean something lse in the world where the story takes place There s too much drudgery without forward movementThe last 14 of the book is great Exactly what I was looking for in the book and series Until this point I was looking at a 2 star review Fing fun I have precious little time to read now but in the last 2 weeks I have njoyed the hell out of Author William Arands two Super hero booksA lit rpg book that used the tools so louently I didn t notice until the nd of the first bookWELL done and sign me up for the next oneMichael Anderle Author The Super Sales on Superhero series is a crazy but still PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition enjoyable blend of superherovillain stories harem fantasy and LitRPG It works mostly because Arand s writing is fairlyngaging and the story is fun The story in this second book really just picks up from where the "Last Book Left Off "book left off along with his harem of superpowered girlfriends just continued to spread a In this second book in the series Legion tries to Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography expand into another city in another state He runs into uite a lot of red tape and after having the governor killed decides to run for office himselfHe also discovers how to make portals into other worldsThese lead to all sorts of complications Super Sales on Super Heroes 2 is not lesfic but it continues the veryntertaining graphically aurally violent world of good people bad people amoral people and people who are just trying to survive regardless of moral intentions labels or outcomes that we met in Book 1I The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, enjoyed Book 1 so much that I decided to immediately begin Book 2 planning to finish a few unusual books before returning to lesfic in a couple weeks when January startsThe pace absolutelyxplodes as do lots of other people and things in this book Felix decides to run for governor as his Legion mpire has now xpanded to a second city At this city btw slavery is illegal and so all his slaves were given the opportunity to leave him I was glad to have the slavery part of his power being reduced in this book The head supervillain and lots of superheroes think a dead Felix would be niceFelix learns how to portal to another world and build Legion World pretty much subjugating the natives Then the native gods get involvedLots of battles lots of action lots of violence and lots of politicking Given the large number of characters involved in this detailed story it s amazing that veryone has very distinct personalities and behaviors Very creative world building without sacrificing individual characters That s hard to do and it s done well hereWhile this narrator did an adeuate job I preferred the narrator from book 1 I rate Super Sales on Super Heroes 2 as a solid 45 With the previous narrator I might have rounded up but I m recommending this book with a 4 rating. Cities So they’ve packed up the car put in all the reuisite forms gotten the approvals and set out to start Legion up in a new city The problem though is the local government had no idea who they were selling permits to Approving forms for To Felix and Legion And now they’re about to find ou. DS IN A DRAW RESOLVES NOTHING and apparently has the sole purpose of allowing the author to drag out what should have been a straight forward story to I can only assume sell books to people stupid nough to buy themThe awful xecution is particularly heart wrenching because the original concept is so good Still it is too late for me I ve lost money and time to this insanely bad book Please avenge me by not spending your money or time on this dreck Rating 15 stars This book sucked I didn t have high hopes after the first book and I didn T Actually Plan On Reading This Book Until I Found actually plan on reading this book until I found there is a crossover with this book and Wild Wastes which is a series I do like so I bit the bullet and read this book There were multiple times I wanted to stop reading The fact that I finished the book is the only reason I gave it 15 stars instead of 1 star I usually only give books I could not finish 1 star There were so "many things that did not make sense in the story I am huge WHY person In very story I like "things that did not make sense in the story I am huge WHY person In Exile and Pilgrim every story I like know the underlying reasonach character takes a particular action and I get pissed off if the reason isn t logical now this is case specific if a character is a homicidal maniac and he does some crazy shit I can understand that based on the context of the character being crazy Felix was all over the place with his planning and none of it made sense He xpanded legion into another town and opened up a college still don t know why Later in the story he decided he wanted to open up a non profit prison then later in the story he decided he was going to run for Governor What is the overall purpose of any of that To make money No because he is actually loosing money To gain power He says throughout the ntire book that he doesn t want power So why Then the story takes an Hannah Montana: The Movie even weirder turn view spoiler We get our first glimpse of Wild Wastes crossover when a portal opens up to Felix for a few seconds Anyone who read the 2nd Wild wastes book should remember the scene When Felix sees that he starts handing out portal making powers toveryone around him because yeah it of course is that asy and they go off to another world that he is now calling legion world Once their he meets Gods So superheroes and magic aren t nough Now they have to add Gods into the mix Then ven stupid shit happens Felix gets Felicia to build a machine that transfers his peoples good thoughts about him so that he can transfer those thoughts into worship for a couple of gods Because of course that seems pretty straightforward to me sarcasm I bet if he asked Felicia to come up with a machine that could turn his farts into flying unicorns she would say no problem Then ven after all the buildup of forces people and machines to turn Legion into a powerhouse company that nobody can mess with Felix still nds up alone and being attacked at the nd of the story hide spoiler The first 34ths of the book are ok but ther. T on paper Run your company make money be your own boss settle down Except that with running a business comes an inordinate amount of responsibilities Like making sure Cardiovascular Pet: Current Concepts everything keeps running and your people are paid Worrying about the longevity of his company Felix begins toxpand into other.