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The Sweetheart Sham Southern Charmed #1Y characters with Southern hospitality rounds out this story in the best way possible I received a copy of this title to read and review for Wicked Reads35 Stars Young adult age range 12 The Sweetheart Sham will sure to please young adults looking for a warm and fuzzy story without too much angst featuring second chance romance and a fake relationship tropes as well as adding an LGBT twist The southern setting was a nice change of pace with the dialect and accent gossipy townsfolk and the mentality of the locale *Giving A Touch Of *a touch of home humor Georgia Ann is a Southern Belle a daughter of a founding family from Culler South Carolina There are social rules she must abide by with gossip and

to do as those in town wish from her She licking her emotional wounds in private suffering from the abrupt end of a relationship no one new existed Instead of worrying about herself Georgia Ann focuses on her best friend Will by pressuring him to come out of the closet while simultaneously becoming his beard within a fake relationship to hide his budding real relationship with another in the closet boy Beau is Georgia Anne s one who got away having left the area abruptly due to the divorce of his parents Angsty brooding and wounded young adults and those young at heart will surely swoon over Beau After having been gone for uite some time Beau returns home for the summer to attend his cousin s wedding Georgia Ann s mother is planning the wedding of the summer with Georgia Ann having to be her helper With her faux relationship with Will and the return of his cousin Beau the secret one who got away The Sweetheart Sham has all the juicy sweet and charming elements sure to please readers I m on the fence with the writing style unsure it it s a good fit I m curious to read the next book in this series to see whether or not it was the writing style my mood or the subject matter I do recommend but suggest downloading the sample to determine if the writing style suits with your reading tastes I need to voice something that rubbed me slightly wrong with the LGBT theme I understood Will s reluctance to come out in a small southern town especially with the pressure of being A Founding Family S Son While I founding family s son While I Georgia Ann supporting Will in his decisions I felt her pressuring him to come out was in poor taste For the first few chapters she was so hyper focused turning most inner monologue and dialogue shared with Will into her warning himthreatening himmaking him promise to come outthinking about how she wished Will would just come out already While this plays into the overall premise of the story with such sensitive subject matter I felt Will s story should have been voiced only by Will not as if Georgia Ann had ownership in Will s journey While I m thrilled the LGBT community is popping up in mainstream fiction Will s coming out story belongs solely to Will Just my two cents from a member of said community Please note My review is of an unedited pre release copy of this book and assumes that any errors were corrected prior to publication I don t normally comment on the editing of a pre release. Him gets her into a fake relationshipand then the boy of her dreams shows upEnter Beau Montgomery Georgie’s first love hotter than ever and much too much of a southern gentleman to ever pursue someone else’s girl There’s no way to come clean to Beau while still protecting Will But bless their ,
Double Jeopardy
Copy while the editing issues present didn t affect my overall rating they did affect my reading enjoyment I must mention how it did yank me from the overall rating they did affect my reading enjoyment I must mention how it did yank me from the enjoyment I must mention how it did yank me from the sometimes several times per page mostly dealing with improper punctuation andor lack thereof and switchedmissing words These errors are most likely fixed in the final copy but I felt the need to point it out in case they aren t As soon as I saw the cover and the summary for Danielle Ellison s The Sweetheart Sham I Confessions of an Air Ambulance Doctor knew I had to have it I mean a small town setting a fake relationship AND a second chance romance My YA contemporary loving heart was beating rapidly with excitement and hope The Result The Sweetheart Sham was not good not great but EXCELLENT Combining delicious southern charm heartwarming characters and a swoon worthy romance The Sweetheart Sham is yet another wonderful ad I received an Advance Reader Copy from the publisher via NetGalley This in no way impacted on my viewIf you ve read any of my reviews before you llnow that contemporary YA fiction is one of my favourite genres to read I simply adore them When this one became available to reuest on NetGalley I Mr. Jelly's Business knew it would be one for me In The Sweetheart Sham Georgianows her best friend Will is eeping a massive secret from the rest of the town the fact that he s gay As his best friend she wants to help him in any way she can even if it means masuerading as his girlfriends so he has a valid reason to spend time out with his actual boyfriend That was than fine until her old friend and crush Beau Montgomery arrives home He s Will s cousin and they were the three musketeers until he upped and left without a word Though she wants nothing than to see if they can rekindle their blossoming romance she wouldn t jeopardise Will s trust for anything Being English reading about the south of America has always interested me I ve always loved seeing how the sense of community and Southern Charm can manifest and this book definitely fit the bill for me Georgia and Will s families were descended from the founding families of the town and as such there was a certain amount of wishing surrounding a member of each family marrying and finally uniting the families When they announced their relationship all members of the family were notably excited and elated except for Beau whose old crush on Georgia had never abated and he thought this might be the chance to apologise for leaving and finally see if his feelings were reciprocated The main characters of Georgia and Beau were wonderful to read Told in dual POV the emotions within the two and their backstories came through in dribs and drabs which allowed the reader to learn about them the town and everything in between without it being an information overload They really endeared themselves to
audience and I was armoured their romance and couldn t help myself from smiling whenever they were together on page I m hoping that in subseuent books in this series we ll see of them because I love them so muchI haven t read anything from this author before but she s definitely one I ll read again One for fans of cutesy YA contemporary fictio. Earts they live in Culler where secrets always have a way of revealing themselvesDisclaimer This Entangled Teen Crush book contains a hilarious “fakeship” a scorching hot impossible relationship and a heartwarming best friendship that will make you want to call your best friend right here right .

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There s a certain movie I love and can watch again and again It starts with two Southern ids growing up together drifting apart then reuniting thanks to a wedding It s filled with sexy accents and charm and dancing It just so happens to have a very attractive man in it too Of course I m talking about Sweet Home Alabama starring the amazing Reese Witherspoon That film is one of my go to heartwarmersThe Sweetheart Sham might not be set in Alabama but it has all the same winning ingredients spunky girl charming guy a reunion plenty of chemistry and a wedding to plan Not either of theirs by the way It also has a fake relationship trope with a twist instead of two people entering into a fake relationship and realising they have feelings for each other it s done to protect a secret the town s golden boy isn t ready to reveal yet So there were two plots going on Georgie and Beau s second chance romance and Will s coming out storyI loved all three main characters in The Sweetheart Sham Georgia Ann was ind smart and fierce proving you can be both a tomboy at times and a girly girl at others Will was definitely a charmer with lots of confidence on the outside but he was also super cute and giddy when it came to his secret relationship These two best friends showed again and again how much they cared for each other and had each other s backs Finally Beau Ugh Wonderful Beau No he wasn t perfect but he was definitely a conscientious guy who wanted to make the people he cared about happyThe three of them had different experiences of love and each had to learn about being true to themselves and what They Wanted And That Love wanted and that love possible Will wanted to be accepted for who he loved Beau struggled to believe in love because of what happened with his parents You have no idea how relatable Beau s experiences were And Georgie She just wanted what her parents hadI don t want to be someone s opportunity I want to be everything like Momma is to Daddy She may annoy him to no end sometimes but I now when he looks at her that he loves her I want to be looked at the same wayIt s also worth noting that the families were adorable I loved Georgie s dad the most The rest were loving and always in your face so great from a distance though it would drive me up the wall if I was thereWhile it s cold and miserable in London The Sweetheart Sham Corps Values: Everything You Need to Know I Learned In the Marines kept me oh so warm I ve been Southern CharmedI received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review See this review in its natural environment Dani Reviews ThingsYou can find me on Twitter and Instagram Loved this book so much I even cried some happy tears a couple of times as a response to something someone said to Will and something Will saidGreat YA romance with all the feels you want to feel when it comes to characters who have an electric attraction that they re trying to deny because of circumstances and there s an amazing friendship between Georgia Ann and Will and some of Georgia Ann s girl friends too Beyond this the town of Culler will give you Gil Girl feels and the large cast of sometimes uirk. In a small town like Culler South Carolina you guard your secrets like you guard your cobbler recipe with your life Georgia Ann Monroenows a thing or two about secrets she’s been guarding the truth that her best friend Will is gay for years now But what happens when a little white lie to protect.