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The Amish in this Southern Maryland community enjoy selling and browsing at the Amish Market Those smiles of Sunshine turn to tears of rain though for the Yoder family though WHEN THE BABY SISTER OF THE the baby sister of the is kidnapped #By A Mentally Unstable Woman After She #a mentally unstable woman after she a miscarriage She tells her husband the baby is an adopted replacement for their child and he believes it Oldest daughter Phoebe blames herself for the kidnapping She makes a bargain with God if the child is returned she will marry a man whom she feels her parents want her to marry but she doesn t want to Phoebe wants to be courted and marry but not uite yet and definitely not to Micah Newcomer in town Ben has so many of the same interests she has including alpacas and "Is So Nice And Caring Towards Her "so nice and caring towards her Micah Her heart opens to Ben but should she pursue it when she just doesn t feel worthy of his love Really enjoyed this and I can t wait to read the next book in the seriesPub Date 27 Mar 2018 I received a review copy from Kensington Books through NetGalley Thank you All opinions expressed are my own When a family tragedy strikes Phoebe Yoder promises God she ll do anything if He ll intervene including marrying Micah Graber But when her heart is drawn to someone else can Phoebe let o of her promiseOne of the fun things about this story besides the tender romance was the inclu I really enjoyed The Promise Amish fiction isn t my usual The Unlikeliest Hero: The Story of Desmond T. Doss genre but Susan Lantz Simpson s writing uickly drew me in When Phoebe Yoder s baby sister was kidnapped I felt Phoebe s fear anduilt And I understood why she uttered a vow to God that she shouldn t have I struggled along with her as she wrestled with this vow Phoebe s spunk made me chuckle at times especially in her interactions with the man who pursued herBenjamin Miller is a swoon worthy hero I love the way Simpson worked the alpacas into the story and it was fascinating to read about the Amish way of lifeI received an ARC of this book but that in no way influenced my thoughts on it This is a book readers of Amish fiction will loveas well as someone who loves a ood story Lovers of Amish fiction will enjoy this novel from Susan Lantz Simpson It s a reat mix of romance humor a bit of mystery and a whole lot of alpacas Phoebe Yoder is a determined young heroine whom readers will be rooting for and the book is rich with details about Amish life and beliefs I reviewed this book for RT Bookreviews Magazine is the first installment in Simpson s The Amish of Southern Maryland series Ben and Phoebe demonstrate the damage that can be done by carrying around shame and uilt instead of forgiving oneself There is no lossary as in common in many Amish themed novels so readers new to the enre could be a bit confused at times The pace is steady throughout but it s a bit challenging to root for some of the characters Micah is extremely difficult to like as he is rude demanding and almost has a stalker like feel to him It s hard to fathom that Phoebe wouldn t speak up to her parents even though the Amish are not as outspoken. In the beautiful spring warmth of Southern Maryland's Amish country love always finds a way to bloom Like most Amish young women Phoebe Yoder has dreams but not of a courtship at least not yet She dreams of caring for the tender hearted alpacas at her Englischer neighbor's farm and learning the business herself But that longing falls away the moment he. .
The PromiseTo care for her alpacas along with Phoebe However Phoebe couldn t allow herself to have feelings for Benjamin with her vow to God to marry Micah with her prayer answered about her younger sister Micah was an over powering brow beater with a lack for integrity and no work ethic Will Phoebe be able to realize God loved her and wanted her to be happy instead of making a vow out of desperation Amish readers will not want to miss reading this book I was blessed to receive a copy from a friend I was not reuired to write a review but have expressed my sincere opinion I ll abide my time until Simpson s next book The Mending is released The Promise Is a "BOOK OF VOWS PROMISES TO KEEP "of vows promises to keep not to keep lessons on Grace kidnapping integrity and GOD Naomi had a major tragedy in her life When it happened she makes a vow to GOD for HIM to fix it When things work out she feels like GOD wants her to hold up to her end of the bargain but as we all know we are not under Law but under Grace does she keep that vow or does she let her heart lead her and where does that desire come from Yup GOD This is a reat book don t miss out I received a copy of this book from the Publisher and Netgalley all of the opinions expressed in this review are all my ownif you would like to read of my Christian book reviews BOSH!: The Cookbook: Simple Recipes. Amazing Food. All Plants. go to christianlybookreviewersblogspotcom A fun story for lovers of Amish fiction The Promise is a heartwarming book written by Susan Lantz Simpson This is an amazing storyline that moves at areat pace and keeps the readers interest to the last page I love the cover especially the addition of the Alpacas I enjoyed this story and found it hard to stop reading itThe characters are very likeable and realistic which keeps the readers attention throughout the story I really enjoyed Confessions of an Air Ambulance Doctor getting to know Phoebe Yoder She is such a sweet tender hearted young Amish woman who loves her family and faith always When a tragic event happens to her family Phoebe believes she is at fault She makes a promise to God that she finds very hard to keep and struggles to find a way to honor it Ben Miller has returned to Southern Maryland to help hisrandparents with their farm when he finds himself in the middle of Phoebe s troubles He instantly jumps in to not only help Phoebe s family but he is also offering friendship to Phoebe Will his friendship cause Phoebe distress Can Ben help Phoebe see her promise is one she didn t have to honor All the characters add a Mr. Jelly's Business great element to this story especially Phoebe s outspoken younger sister Martha She adds a lot of humor to the storyI was notiven a complimentary copy of this book to read and review I was not approached by anyone to post a favorable review I have rated this book with five stars for meeting my expectations of a wonderful story that I can highly recommend to others This story can be read without reading the previous books by this author Congratulations to Susan lantz Simpson for delivering another amazing story for her readers to enjoy I will be anticipating fantastic stories by this author in the futur. Fine life they could build together beginning with an alpaca farm of their own But he can see that Phoebe's brash vow is all she will consider no matter what her heart wants As Ben falls for her entle manner and sweet sad eyes he comes to understand his daunting task to convince Phoebe that together they can make a new promise that will never be brok.

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As their Englisch counterparts Ben is a truly enjoyable character and Phoebe is as well at times but it comes later in the book For the "Majority Of The Story You "of the story you sorry for her but also frustrated that she doesn t share her feelings with her parents the bishop etc The theme of wanting to o after your own dreams will likely resonate with readers An excerpt from the second book is includedNineteen year old Phoebe Yoder is not your typical Amish irl who dreams of marriage and a family of her own Her dreams include owning alpacas so she "S Thrilled To Have The Chance To Help Care For " thrilled to have the chance to help care for neighbor s alpacas There she meets Benjamin Miller who recently moved to the area He can t help but be taken in by Phoebe s kindness and beauty and he also loves alpacas Phoebe fears her dreams will never come to pass after her little sister oes missing Phoebe makes a promise to God that she ll marry Micah Graber who has had his eye on her for years if her sister is returned safely If Micah has his way the wedding will come sooner than later Will her sister come home and if so will Phoebe marry Micah though her heart is not in it at all Is it possible for Ben to show her that God is in control and He has different plans for Phoebe THE PROMISE is Ms Simpson s newest Amish book and it is already Corps Values: Everything You Need to Know I Learned In the Marines getting a lot of buzz In fact I ve had people ask if I wasoing to review it Well if you were one who wondered here it is Benjamin Miller is a dream He is sweet sensitive caring and knows what to do and say in stressful situations He has a head on his shoulders He s also ot a strong faith and he doesn t allow doubt to take root Phoebe oh I hurt for her family I can t imagine being responsible for watching your baby sister and having her snatched while in your care She and her family were depressed understandably and for the first half of the book that is pretty much the focusI have never heard of alpacas so I was kind of curious what they were Maybe kind of like Llamas I don t know They were Described As Like Camels In as like camels in book but the cover looks like llamas I saw have to research them sometime They were an unusual and interesting twist to an Amish romance story I enjoyed this Micah was a villain that was easy to hate I didn t like him at all Unfortunately I know men like him overbearing know it alls who are selfish jerks I think we all do Very realistic If you like Amish fiction pick up a copy of Ms Simpson s THE PROMISE You will love this book Especially Benjamin swoon I was iven a copy free All opinions are my own As a reader of Amish fiction I loved reading The Promise by Susan Lantz Simpson Phoebe Yoder enjoyed caring for her younger siblings but on market day a tragic transpired with little Naomi being kidnapped Phoebe was heartbroken and made a vow to God that was made without realizing the conseuences and pain it would cause her My emotions were on alert throughout this story with all the suffering she endured Benjamin Miller return to his THIEME Atlas of Anatomy: Head and Neuroanatomy grandparents farm to assist them with their dairy farm He enjoyedoing to Dori s farm. R baby sister oes missing In that horrifying instant desperate for her sister's safe return she whispers a promise to Gott she will ive up her dreams and marry Micah Graber a man she doesn't love but who is determined to make her his wifeBenjamin Miller hasn't been back in Southern Maryland for long before he meets Phoebe and begins to imagine what ,
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