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Asy to read The lesson *I learned with this graphic novel is that if an idea has been previously done * learned with this graphic novel is that if an idea has been previously done sure you do it ven better An interesting concept though not terribly original since there was already a comedic nsemble film *Version Of This Whodunnit With *of this whodunnit with different plot back in 1985 but also kind of mediocre in xecution that chestnut of a Parkers Brothers board game ad tagline An unsolved mystery with the usual suspects is updated and brought to life in a six chapter graphic novel form The original half dozen suspects are here plus 21st century addition Dr Orchid in all their rainbow moniker glory Pleasingly here they are much diverse than they were ver depicted on the game box s cover photograph andor illustration Our vening s host narrator Greek chorus is Upton the manservant of mansion owning homicide victim Mr Boddy Oh and there s a pair of homicide investigators working the case detectives Ochre and Amarillo continuing that color theme One of them ven gets to utter the snarky line that closed the movie versionAlthough the nding was odd but different not to mention uncomfortably violent in a few places the book in its Entirety Did Not Uite Live did not uite live to its potential The mystery and humor often did not blend well Save your time and just assemble a group of friends to play the board game A over the top murder mystery set in the world of the board game The omniscient narrator butler drove me nuts with all the wanna be clevernish of breaking the fourth wall The characters were all very one dimensional and not nearly fun. R Boddy turns up dead at his own dinner party veryone's a suspect Miss Scarlett Colonel Mustard Mrs Peacock Professor Plum all the famili. Ny nough The plot behind

the murders was 
murders was at best I d only recommend this to hardcore fans of the board game or movie Love the movie love the game This Kind of garbage I Think Allor Was Trying To Reinvent think Allor was trying to reinvent and give it a real mystery while still remaining a tongue in cheek story based off of a board game I mean A for Lachlan's Protg (English Edition) effort but it still suckedThe narratorbutler pulls a Deadpool and talks to theditor throughout the ntire thing Flashbacks really annoy him Every issueIt was to me too stupid to be funny and not campy nough to *be ndearingShould have left this one on the shelf I have *endearingShould have left this one on the shelf I have loved the board game Clue My wife and I play what we call Cuthroat Clue which involves taking pages of notes and trying to make sense out of very ye twitch throat clearing tc Because of this many people won t play Clue with us But ven when no one would play there is always the classic 80s comedy movie version of the game to fall back on When I saw that there is a graphic novel I had to check it outThe graphic novel is just plain fun goofiness The three main lements influencing it are not subtly modern pop culture current politicalfinancial scandal and the 80s movie The 4th wall is not safe in this as it is freuently broken to address the reader So many tongue in cheek jokes famous movie uotes and characters that are obviously caricatures of real people that it is almost as fun to try and figure out the references as it is determining whodunitThe art is pretty good It s somewhat impressionistic but crisp when close up I thought on. Ar faces from the famous board game are back with a couple new twists But will Boddy's body be the last to fall or is it just the beginnin. Clue AUTHOR Paul Allor

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