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Un monstre dans les céréales yOvided nothing for the story because they had nothing to do with the romance plot I get it You never had any intention of her becoming an officer or conscripted I could tell becauseou glossed over her knowledge and her leadership The sims that were shown were not won due to her excellent leadership she won them because the author dictated it so The horrible thing is that it would have made a much better book to have her go through all that training only to fail because of other stupid actions Then she still has that training to rely on in the next book And how excited readers would have been for that book after experiencing her growth to that leaderI didn t get to talk about the instalove in the story either But if Nam you love a sweet romance and don t mind some over used tropes then this is a great little story It s biggest selling feature is its uick read and focus on romance Authenticity Writing Style Plot Pacing World BuildingBOTTOM LINE High school romance between the last human girl and her alien boyfriend Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review It has not influenced my opinionsYou can find this review and many others on my book blog Perspective of a Writer See my special perspective at the bottom of my reviews under the typewriter So I really liked that this was a uick read I feel like every book lately is like 500 pages It also does feel like a contemporary but the romance is sweet The Last Girl on Earth by Alexandra Blogier is aoung adult science fiction fantasy that was heavy on the romance and light on the science fictionfantasy Now despite my low rating there were moments that I would start to like this one but in the end I just had too many uestions and concerns with the world building to rate higherThe story centers around Li who is a human teenager that is the only human that survived when Abdoloreans came to Earth and wiped out the rest She was given to an Abdolorean male to raise alongside his daughter Now the Abdoloreans basically look the same as humans with the exception of gills in which Li has been given fake ones leading to my first uestion I pondered how do Painting Landscapes from Your Imagination you cut open a human and give them gills Now maybe some plastic surgery or something but all he doctors are goneSo anyway as the story starts Li has had her best friend all her life but she doesn t know Li is actually human only her Abdolorean father and sister know But we constantly learn all the things Abdoloreans are better at so Li has been training all her life secretly to pass as one Again leading me to all kinds of uestions with the vagueness of this set up so farThen we entered into learning Li is also training for the Abdolorean s army and about to have her testing when amazing a cute boy enters and Li starts throwing all caution to the wind due to cute boy soes insert insta love But here I am again thinking why oh why is all of this happening if Li s race is so top secret And I won t mention how the little we get about why humans were so horrible and needed to be destroyed by these aliens just seemed rather silly having cows is terrible since it s never really fully explained and just brushed over anywaySo it seemed the entire time I m reading this book I just had uestion and uestion popping into my head on the how s and why s which is rather distracting while trying to enjoy a book But through all that I thought that maybe just maybe this one would end at a 3 star for me until we get the the final chapters Now I won t give any spoilers but let s just say I walked away shaking my head still with those incessant uestions running through my mind so I suppose this one just wasn t my cup of tea unfortunatelyI received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalleyFor reviews please visit I mean I essentially skimmed this my only talent and finished it in like an hour And it wasn t completely terrible it just missed being great by trying to be a sweet romance I actually tend to like these small scope sci fi books by trying to be a sweet romance I actually tend to like these small scope sci fi books offer a great opportunity for exploring the nature of humanity Books like The Long Way To A Small Angry Planet You all know I ate that book up The issue here is the lack of genuine exploration There are some interesting ideas and concepts here but nothing really happened And when things finally did start happening the ideas weren t explored For example there s an idea here that humans are inherently evil due to how they ruined the planet Which is a really interesting idea and I m pretty sure the author knows this was an interesting idea But it doesn t really get explored beyond like four lines I also wished that the concept of prejudice had been explored Whoever wrote the blurb has never read the book No character in this book is inherently evil because they re an That s just not a factually correct is inherently evil because they re an That s just not a factually correct To all basic ideas these aliens are exactly the same as us And I actually liked that I like the idea of an exploration of prejudice in this setting It could ve been something along the lines of The Long Way To A Small Angry Planet But nope There are around three lines referring to prejudice but it s never legitimately explored There s also the entire idea of the resilience of humanity that could ve been explored That s a great idea to explore It just doesn t happen I could go on The point is that nothing is explored with the depth I wanted it to be What makes me sad is I think the author knows these are interesting ideas The book comes so close to what it could have been She just chooses to focus on some petty love drama and instalove instead None of the characters here were really built up enough for me to care about their connections I did like the friendship between our protagonist Li and her friend Mirabae I also liked the familial relationships But did either ever give me any emotions Uh Nope What s even annoying is that I could ve gotten past all this instalovey packaging if the characters had been stronger Instalove is a necessary device here due to the time frame but it could ve felt natural rather than false If the characters are strong it can feel natural Laini Taylor s Daughter of Smoke and Bone makes instalove feel natural by building up the two lead s loneliness and desperation for a connection There is so much potential in that for a really well written character driven one shotThis is going to sound weird but I have a firm idea as to how I would rewrite this First step focus on Li s loneliness as the only human in the world This makes the theme of the concept clear and builds up the possibility for romance Second step don t have her see Ryn as attractive until they ve had a couple friendly interactions This makes their connection feel authentic rather than a tropey little romance inserted for the hell of it Third step inner meditation and dialogue Boom The plot doesn t have to change the writing style doesn t have to change nothing has to change besides those three things Bam You have ourself a five star bookBefore I finish this review I ll add one positive I liked the casual diversity The protagonist is biracial and there are several mentions of other characters dating people of the same gender It s a little thing but it did make me happy. Have special abilities no human could ever haveWhen Li meets Ryn she's swept up in a relationship that could have disastrous conseuences How far will Li go to stay alive Will she save herself and in turn the human race or will she be the final witness to humanity's destruction.

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At I suppose Li s only chance to escape comes from a competition to be a higher up in the military because apparently she can go off planet and maybe the aliens on those planets will be cooler about the uselessly gilled human thing Again no idea Whatever this is the Super Important Life Event she s been training her whole life for So when a dude gives her the feels of course she risks it all Obviously her relationship with Ryn aforementioned dude is pretty insta lovey My basic definition of insta love is willing to throw away previously important people andor life priorities for romantic interest character barely knows and this is pretty much textbook Not only does Li risk her actual physical life by getting too close to Ryn too uickly she seems pretty down to whatever he suggests in general She reminds me of one of those girls who just blindly follows a guy because he showed her some attention It s kind of gross Ryn isn t a terrible character even just generic But their super uick love declarations were hokeyThere were a lot of coincidences along the way too For example Li ends up on the same training team as the literal only mentioned characters up until that point who also happened to be her best friend some other people they hung out with the bad guy and of course Ryn Look I don t know about ou guys but when I was thrown into group projects it was with three randos I d never spoken to and was forced to work with so the chances that all her teammates are her buds Nope nope not buying it That s a non spoilery example but there are While we re talking about the best friend I have a real beef with that situation too It s a spoiler but man I was salty so here Chasing McCree Chasing McCree you go for all ofou who cannot control Impossible Things yourselves view spoilerThe ONLY strong female friendship in the whole damn book goes straight to hell when freaking jealousy leads Li s bestie to betray the fuck out of her So of course Li now can only trust her boyfriend and family and my eyes are practically rolling out of my head hide spoiler Check out reviews Perspective of a WriterLi is the last girl on earth at least that is what her alien father told her Raised with her alien sister Zo she has trained all her life for this role Keeping this secret has been tough but she s about to graduate and the only way she ll survive conscription is to make officer Then she meets Ryn He s a distraction that may have learned her secret The short reviewI love speculative sci fi and am pretty open to believing whatever outrageous premises an author can come up with I LOVE the idea of a race that conscripts it soung to keep spreading to other planets It makes sense since they insist these planets accept their benevolent help that they would also need a constantly rejuvenating army to enforce that help It also made total sense that she needed an officer spot to keep out of the worst of the military action This core idea is strongThen we just get wacky Its hard to understand where the gills fit in They don t live underwater and their gill covers don t appear to flutter when they breathe otherwise Li would have been revealed despite her fake ones So why have them at all And why are the Abdoloreans super powered compared to a human Keto Diet for Beginners: The Keto Diet Cookbook with Quick and Healthy Recipes incl. 30 Days Weight Loss Plan yet appear to look exactly like them This weak world building as well as shallow friendships instalove and a romance heavy plot all conspired against this story Cover Title grade A This is a truly gorgeous cover Even tiny it draws the eye and capturesour imagination I knew it had to do with sci fi which is great beyond that I had no idea though I did WANT to know I LOVED the font used for the title which was also spot on to intrigue usHow could this book have been savedI found this book had SO MUCH POTENTIAL It made me upset and so disappointed how easily a few shifts in Li s perspective would have saved the story despite the odd gills and other world building oddities 1 An alien dude Wachten op Apollo you think of as father trainedou to survive It s ALL YOU KNOW You don t sneer in the face of it by whining You go out every day and train BECAUSE IF YOU DON T YOU RE DEAD You climb cliff faces or whatever to honor the sacrifices he made for Criminal Juries in the 21st Century: Psychological Science and the Law (American Psychology-Law Society Series) you From thereou can decide to rebel etcWHY I know whining seems to be something every teenager Can Relate To But relate to but this case Li is in a situation that few teenagers are in and if they do have to worry about life and death I can guarantee Callisthnie - La musculation globale you they ARE NOT whining Allow readers to experience that sort of back history Much better to form an act of rebellion later when she feels she has everything under control 2 Li has lived essentially 14ears or so without the aliens realizing her gills aren t working so Li would have become complacent about it We all would have She d still have trained and studied because that is partially why she s become complacent but it wouldn t be what she feared Teens fear the FUTURE s become complacent but it wouldn t be what she feared Teens fear the FUTURE Loss of the status uo ie leaving her father and sister without a support to replace them BETTER for her to fear being a leader among her planet s oppressors Being revealed because she doesn t fit inWHY The theme of the book is very important Teenagers are reading it and imagining how they will embrace their own futures The world frankly needs women leaders Women leaders who struggle with rivalries with men who see them as sex objects Women leaders who help their women coworkers and don t oppress them With her goal of becoming an officer she would have been in a position to be that example This fear works as conflict to being this kind of woman leader 3 Her physical weakness shouldn t have been something she struggled with but over the course of the assessment tests is shown to be her strength and is what makes her THE leader in the end Because the aliens take for granted their speed and strength they just power into a situation while a true leader uses strategy Since she s been training so long to be able to compete with them and to work around her lack of physical prowess she has better tactics than they doWHY Part of the problem was the story started way BEFORE the action We knew she would pass the test She knew she shouldn t go swimming and it was no surprise she go into trouble for it It was contrived big time and in fact ALL THE CONFLICT WAS CONTRIVED In an effort to make this seem school like the story was without a focus Better to start with the conscription training and assessment tests With the change of Li s focus it s easy to see this is a better starting place for the story The plot is also clearer SHOW THE SIMS Show the rivalry She can rebel with her romance and to help her friend It s uite easy to flip things around She can run into Ryn AFTER training starts DURING her own personal training at home very naturally There can be another run in with the jerky guy and her sister when she arrives home again all very natural These interactions would now add up to plot Concrete events that can show how things are instead of just glossing over and telling everythingAs a WriterAs a writer I am NOT a fan of plot that is mostly told instead of shown One or two token sims was not enough interaction between the group nor did it provide any real plot They were ho hum and so basic that a new soldier could have lead her mission They pr. ThThe Abdoloreans hijacked the planet sixteen And the Ass Saw the Angel years ago destroying all human life Li's human sympathizer father took her in as a baby and has trained her to pass as one of them The Abdoloreans appear human But they don't think with human minds or feel with human hearts And they. 15 Stars I know I have no choice I know this is my life But this life is a lie I m disappointed That s probably how I can best summarizes me feelings about The Last Girl on Earth I thought the premise had so much promise Li as the lone human on Earth and her personal and emotional struggle plus I was excited to learn about the alien race that had taken over Earth and what lead to the alien apocalypse Unfortunately I felt like the story glossed over everything The story seemed to read as of a fleshed out outline than an actual novel The worldbuilding was done so hastily and the character introductions only briefly mentioned I never felt like I knew what was going on I did really love the found family aspect that Li has with her adoptive dad and sister It was so genuine and actually impacted me emotionally Unfortunately the other relationships felt rushed and underdeveloped A sad miss I received a copy of the book from Delacorte Press via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review All uotes are taken from an uncorrected proof So I ll likely be in the minority here I was very unhappy with this readThe world building is lazy Our aliens look exactly like humans except they have gills they re very smart and very agile They wear jeans Let me say againthey wear jeansOur girl has a case of insta love with an alien boy Okay they re all aliens except for her But alien boy has zero personality He s handsome though looking thoroughly human except the gills and he looks good in say it again jeansHuman girl aka last human alive aka angsty teen wants to be an officer in the military Somehow the fact that they all hate humans and that eventually someone s going to find out seems to escape her entirely But hey she s not that brightBut somehow she s the bestest leader on the face of the Earth that once held humans andes I said bestest So with our non existent world building and unimaginative aliens we enterdrama There s a villain Someone might find out she s human Or since she s not that bright the I don t think this book is getting any credit for what it is and for what it is it s good It s a YA romance first and foremost so shelving it as sci fi or fantasy is secondary at best For me this read as very YA not overly descriptive very fast paced almost middle grade if not for the romance And for a YA audience that s totally appropriate If anything it s somewhat underdeveloped and too short Things like the last 10% could have been in depth An epilogue would have given it some closure although I thought the ending was great The explanation given regarding the aliens who have occupied earth could have been expanded The big event also could have been expanded to give the plot tension So overall the story isn t fantastic But it isn t bad as a 286 GR rating would indicate For a debut it s far above that and definitely deserves On audio Kim Mai Guest is good with regard to emotion and expression She s a talented voice actor although I m not sure she was the best choice for this particular book Her voice tends to lend a little girl uality to the character and this character was tougher than she sounded Emma Galvin might have been a better choice because of the grit in her voice I received a free copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I love when books remind me of previous books I think I read somewhere among all of the reviews for The Last Girl on Earth about it feeling sort of like the 5th wave and I totally agree Which is probably why I loved it so muchThe beginning got me instantly hooked and I wanted to know why these characters had freaking gills I really liked all of the characters with in this book but I guess I was sort of wanting Yeah this book definitely left me wanting More action More likable characters Just Li the MC is the LAST human on earth However the girl has gills again this piued my interest However while reading what happened to earth and the rest of the humans I feel like some stuff was left out Or just glossed over and that s probably why I was expecting from this book I wanted explained in over and that s probably why I was expecting from this book I wanted things in but I didn t want a huge info dumpYes this book had flaws but it was still enjoyable It definitely held my interest the entire time and I am totally looking forward to my next book by AlexandraIt s a pretty uick read I think I destroyed this book within an hour Maybe less Maybe Little do ou all know I don t time myself while I m reading a book I definitely went into this with 5th Wave feelings and I got a strong heroine and ROMANCE Part of me is of two reviewsThe first review is that if I analyze this simply from the book description then its a 3 out of 5 stars Because I expected fear training angst about Li being the last human Truly this book could have been exceptional if the romance took a back seat There was a lot of good things brought up humans are inherently evil but there wasn t as much sci fi as the description led me things brought up humans are inherently evil but there wasn t as much sci fi as the description led me believe It would have also benefited the story to see the Abdoloreans act less like humans with gills that were physically stronger Also gills How is it scientifically possible for them to function on earth with gills and why is this not explained This story would have been stronger with those uestions answered possibly during a training seuence that was missingThe second review is that if I look at this under a different description where this was the last human uestioning whether its possible to fall in love with the aliens that obliterated her species Maybe 4 stars if it also answered all the moral uestions Li would have asked herself in this scenario Ryn still could have been the cute romantic interest in this imagined story line which of course could have been made dramatic if his father was one of the Abdolorean s pushing to obliterate all the humans DDDDDRRRRRAAAAMMMMAAAAAHowever this book tried to take from both of those ideas and didn t fully deliver on either of them With that in mind I find myself only able to recommend this to people who want a uick romance novel with a dash of scifiMy thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for letting me read an early copy in exchange for an honest review You can find the full review and all the fancy andor randomness that accompanies it at It Starts at Midnight 15The premise of this book drew me in immediately the last human being on Earth Yes of course I needed to read it Not only was Li the last human but she had to try to pretend she was just one of the aliens And I mean that is how the story went down don t get me wrong Only that was about the extent of it Aliens one human girl with a case of insta love and incredibly limited world building left me wanting a lot First of all the alien people I guess look a lot like humans since Li has been passing for one since forever Only the aliens have gills Because sure right They don t live in the water or anything so our guess as to why they have gills is as good as mine Our girl Li also has gills Fake gills albeit but gills How one hides breathing is beyond me And I asked myself that many many times during the book especially since uite a bit of the story involves physical activity and if I am running around ou re probably going to see me take a gasp or two of airBut okay we ll move past th. Li has a father and a sister who love her A best friend Mirabae to share things with She goes to school and hangs out at the beach and carefully follows the rules She has to Everyone she knows her family her teachers her friends is an alien And she is the only human left on Ear. Virgo working title only

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