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Al fiction a horror mystery that is stitched with birds in a mutiplicity of forms both macabre and wondrous Set in Philadephia in 1844 the city is struggling to live up to its famous spirit of brotherly love with murder violence and riots targeting recent immigrants the Irish Catholics in particular with Protestant nativists taking against them and their papist beliefs Poe lives with his fragile wife VirginaSissy who is suffering from serious health issues and his hardworking helpful mother in law Muddy Out of the blue Poe begins to receive a string of packages with contents that inspire horror and fear He is convinced his old foe George Rhynwick Williams poses a clear and present anger In a story that features Grip Charles Dicken s Raven ornithomancy kidnapping the stealing of valuable texts ghosts murder a legendary Peruvian tribe lost love old enemies greed and a fabulous jewel Poe endeavours to get to the bottom of a mystery with his friend Chevalier C Auguste Dupin that brings a chilling menace and threats to his life and those close to himPoe receives a visit from an old friend the eccentric Helena Loddiges from England with her original form of Alchemy Ever After dress an accomplished taxidermist with an obsession for hummingbirds She wants him to look into theeaths My Academia deemed accidental that she is convinced were anything but Bird collectors Andrew Mathews and his son Jeremiah were working for Helena s father prior to theireaths Helena claims to have been visited by ghosts and receiving messages from birds that point to the Mathews being murdered Poe is sceptical but Helena is a friend so he begins to look into the bird collectors and Andrew Mathews strange journal with the series of errors contained within it He is helped by Father Keane from the St Augustine s Academy prior to his untimely emise Encountering actress Mrs Reynolds married to George Rhynwick Williams writing inferior plays for her the pair have shed their old names in the US Poe is assured her husband s feud with him has come to an end Joined by Dupin Poe comes across a professor looking to fund a trip Poe comes across a professor looking to fund a trip Peru for treasures and whilst trying to get to the truth of what happened to the MathewsThis is an eerie and creepy read at times with the author using bird motifs throughout with great success as she creates a compelling historical mystery She eploys rich Pathfinder Player Companion: Alchemy Manual descriptions to portray a Philelphia of that time and her stylish prose mirrors that of Edgar Allan Poe s writings so well I love the way Sissyespite her ill health insists on playing such a pivotal part to help her husband #and her ear friend Helena Even Dupin is forced to acknowledge the #her ear friend Helena Even Dupin is forced to acknowledge the of her role My particular highlights are the skill with which Karen Lee Street integrates birds in such a iversity of ways in the narrative and the character of Helena A wonderful read that harks backs to murder mysteries from a long gone past that I recommend highly Many thanks to Oneworld Publications for an ARC. F having received messages from birds and visitations from her lover’s ghost but when Miss Loddiges is kidnapped he and his friend C Auguste Dupin must unravel a mystery involving old enemies lost soul mates ornithomancy and the legendary jewel of Peru. ,
Edgar Allan Poe and the Jewel of PeruLove this book set in Philadelphia in 1844 Edgar Allan Poe and his friend C Auguste Dupin unravel a mystery involving ornithomancy and the legendary jewel of Peru Excellent writing Thanks Pegasus Books and netgalley for this ARCThis is one of my favorite #Series Ever Love The Drama Suspense And #ever Love the rama suspense and between Poe Dupin and Poe s wife They make a excellent and exciting story even richer with their histories Unusual packages containing ead birds portend troubleMy thanks to my contacts at Pegasus Books Iris Blasi Katie McGuire and Maia Larson for my advance reading copy of this book You ladies rockSPOILERS POSSIBLE BUT NOT ON PURPOSEPoe receives mysterious packages that ladies rockSPOILERS POSSIBLE BUT NOT ON PURPOSEPoe receives mysterious packages that to be threats One contains stuffed and mounted ravens which have then been ismembered one seems to indicate a grave and one even seems to be an effigy of Poe s wife VirginiaPoe then Computational Molecular Biology: An Algorithmic Approach (Computational Molecular Biology) discovers that his enemy George Rhynwick Williams and his wife are now in Philadelphia passing under the names of George Reynolds and wife Mrs Reynolds is an actress of some renown though Poe feels the plays in which she acts written by George are very inferior Poe s friend Miss Helena Loddigesaughter of a collector of rare birds and a skilled taxidermist arrives at the Poe home Men who worked for her father Andrew and Jeremiah Matthews have ied under suspicious circumstances They were recently collecting birds in Peru and there are whispers of a lost tribe and a hidden jewelWhen reading the prose of Karen Lee Street one would think of Edgar Allan Poe even a hidden jewelWhen reading the prose of Karen Lee Street one would think of Edgar Allan Poe even the hero of the book went under another name Street has managed to channel the spirit of Poe in this narrative and packs the novel with Easter eggs and actual lines and names from the writings of Poe himself Readers of Poe s works will recognize the name Valdemar the lines again there came a rapping etcSet amid the uarreling of Protestants and Irish Catholics the mystery is a multipronged staff a mysterious journal left by Matthews Sr the eath of a priest at nearby St Augustine Academy the theft of rare books from the same Academy a learned professor who was recently in Peru and Each point could be a mystery in and of itself Yet there is a method in the madness of the points building to a crescendo as the plot is finally revealed and the villain exposed This is a book you won t want to put Clojure In Action down I give the book five starsuoth the Raven A little slow going at first but then wow the writing is excellent and theetails are perfect Very reminiscent of Poe Lovely I received an ARC of this book to review for Library Journal Read my review there Ooh I Southern African Literature: An Introduction did like this one It s as if Edgar is back The writing is very reminiscent of his and the time in which he lived The setting is as authentic as they come and the stuffed birds Oh the macabre things you will see in this novel Never has the phrase murder of crows seemed so aptDo NOT read at night or in theark Full review later and nearer the time Once I ve warmed up Philadelphia 1844  As violent tensions escalate between nativists and recent Irish immigrants Edgar Allan Poe’s fears for the safety of his wife Virginia and mother in law Muddy are compounded when he receives a parcel of mummified bird parts Has his.

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His book took me longer than I had planned to finish but I want to empathise that it had nothing to do with the pace of the book or uality of the story I enjoyed this with the pace of the book or uality of the story I enjoyed this than I BWWM (Interracial Romance BWWM African American Multicultural Romance) *2 (Interracial Romance BWWM African American Multicultural Romance) *2: Billionaires Secret Baby (BWWM Secret Baby Romance Contemporary Romance) did its predecessor the pace was uicker things felt smoother in its telling Street s idea of having Poe Dupin working together is a brilliant idea love how Sissy Poe was so much involved in the story I also enjoyed the way Dupin Sissy s interactions weone I thought I knew where the story was going but was a very nice twist If you re a Poe fan enjoy a good mystery I encourage you to check out Edgar Allan Poe the London Monster this book This is the second book in the Poe and Dupin mysteries series It was an enjoyable read and the mystery was complex and intriguing In Jewel of Peru Poe is settled back in Philadelphia with his wife sissy and mother in law when he is approached by the mysterious Ms Loddiges to investigate the suspicious eath of her friend Jeremiah Poe agrees to help but then Ms Loddiges herself goes missing and Poe needs assistance from his old friend Dupin I loved how Sissy was also involved in solving the mysteryI also loved the setting and also the writing is beautiful and very evocative of the time period in which the book is set and reminiscent of Poe s writing as well I would recommend this book but read Edgar Allan Poe and the London monster first Nowadays I listen to books than I #read That s why I m always thrilled when I can combine books I have whether it be arcs or #That s why I m always thrilled when I can combine books I have whether it be arcs or *I have bought This gives me the opportunity to listen to books at work and then read when I *have bought This gives me the opportunity to listen to books at work and then read when I home Like with this book that I ve been looking forward to reading First I want to say that my knowledge of Edgar Allan Poe is very basic I know some of what he has written and of course etails of his life and uite puzzling African Literature: Overview and Bibliography death But I was ignorant enough that it took me some googling to realize or remember that Dupin is his own creations Adding those books to my want to read list btwAs for this book I was charmed I know that Virginia Sissy was only 13 when she married Edgar Poe 27 at the time And that may seem especially nowadays a bit off putting However Sissy is a truly great character and so is her mother and of course Edgar himself Not to mention C Auguste Dupin I uite enjoy the mystery that Helena Loddiges brought to the family Poe s house And Helena is such a wonderfully eccentric character with her love for birds I love historical mysteries and I especially love those with real people staring Well and of course as with books like this one characters that are the creation of the real person that happens to have become a fictional character LOL yes that line felt a bit odd writing This is a great book and I can t wait to reador listen to the first book in the series I want to thank the publisher for providing me with a free copy through NetGalley for an honest review Karen Lee Street channels Poe s writing style with panache in this piece of historic. Nemesis returned to settle an old score Just as odd is the arrival of Helena Loddiges a young heiress whoemands Poe’s help to Aliens Rogue Aliens discover why her loveried at the city’s ocks on his return from an expedition to Peru Poe is skeptical of her claims
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