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Insert sad ittle sigh here Sorry I just couldn t get into this one The title character is not compelling in the way that Eloise Lola or other some other young mischief makers with good intentions are to me Illustrations are nice and I do Elena's Conquest like the color palette but there s not a wholeot here I could get into It seems Sister of My Heart like it s the sort of thing parents willike but kids won t be too interested in I King Alfred's Version of St. Augustine's Soliloquies ll be interested to see how the young onesike ItThanks To Penguin Young to Penguin Young for the review copy The jacket copy compares Edie to Olivia and Eloise which is why I picked copy compares Edie to Olivia and Eloise which is why I picked up I m not sure the comparisons are the best way to go because those are pretty high standards huge fan of Olivia Edie is no Olivia despite the impressive sandcastle Instead Rescuing Gus let me talk about theovely art and the beautiful palette The family felt very 21st century not mid century vaguish Class of 92: Out of Our League like so many picture books The dad in his omnipresent scarf and spiky hair reminded me of The Little Prince which was a pleasant comparison The mom had her hair in a messy bun and wore pants Really contemporary It s a pretty book and that is enoughAfter putting it down I noticed how many other books on the table used a similar palette but the others wereots colors or not uite the same None was as strikingLibrary copy Henn Sophy Edie Is Ever so Helpful PICTURE BOOK Philomel Books Penguin Random House 2017 17 9780399548062Little Edie is SO proud of how helpful she is She is uite Penguin Random House 2017 17 9780399548062Little Edie is SO proud of how helpful she is She is uite to wake her family up very early select way too many items at the grocery store and push kids on the swing at the park whether they want it or not But is it possible to maybe be a Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story little TOO helpfulParents and teachers who have had children witharger than How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly--and the Stark Choices Ahead life Il do it myself personalities will ikely reco. Edie is a funny well intentioned force of nature who eaves a trail of damage wherever she goes Olivia meets Fancy Nancy Edie is EVER so helpful In fact helping is one of the things she's best at Some might even say she's too goodWhether it's helping her family wake up bright and early with. Edie Author Sophy HennNot to be true I didn t really care for this story I thought the pictures very cute but I was drawn away from the story itself By Edie telling the story it made her come off as very shelf centered in a negative ight The pictures show her doing things that are not kind and she didn t always do them to be kind And the one time she is chastised she doesn t really get it I think that if this story was told in a different voice it would be much ikable and relatable The illustrations in this tale are adorable The color scheme is uite on trend right now for children s interior design However the story is somewhat boring and could easily give off the wrong message to children who are not able to understand the double meanings in this book The main character thinks she is being helpful but is a parent s WORST NIGHTMARE BY DRAWING ON THE WALLS MESSING UP nightmare by drawing on the walls messing up s desk and waking everyone up obscenely early Overall not my favorite book and not one that I would personally Recommend On The Other On the other it is also not the kind of book that I would warn customers about either because if the child understands the message it could be a great book for themI was given an ARC of this book from the publisher in return for an honest review The illustrations in this one are very nice and I oved that it s British So cute Edie s idea of helping is not uite helpful most of the time LOVE LOVE LOVE An Eloise descendant precocious but not in an awful Caillou esue way Illustrations are also gorgeous 60s style color palette I noticed this in the Fallen Angel: The Passion of Fausto Coppi library and was attracted by the nice illustrations in an appealing colour scheme of mustard yellow duck egg blue navy and red The story was dissapointing though Edie gets up earlyikes to help and she is ively My children wouldn t Celebration of good intentions gone wrongPraise for Edie Is Ever So Helpful A charming funny selection that's sure to be embraced Kirkus ReviewsSure to be a big hit this delightful story will be enjoyed one on one while also making an excellent read aloud in storytime School Library Journal.

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Gnize Edie s antics And kids who are themselves too enthusiastically helpful could Alien Alpha learn aittle something from Edie s own conseuences All in all a delightful book with fun pictures and a delightful book with fun pictures and a protagonistPre K ADVISABLE Sydney G K 6 Library Media Specialisthttpskissthebookblogspotcom2018 This children s Realistic Fiction picture book is appropriate for preschool to third and fourth grade students Younger children will be amused at Edie s shenanigans who Is The Main Character Third And Fourth Graders Can Compare the main character Third and fourth graders can compare contrast Edie s point of view versus her family members point of view Edie is full of ife and ikes to help out around the house or so she thinks she is helping out Her family members think differently about her attempt to help out For example she sometimes innocently makes a mess or ruins something important that doesn t belong to her In a preschool or kindergarten classroom I would use this book as a fun read aloud also the illustrations are great and are sure to make you giggle I would use this book in a third or fourth grade classroom to introduce point of view It is easy to see Edie s point of view compared to her parents grandparents younger brother and even her dog I think this is a great book because I have found it hard to find shorter uick books to read aloud to teach point of view I first read this book with my daughter who is in preschool this uickly became her favorite book She aughs and giggles every time we read this book Her favorite character is the grandpa for obvious reasons that you can determine after you read the book I found this story to be okay I mostly see a parent reading this book to the child who is ike Edie In the story the words which are told by Edie states she is helpful The illustrations show that. An extremely oud song brightening up the walls of her house with ots and ots of colorful paint or styling grandpa's hair in the atest fashion while he's fast asleep sometimes Edie needs to be reminded not to be uite so helpful Perfect for fans of Olivia Fancy Nancy and Eloise a joyful. .