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Like so many conditions known all too well to public health Professionals Violence Itself Drives ViolenceThe Four Core violence itself drives violenceThe four core f violence are shame isolation exposure to violence and diminished ability to meet Disgrace (Department Q, one s economic needs One might argue that the core defining featuresf prison are shame isolation exposure to violence and diminished ability to meet Monsoon one s economic needs Mostly it was just an in depth analysisf every perspective Slice by Slice of the situation and a LOTf solutions that have been implemented both by advocates families and the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated It addresses community needs those communities who are most affected by incarceration and those communities in which prison is the primary source Angels Flight (Legion of Angels Book 8) of income for the town It talked about what victims actually want to be heard to understand what happened and to have it validated to have amends made as much as possible and to feel like it will never happen again to themr anyone else and how few Ice Maiden of those needs are met with incarceration We just have to be merciful and forgiving and understanding We have to Even if you renly worried about money and your Latin Lovers Greek Husbands Bundle own personal safety there isutrageous amounts Seducing the Heiress of data backing up the reality that we re wasting TONSf money And Cowboy Makes Three only to exacerbate the situation and punish people who are already being punished by life But we could invest it in actual rehabilitation which would be cheaper in the long run because people could take caref themselves We need to make Teasing Her SEAL our end goal entirely to achieve maximum safety and wellness for everyone and not just feedur Rancher Bears Baby (Rancher Bears, own desire to punish against all research and data and compassion In the casef mass incarceration I think we ve proven A Valentines Wish ourselves to be sadistic I have by no means summarized the book There is a lotf interesting data and it certainly changed and broadened and deepened the way I think about incarceration as a conceptI ll close with this the fundamental problem at the root f the mass incarceration crisis The Belief In Revenge belief in revenge permanent punishment as a path to public safety Here s my review for NPR n this boo. New industries to replace the prison economy Editor Ernest Drucker applies the tools Rain of epidemiology to help us cure what he calls a plaguef prisonsDecarcerating America will be an indispensable roadmap as the movement to challenge incarceration in America gains critical mass it shows us how to get people In the Matter of the Complaint Against Egbert C. Smyth and Others, Professors of the Theological Institution in Phillips Academy, Andover outf prisons and the appropriate responses to crime The ideas presented in this volume are what we are fighting for when we fight against the New Jim Cr. Erspective not a criminal justice I Met Someone one Additionally this work looks atpportunities for a holistic approach towards working with individuals that would Quantum (Captain Chase otherwise end up in contact with the criminal justice prison systems Wraps up with an interesting perspectiven the pull nature The Other Islam of incarceration and how small communities that relyn prisons as their major employer have an Last Man Standing out sized influencen policies that lead to longer sentences and higher rates Light, Gesture, and Color of incarceration especially as it pertains to for profit prisonsWould recommend This was an excellent read thoughtfullyrganized into the three components Classic Krakauer: Mark Foo's Last Ride, After the Fall, and Other Essays from the Vault of decarceration primary prevention less people in the system to start less prison time secondary prevention giving people resources and safety while in the system tertiary Prevention preparing people for reentry addressing the needsf the prison town I think my main takeaways were 1 well I already knew this but America is not free it actually incarcerates people than any Toxic Game (A GhostWalker Novel) other country And we have spent and continue to spend tonsf money locking way people up than everybody else skyrocketing in the 80s and 90s 2 Prison does not rehabilitate Prison is not designed to help you with your drug problems Canada or emotional problemsr your financial problems it The Queens Fool / The Virgins Lover only exacerbates them The court system does not make victims feel heard and it does not make them feel safer because 95%f people are eventually released and no Dead Reckoning (Sookie Stackhouse, one thinks accurately that a person comesut better and stable after being in the system 3 We cannot exclude violent crimes when we talk about decarceration Just as people with debilitating drug problems have underlying issues that cause the problem people who commit violent crimes are DogFace often the victimsf violence Prison is also limited as a tool because incarceration people who commit violent crimes
are ften the 
often the f violence Prison is also limited as a tool because incarceration violence as a problem Buffalo Woman Comes Singing of dangerous individuals and not as a problemf social context and history Most violence is not just a matter Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant of individual pathology it is created Poverty drives violence Ineuity drives violence Lackf The Last Great Revolution opportunity drives violence Shame and isolation drive violence And. And re entry the book includes pieces by leaders across the criminal justice reform movement Danielle Seredf Common Justice describes successful programs for youth with violent ffenses; Robin Steinberg f the Bronx Defenders argues for resources for defense attorneys to diminish plea bargains; Kathy Boudin suggests changes to the parole model; Jeannie Little ffers an alternative for mental health and drug addiction issues; and Eric Lotke ffers models A Boy and A Bear in a Boat of.