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Me The novel was unremarkable and has a very aesthetic the whole ghost hunter backdrop Interesting story although I m not loving the techniue of each told in irst by disparate characters It really makes it difficult to get to know the characters with any degree of depth making all the characters seem very one note The main protagonist is an artist with the ability to channel visions and then paint what she sees on a canvas Interesting uick read that never lags on exposition but as a conseuence sacrifices depth or pace I don t know if that was wise We shall see This was mystery than horror but I didn t eel see This was mystery than horror but I didn t Pirates, Ships, and Sailors feel much horror and the mystery wasn t very enigmatic 3 middle of the road stars Wasn tor me I m afraid I enjoy a touch of the paranormal at times as I can believe in that but it heads off into antasyland in this book sadly Got ar too unbelievable War Made New: Technology, Warfare, and the Course of History: 1500 to Today for me at 39% If I need to suspend belief I need to suspend reading I didn t really understand why Ranger was so upset over Melissa still decades into his life when she d behaved like the perfect little bitch the last night he saw her Then that he d only revisit the sceneor the A Boy in Winter first time which was 20 minutes drive away in 35 years He also described a gown an apparition was wearing as antebellum styleTHAT thought was in no way ever going to pop into some redblooded teenage boy s vocabulary I ve known many in my time trust me There were no mistakes so it earned an extra staror that always impressive but it s too YA styled and Frost at Midnight fantasticalor me. 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Er leave and he is the other POV in the story Midas is the cofounder of the group and gets Cassidy to talk to him and he is very intrigued with what she has to say because they are going to be Investigating Kali Oka RoadMidas Is Looking Into Kali Oka RoadMidas is looking into Oka Road because Ranger who is now dying of cancer wants to ind out what really happened to his girlfriend before he diesSo it s a sort read and I really The Pentagon Papers: Making History at the Washington Post feel like if I say to much I might spoil things in case you want to check it outor yourselfThis "is really JUST A MEDIOCRE READ AND REALLY FELT LIKE IT a mediocre read and really elt like it benefit "really just a mediocre read and really elt like it could benefit being about 50 to 75 pages longer as I was really unsatisfied with the ending It seemed really rushed and instead of On a Cold Road: Tales of Adventure in Canadian Rock finding out what happened there years ago we are just simply told in the the wrap up of the story I was expecting a scary kind of horror read and I didn t get any of that so I was disappointed I think this could have been a really cool read but justell lat I can t even explain why without spoiling so just take my word or it I am sure there are better ghost stories out there This was uite a un read there s a little horror and a bit of ghostliness but it didn t eel too spooky which is good Nini for me as I tend to have nightmares if I read anything very disturbing I will be looking outor in this series to read when I m ready I Love My Dad (Disney Princess) for a little bit of scariness This is theirst book in the Gulf Coast Paranormal Series I received both the Flight, Vol. 7 first and second booksree in exchange or an honest review I m committed to reading both books which is ine with. Oka Road they ind an entity ar scarier than a Camp Rex few ghosts Add in the deserted Oak Grove Plantation and you have a recipeor a night of terrorReady to go ghost hunting You'll enjoy this supernatural suspense novel the irst in the Gulf Coast Paranormal seriesGulf Coast Paranormal SeriesThe Ghosts of Kali Oka RoadThe Ghosts of the Crescent TheaterA Haunting on Bloodgood RowThe Legend of the Ghost ueenA Haunting at Dixie HouseThe Ghost Lights of Forrest FieldThe Ghost of Gabrielle BonetThe Ghosts of Harrington Farms. I m always skeptical about ghost stories but this one pulled me in rom the beginning and kept me reading I couldn t help but be Touch of Enchantment fearfulor Cassidy the artist who is drawn into the ghostly history by her paintings I was relieved when Midas arrived and helped her with his ghost hunting skillsI was a bit let down by the ending but I could overlook that because the author did wrap up the initial mystery of Ranger and Melissa and promised tales with Cassidy and Midas at their center One thing When Dads Don't Grow Up for sure is that I d like toind out what happened to Cassidy s sister All in all a good uick and entertaining read Although this was interesting I think it could have been so much better if it would have been longer as it just undoneIt starts out with a death of a young woman and how Ranger the guy she was with is accused of her murder though he swears it was something else that got herThis is told in than one POV and I am not really sure it s a story that really needed that but there is Cassidy a woman who has been haunted by her sister is Cassidy a young woman who has been haunted by sister disappearance a long time ago She also has visions of things when she sleeps and when she gets "up she has to paint them or it pretty much drives her a bit crazy She "she has to paint them or it pretty much drives her a bit crazy She scenes rom the past about Kali Oka Road and a plantation there and things that happened a long time ago Soon it seems that she doesn t even have to be sleeping to have these visionsShe learns about a Paranormal investigator group and decides to check out one of their meetings but then leaves before she talks to them Midas sees On the Gulf Coast Things Don't Just Go Bump in the Night They Terrorize You and Sometimes You DisappearThe paranormal investigators at Gulf Coast Paranormal thought they knew what they were doing Midas Sierra Sara Josh and Peter had over twenty combined years of experience investigating supernatural activity on the Gulf Coast But when they meet Cassidy a young artist with a strange gift they realize there's to learn And time is running out or CassidyWhen Gulf Coast Paranormal begins investigating the ghosts of Kali. ,

The Ghosts of Kali Oka Road Gulf Coast Paranormal #1