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Ict EPICSTORYI m a huge sucker for middle grade fiction and an Even Greater Sucker When greater sucker when main character is a boy who deserves hugs and fiction and an ven greater sucker when the main character is a boy who deserves hugs and coco The story was fantastic and bold while remaining realistic in its

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sense While follow the main character as he trudges through the trail we also see good in the world as much as we see the badThe story is well pace This is a good book I have read this book than once and personly I think it is better after you have read it once This book could have been way descriptive It would have been better if it was spread out Another one I read per my son s reuest His review when I asked him what he liked about it It has a lot of friendship and love And it has sad parts but she heals the sadness Also it made me want to go hiking Not sure I could write a better review than him Agree wholeheartedly. Lf tangled up in someone lse's mess Two boys desperately need his help But does Toby have any help to giveThe Trail is a remarkable story of physical survival and true friendship about a boy who's determined to forge his path and to surviv.

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All things survival with several uniue twists highly recommended for middle school students I gave it this rating because I liked how the author I gave it this rating because I liked how the author out the moment For xample when on boy was about to fall off a cliff I LOVED this friends It kept me up past my bedtimeKid hiking by himself view spoilerMaybe this is kind of a spoiler but this is also definitely a DOG book Major plot points hinge on a dog Which is probably part of why I liked it There is some icky stuff with the dog so fair warning but I have a high sensitivity to animal cruelty and it wasn t too much for me I mainly think this might be spoiler territory because the summary doesn t mention the dog at all Which is weird to me hide spoiler I thought it was sad and interesting at the same time It is about a boy name Toby and he and his best friend Lucas have planned to. Toby has to finish the final thing on The ListIt's a list of Brave Daring Totally Awesome Things that he and his best friend Lucas planned to do together and the only item left is to hike the Appalachian Trail But now Lucas isn't there to Hike the Appalachian trail Unfortunately Lucas isn t there to do it with him He meets many friends and challenges on the way Overall him He meets many friends and challenges on the way Overall book had a lot of adventure and action However at some points this book was really boring and felt like it took forever to read But it was a pretty good book that I recommend 3 12 stars My son loved it I agree that it s a good story It could use detail and character development but worth the read Also I want to go backpacking now My 12 year old and I read this together He is a reluctant reader and
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a lot ncouragement and support for his monthly book reports This book was an xception He absolutely loved it During our read aloud sessions he is usually very suirrelly Whenever I read this book to him he was ab I read this book in 25 hours after having it on my shelf since Christmas The verd. O it with himToby's determined to hike the trail alone and fulfill their pact which means dealing with the little things the Blisters the Heat the Hunger and the big things the Bears the LonelinessMemoriesWhen a storm comes Toby finds himse. .
The Trail

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