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Of their food all their food is home grown they speak many languages they go to school until 5th grade there are many things that the Amish do differently then most of us This doesn t mean that they aren t people because they are Americans but they just have a different belief than us people Also the Amish are known for their cooking because it is popular in a town called Arthur Illinois which is about and hour or two away Most people stare when they see the Amish people but in their community staring is not allowed because it is against their belief but it is unknown why Also you may see people leave the Amish which causes them to be shunned which means that they are no longer allowed to be in the Amish community because of the leader of the Amish church Also it is harder to become friends with an Amish person because they consider you as an English person because your in English clothes I know how to become friends with an Amish person because I have known this Amish family for a couple of years and they begin to arn your trust and then your allowed to talk to them with the shows you see about the Amish not all of it is true because you are allowed to talk to the Amish community as long as the bishop knows that your coming to talk to a certain family It s not Black Heart, Red Ruby easy gaining the trust of an Amish family because they don t really know who you are and once they get to know you they get used to the fact of you coming around In my opinion Amish people are actually really nice and they do show you respect but that is just the way they are raised I picked this book up out of curiosity for the Amish lifestyle vaguely as research Ixpected a dry academic read and well i wasn t d read and well I wasn t d book about Amish youth Surprised to read about drugalcohol usage how do they get the money Very candid look at young people. Ty parents ministers teachers and neighbors With positive reinforcement and constant modeling of Amish behavior and values this strong identity keeps most youth from feeling at ase in and identifying with the outside worldThis definitive work provides new and important insight into what life is really like for the adolescents their families and their communities during the running around years and how these fascinating rituals have in fact helped the Amish preserve their uniue cultur. If you come into freuent contact with the Amish you soon have a lot of uestions Since your contacts are mostly casual you hesitate to ask uestions of the Amish themselves Richard Stevick has gained *The Trust Of Amish People Living In * trust of Amish people living In Communities In The United States 70 communities in the United States has found some answers One of mine has always been How can the Amish resist the pressures of modern life As Stevick shows they don t always Succeed They Lose Some They lose some their young people to the English world yet it was surprising to learn that the stricter sects if you can call them that retain their young people better than those who allow their young latitude during their teenage years I am looking forward to reading Stevick s companion volume GROWING UP AMISH THE RUMSPRINGA YEARS Rumspringa is a five year period of running around which begins at age 16 and nds when the young person joins the church The Amish are pretty interesting I had seen Devil s Playground which is a documentary about Amish Youth Gone Bad dealing coke boozing it up buying New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood expensive stereostc which totally sensationalizes a certain aspect of Amish culture although it was still fascinating to see girls in bonnets and aprons getting wasted This book however is a very Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey even handed and carefulxplanation of what it s like to be Amish You also get a little bit of their religious history and an God's Pocket explanation of the differences between the many different Amish denominations The courting chapter is predictably the bestspecially when you get to the part about bed courtship where the young man gets to sleep over at his girlfriend s house but they don t have sex and he has to leave before her parents get upand how the not having sex part used to be facilitated by placing a rough wood plank in between the two Growing Up Amish The Teenage Years Young Center Books in Anabapt. Nearly 90 percent of those who grow up Amish choose the Amish way a lifetime commitment to the faith and a traditional way of life To outsiders immersed in the daily realities and luxuries of the modern world this statistic may seem unbelievable In this in depth study of Amish adolescence Richard A Stevick offers a balanced comprehensive and ngaging account of the social forces and rituals including Rumspringa that contribute to this statisticIn Growing Up Amish Stevick reveals the Ist and Pietist Studies The book gave a lot of good information however I felt like I didn t get the detailed information that would clear up misconceptions that I probably have regarding the Amish The

concept of their running around wasn t xplained that clearly I thought I d read somewhere that the teenagers would live outside of their homescommunities and really get wild This didn t really xpand on this This book is about living the lifestyle from birth to the teenage years Growing up Amish isn t as asy as it looks they have rules that they live by and they grow up being told what to do their whole life The Amish learn to speak in different languages but they mainly speak German They are not allowed to wear certain clothesthe women have to wear dresses and bonnets and the men and boys have to wear dress pants a button down shirt and a hat the men also have to have a beard and can t shave Many people in the united states are Amish They live in secluded areas where not many people live they mostly live in Ohio and New York I think that the Amish are neat to learn about because there are so many things to know about the Amish community Being Amish is Harder Than It Looks than it looks don t think that I could go basically my whole life until the age of 18 or older I also think that Amish communities and families are very large because the women start having kids at the age of 16 or older the communities are mostly large and most of their neighbors are relatives or friends of the Amish communities Most people say that being Amish is a tough life but I think that it gives you responsibilities for when your parents are no longer around to be there and do things for you your whole life when in the Amish your reuired to learn and do things on your own The different things the Amish do are that they can most. Orld of Amish youth caught between the The Lost Art of Reading Natures Signs expectations of their traditional community and the growing pressures and temptations that accompany adolescence Drawing from a dozen years of research in than seventy communities in fifteen states he carefully details home life and school social singings and wild parties isolated settlements and Amish youth gangs and courtship practices and wedding rituals Stevick shows how the strong and distinct Amish identity is fostered by thentire communi. ,

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Growing Up Amish The Teenage Years Young Center Books in Anabaptist and Pietist Studies