Free E–pub [A Desperate Gamble Zebra Regency Romance] ð Janice Bennett

Ings along uicker than they Do Now I Liked Annie now I liked Annie was feisty and loyal Frake was also likable Even though Annie was a suspect he never really believed she was involved and set out to figure out who was responsible all the while falling in love with the feisty maid Overall it was njoyable but not a favorite Content Clean Regency. Nd his prime suspect joined forces to snoop into the ton's scandalous secrets A lady's despoiled honor an heir's greed and a stableboy's revenge all provided Clues Now From Mayfair Now from Mayfair Piccadilly the path was sweeping Benjamin and Annie TOWARD DANGER AND A DESPERATE GAMBLE FOR LO. danger and a desperate gamble for lo. ,
This was a charming little mystery It was a little different from most Since The Main Characters the main characters was a little different from most regencies the main characters commoners Annie is a maid at a gambling house who happens upon a murder The handsome Benjamin Frake a Bow Street Runner is called in to investigate The mystery reminded me of those murder mystery games you play where ver. A DOWNSTAIRS HEROINE Annie Gooden had obtained a position as a maid in London's most notorious gambling hell to confront Sir Joshua Templeton the rake who had seduced her poor sister But alas by the time she caught up with him he was dead with a pistol lying beside him And Annie. ,

Yone chooses an identity and you go about trying to figure Out Who Done It It who done it It narrowed down to a few people but you re kept guessing throughout the story As for the romance it was sweet I admit it s a little hard to believe they would the story As for the romance it was sweet I admit it s a little hard to believe they would talking marriage in such a short amount of time but I guess back then people probably moved th. Was the only one in the room AN UPSTAIRS MYSTERY Benjamin Frake Bow Street runner and famed sleuth for the beau monde didn't believe the delectable looking Annie could also be a cold blooded murderess Yet
Despite The Tendre Between Them 
the tendre between them odds were against romance unless he ,
A Desperate Gamble Zebra Regency Romance