EBOOK or KINDLE Creatures Great and Small

Sing bright bold colors and large illustrations to appeal to children The inside and back covers are a blue and white map of the appeal to children The inside and back covers are a blue and white map of the and oceans with small illustrations of various animals in relation to their geographical location Most of the animals are illustrated across two pages with minimal text The top corner or bottom corner of each page will introduce the animal s classification as such as Fish Mammals and Reptiles A description is given and sometimes two examples of fish or insects are given in no than two sentences on each page The text is written to appeal to a wide variety of age groups The animal provides a self description For Very interesting brief bios of large and small living creatures Amazing facts well presented this book is wonderfully illustrate. map endpapers book is wonderfully illustrate. Map endpapers handy charts introducing the concepts of scale and proportion by comparing measurements of animals that are “Big” and “Really Big” to “Small” and “Really Small”

Make This Book A Must 
this book a must for parents schools and libraries alik. Our world has so many wonderful creatures that exist all around us children love learning about all around us Children love learning about creatures great and small Colorful pictures with short bursts of information makes reading about animals that live in the water and on land "easy and fun Animals and insects come in all shapes and sizes Their diets range from drinking the " and fun Animals and insects come in all shapes and sizes Their diets range from drinking the from a flower eating insects or other larger animals These creatures also have a variety of ways in which they can protect themselves from predators The Poison Dart frog has slippery skin that is poisonous if you touch it The Arctic Lion jellyfish has long streaming tentacles that sting anything they touch The Dwarf Gecko if caught by his tail has a way to break the tail off and make a great escape The tail does grow back The Japanese. Join Toronto author and illustrator Karen Patkau as she explores the world of insects mammals sea jellies reptiles amphibians birds crustaceans arachnids and mollusks From extremely large creatures such as the blue whale Chinese giant salamander and goliath tarant. ,

Karen Patkau ê 7 SUMMARY

Spider Crab attaches sponges to its shell for camouflage Fairy Shrimp love pools of rainwater but when the rain dries up their eggs lie dormant until it rains again Patkau has put together an interesting and eclectic group of creatures for young ids to read about and share Charts in the back of the book show young readers actual sizes from the really big to the really small The glossary gives a brief descriptions of words and their meaning Children parents and teachers will love flipping through The Pages Inspecting The pages inspecting the colorful digital images and talking about what they ve learned Creatures Great and SmallGrades K 3 Non fiction SciencePatkau captures realistic characteristics seen in her illustrations of various animals but she gives them a cartoon like uality by Ula to extremely small ones such as the bumblebee bat dwarf gecko and fairy shrimp embark on this informative beautifully illustrated voyage embark on this informative beautifully illustrated voyage discovery Even the simple fact filled text is enchantingly presented in the voices of the animals themselves A glossary. Creatures Great and Small

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