[E–pub] (Tubâ va ma'nâ ye shab)

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D religious undamentalism with some US puppet governments thrown in or good measure I m not sure why but I ve always been an Iranophile I have been deeply impressed by all Persians I ve met and ind the mystical and have been deeply impressed by all Persians I ve met and ind the mystical and traditions lovely This even allowed me to benignly ignore the completely ridiculous assertions of Ahmadinejad and even so enjoy the SNL musical spoof of him And so or a long time I d been looking to read an Iranian woman author So when I saw Touba and the Meaning of Night on a pile at a riend s house I picked it up and started reading Great political changes happen during the long life of the title character Touba Her life extends rom the turn of the title character Touba Her life extends rom the turn the last century till probably the 1960s and throughout the novel she is vaguely aware of political change but never of it The almost total separation of the woman s realm rom the men s is extremely hard especially as a 21st century western woman reader to athom and yet I assume that Touba is a novelistic rendering of a pretty accurate and commonplace experience And as she grows older and Iran undergoes total political and social change all of which tug on Touba s life in mostly upsetting ways she only is able to perceive the world as a vaguely upsetting shadow as if the "character Ten Years Beyond Baker Street: from Plato s cave was a veiled woman Unlike Magical Realism theantastical or escapist aspects "from Plato s cave was a veiled woman Unlike Magical Realism the antastical or escapist aspects the novel are not a way or the writer to create a slanted critiue of their countries corrupt politics the back of the novel unhelpfully compares it to works by Maruez and Allende In Touba her escape into mystical experiences is just an aspect of this character s psychological profile and The Essential Library for New Moms 4-Book Bundle: Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child; The Baby Food Bible; Infant Massage; Colic Solved for whom as the reader may experience are a salveor her relentlessly pessimistic life and attitude She is a woman locked out of or into depending how you look at it her expected social roles Even in the restricted society of her time the expectations of women s roles oscillate One regime outlaws the Bura the next reinstates it And being poorly informed and uneducated everything just seems like an. Ndured jail and torture and as a writer and innovator Azar Nafisi author of Reading Lolita in TehranNow available in paperback this complex epic captures the changing The Triangle of Truth: The Surprisingly Simple Secret to Resolving Conflicts Largeand Small fortunes of Iranian women in the tw. Arbitrary andrustrating attack on her personal realm Though Touba "unlike other women of her generation was taught to read and this makes her exceptional It also allows her just "other women of her generation was Taught To Read And This Makes Her to read and this makes her It also allows her just of a glimpse into the orbidden realm of politics to make her confused For example when her husband explains the Bolsheviks by saying they want to divide everything even women Touba misunderstands and thinks the Bolsheviks want to literary break women in half The novel also dips in and out in an almost Austenian manner of the lives and minds of other characters in her sphere rom the uncle who tears the etus out of his raped teenage daughter s womb to the viciously angry young reactionary who threatens to burn Touba s home It s all very depressing This is not the novel to read if one is looking or happy endings or happy beginnings or in betweens even The characters are not just trapped by their natures as should be any worthy literary characters but by an ossification of the roles society demands of them All the misery seems so worthless Touba never suffers NYCTaxiCabTales.com: Taxi Stories from streets of NYC from poverty violence abandonment on any great scale and yet the subtleties of her suffering and her escape into religious observance are almost caustic But it is in direct proportion to how uncomfortable this novel made me that I strongly recommend it Tub va ma n ye shab Touba and the Meaning of Night Shahrnush ParsipurTouba and the Meaning of Night is a novel written by Iranian novelist Shahrnush Parsipur and was originally published in Iran in 1989 it is Parsipur s second novel and is aictional account of a woman Touba living through the rapidly changing political "Environment Of 20th Century Iran "of 20th century Iran other works of Shahrnush Parsipur Touba and the Meaning of Night is considered by most to be a The Wrong Side of the Bed feminist work Also like Parsipur s other work Touba and the Meaning of Night remains banned in Iran Spanning eighty years the novelollows the life of Touba a young woman educated by her The Alvin Ho Super Collection: Books 1-4 father in a time whenew women received education After her کاروان امید father passes away Touba proposes to and ma. Entieth centuryrom the era of colonialism to the rule of two shahs The Iranian best selling author of eleven books including Women Without Men Shahrnush Parsipur now lives in exile in the United State. Tubâ va ma'nâ ye shabA lot of Iranian history and culture in an amazing set through eyes of a woman I read Touba after reading Parsipur s wonderful novella Women Without Men The novella wove the disturbing stories of ive women together with the strength of a parable and I was hoping that Touba would also be in this vein The novel is steeped in Persian legend and lore but the symbolism lost its The Cat Who Sang for the Birds (Cat Who... forceor me in the long novel Tempting Faith Di Napoli format The bold little allegories that I enjoyed in Women Without Men were sort of muddied down in service of the larger plot about a matriarch whose life story mirrors Iran s sociopolitical turmoil Perhaps my distasteor generational tales about the changing times of whatever country the story happens to be set in especially those with antastic elements makes me judge this novel too harshly In Touba s defense cause it needs to be defended by me I think it s a stronger novel than The House of the Spirits which is the most obvious point of comparison in terms of style and plot Unlike The House of the Spirits though whose antastic elements merely seem to be a style choice the magical realism in Touba "Is Closely Tied To The "closely tied to the lives of the characters which I thought justified and strengthened the magical thread Even though neither novel is really my thing I m glad Touba has been translated into English because it serves as a rare glimpse into the very The Southern Belles of Honeysuckle Way fascinating lives of Iranian women I love when I read a book and leaves me wandering in its worldor hours days weeks afterwards This book accomplished that and so much or me intellectually and emotionally If you have any interest in Iran mysticism Gender Or Islam I or Islam I recommend this book As the events this past month unfolded our aggregated American heads swiveled towards Iran looking at it with greater interest than since the 1980s Who is this Iran center of the Axis of evil run by a midget Holocaust denier and populated with beautiful and politically engaged students Iran s history seems like it has been a long tug between its rich cultural Persian history an. With this bold insightful novel Parsipur makes a stylishly original contribution to modern The Confident Woman: How to Take Charge and Recharge Your Life feminist literature Publishers Weekly starred reviewParsipur should be admired both as a courageous woman who