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Wilhelm Meisters LehrjahreLa is asleep I had to extend my work hours in the office just to participate in those workshops So while waiting or the session to start because the workshop leader was still waiting or participants around 30 40 rom different places in the US to come in I was normally staring at my other computer screen yes I have two at my workstation Since November *2012 I have Finished 3 Foreign Books And 3 Local Books Yesterday Was 3 oreign books and 3 local books Yesterday was last workshop and so I think *I have inished 3 Green Metropolis: The Extraordinary Landscapes of New York City as Nature, History, and Design foreign books and 3 local books Yesterday was my last workshop and so I think will not have a chance to read another e bookor nowThe main protagonist Wilhelm Meister who is a The Magic Cake Shop friend to Werther in Goethe sirst novel The Sorrows of a Young Werther If that novel is about unreuited love that leads to tragedy this novel Wilhelm Meister s Apprenticeship is about a young man s inding his place under the sun Yes his search including soul search is also caused by an unreuited love but he does not take his life but rather goes out there in the world and tries different jobs until he becomes a stage actor and a member of an aristocratic group called Tower Society His apprenticeship as a stage actor seems or me to have been influenced by William Shakespeare who was popular in England a century ahead of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in Germany In act there is a scene in the book when ahead of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in Germany In act there is a scene in the book when stage actors are rehearsing William Shakespeare s Hamlet 3 stars and my Beauty is a Verb: The New Poetry of Disability face lit up while reading because I was able to read that book my second by the Bard last month January 2013 Talk about timing rightLast night I was in CCP and watchedor the irst time in my life a ballet Guess what was the title It was William Shakespeare s A Midsummer Night s Dream and it was my irst Shakespeare book I am not very American Hunger: The Pulitzer Prize-Winning Washington Post Series fond of watching stage plays much ballet because they are boring However it was a school reuirementor my daughter and I had to accompany her as the venue was in the city and she could not yet drive at night She also has no boyfriend yet So instead of insisting that she gets herself a boyfriend to drive The Mother Zone for her I volunteered to see the ballet with her Am I not a goodatherWhen I saw that the title of the play was A Midsummer Night s Dream I exclaimed Yay I know that play I ve read it already But to my dismay the actors on the stage just danced and danced and no one was talking haha So I had to guess who among them were Oberon Titania Puck Hermia Helena Lysander and Demetrius hahaMy realization I should read WS books because I have been encountering his works not only in many other great books but also in the other acets of my lif. ?a a primeira versão de Os Anos de Peregrinação confessava «Wilhelm é certo não passa de um pobre diabo mas é com personagens destas ue melhor se deixam mostrar o jogo inconstante da vida e as inúmeras e diversas tarefas da existência e não com caracteres rígidos e já ormados. ,

Wilhelm Meister s Apprenticeship is a legendary often referred to as the irst bildungsroman and hence the direct ancestor of such celebrated twentieth century novels as The Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man Sons and Lovers and Look Homeward Angel The classic English language bildungsromans of the 20th century are autobiographical novels that describe the childhood and adolescent years of a
young writer leaving 
writer leaving in his early twenties ready to embark on his literary career Wilhelm Meister s Apprenticeship is an altogether different animal describing the amorous adventures of a young man with a troupe of actors and is a confused messIn Goethe His Life and Times Richard Friedenthal offers an explanation of how Goethe came to produce such a dreadful dog s breakfast Between 1777 and 1785 Goethe wrote a book that was published as Wilhelm Meister s Theatrical Calling In the 1790 Goethe decided to revise the Theatrical Calling publishing it between 1795 and 1796 as the Apprenticeship For the second version Goethe changed both the characteristics and dramatic roles of many of the dramatis personae Thus in the inal version the plot takes bizarre turns and the characters are wildy inconsistent in their actions Thematically the work zigs and zags about in appalling ashion In places Wilhelm Meister s Apprenticeship is like Jean Jacues Rousseau s Nouvelle Heloise The story of a troupe of itinerant actors that is similar to Paul Scarron s Roman Comiue There is a Masonic section that brings to mind Mozart s Magic Flute and Potocki s Lost Manuscript of Saragossa Finally Goethe throws in a manifesto arguing that Shakespearean drama must replace French Classicism in the theatres of EuropeWilhelm Meister s Apprenticeship has long been recognized as a brutal slog I ind nothing to say in its defence This book is a monster starts out shallow but becomes enormous as it goes on Intensely romantic but ull of German coldness The characters are vivid very real and each exists consistent in his or her own world An endless stream of ideas on art and life The bildungsroman is generally considered to have been created by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in the 18th century with his novels Wilhelm Meister s Apprenticeship and created by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in the 18th century with his novels Wilhelm Meister s Apprenticeship and by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in the 18th century with his novels Wilhelm Meister s Apprenticeship and The of Young Werther The main theme of this genre is seeing the protagonist mature rom childhood into adulthood and usually endure a series of challenges and obstacles along the way The hero of Wilhelm Meister s Apprenticeship dreams of a life in the theatre as exotic to him «Os Anos de Aprendizagem de Wilhelm Meister» é um romance do Goethe clássico ue dificilmente se deixa reduzir a uma Sicilian Lives fórmula vulnerável como a de romance deormação nem Goethe usou o termo nem este romance chega realmente a encenar de Tattoo a Banana: And Other Ways to Turn Anything and Everything Into Art forma cabal aormação do seu problemático. S space travel might seem to us When an actress breaks his heart he sets off with a touring company encountering strange characters such as Mignon sets off with a touring company encountering strange characters such as Mignon androgynous child and a gloomy harp playing minstrel whose songs Schubert set so beautifully Goethe s writing is simple elegant and uncluttered the naturalism lures us into a story that gets odder by the pageWhile there are coincidences mount and things are muddled by a book within the book that seems a complete digression I ound this book appealing by its very strangeness It has been very influential and one writer hugely influenced by it surely
was ranz kafka 
Franz Kafka were Walter Scott James Hogg and Thomas Carlyle Goethe s sense of the uncanny The Protestant Temperament found a receptive audience in 19th century Scotland It remainsor twenty irst century audiences to decide or themselves if it still has that appeal Ben Jonson observing that certain actors credited his rival Shakespeare with never blotting out a word of his writing retorted Would he had blotted out a thousand Wilhelm Meister s Apprenticeship The Radiant Child from a modern perspectivewould benefitrom easily ten times that many deletionsClearly this is not a novel or current tastes and prolixity is only one of its barriers to contemporary readership Another is its somnambulistic pacing Scenes run on interminably leshed out in detail than even a patient reader could want In most of those scenes there is a single event and paragraphs of exposition on some character s usually Wilhelm s emotional reaction to it In the midst of the story there is a novella length digression entitled Confessions of a Fair Saint It completely derails the low of the story in order to allow an irritating Sanctimonius Female Character To female character to on ad nauseum about her relgiosity The significant content o My second Goethe book Not as melodramatic as his irst book The Sorrows of Young Werther 3 stars but comprehensive and seems real You see Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 1749 1832 was a German novelist and since I have not been to Germany and my only idea of Germany are rom the books that I ve read particularly around WWII I always ind it interesting to read about this country during the 17th 19th centuries Then what s the better way of knowing how the people in one country lived during a distant past than to read well written novels or stories about themI read this book on my computer screen in the office We recently had a series of workshops that necessitated me to stay in the office Tempting Eden for than 8 hrs a day Since Ohio is awake when Mani. Protagonista deixa o precisamente no limiar desse processo O próprio Goethe jogando com o nome alemão do seu herói ironiza na correspondência com Schiller o processo de transformação cujo controlo lheoge do Schüller discípulo em Meister mestre E anos mais tarde uando já conclu?. ,

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