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Red Sonja #1Men dressing up as Sonja at conventions we d call this cosplay today and of course this comic retains the absurd yet iconic chain mail bikini So this seems like a good start to a comic adventure but I m curious to see how Simone will shape this series in line with her feminist take on women in comics I see possibilities in this first issue but Sonja is going to need to go up against better opponents which seems in this first issue but Sonja is going to need to go up against better opponents which seems to happen and to not be the only xceptional woman in this world You can read the full review over at The Founding Fieldsthefoundingfieldscom201307red sonShadowhawk takes a look at the first issue of the rebooted Red Sonja as the TFF Friday Comics Reviews finally get a name branding This is Democratic Art: The New Deal's Influence on American Culture exactly the sort of first issue I was looking for and I can say with full confidence that Gail Simone is off to a rocking start Shadowhawk The Founding FieldsRed Sonja 1 is an issue I ve been looking forward tover since Dynamite announced the news all the way at this year s Emerald City Con in March As a fan of both the writer and the character this was Obsession: An Erotic Tale extremely good news for me Anyone who follows my blog and my reviews knows that I hold Gail to be one of the top writers in the industry I covered my appreciation of her work most recently in my Gail Simone Dark Horse Tomb Raider post And Red Sonja I ve been a fan of the characterver since I read the first two Red Sonja Omnibuses from Dynamite I saw the ill fated movie as well last year and while it was uite a disappointment in a lot of ways I still Confederate Cities: The Urban South during the Civil War Era enjoyed watching Red Sonja There are a lot of things that can be said about Red Sonja both good and bad but it can t be denied that Red Sonja has inspired numerous authors over the years into creating characters whomulate the same characteristics as herThat s the kind of legacy that Red Sonja has brought to the world of fiction She is a pulp icon as much as someone like Vampirella or Conan or John Carter or anyone lseRedSonjaVarComp01Coming into Red Sonja 1 I was looking for a comic that would take a step away from the usual Action Adventure With Loads adventure with loads badassery and do something different This is the style of comics that I ve come to xpect from Gail Simone and I wanted style of comics that I ve come to Edicts of Asoka expect from Gail Simone and I wanted to do something similar for Sonja And she does in spadesSure there are some action scenes in the issue In fact it starts off in the aftermath of one battle andnds just as another battle begins But it is Upgrade Soul every single page in between that matters These are the pages that define Red Sonja in this issue and which will undoubtedly set the tone for the rest of the series should Gail continue along the same line in future issues of which I have no doubtThe issue is a character study of sorts that serves to place Sonja within the larger context of the world of Hyboria We see her interact with all sorts of characters We see her as not just a fighter ofxceptional skill but also as a leader a hero Someone to both admire and look up to and ven connect with Even though I was xpecting some of this to happen over the course of the issue I was still surprised Elizabeth I: Translations, 1544-1589 every few pages by all the neat little twists that Gail worked inAnd I won t ignore the humourither There isn t a lot of it but there is Dolphin Confidential: Confessions of a Field Biologist enough there to make you think she Te Sonja pays back a blood debt owed to the one man who has gained her respectven if it means leading a doomed army to their certain deaths This thrilling new series features covers by th. BADASS If I had to make a comparison I suppose I d compare her to Daario Naharis from Game of Thrones the television series which I ve seen and not the books which I haven t Or perhaps ven Ser Raven from Helen Lowe s Gathering of the Lost the second novel in her Wall of Night series from OrbitHarper VoyagerRed Sonja v2 01 Buscema VariantThere are a fair number of twists in the story and very single one of them left me impressed with the way that Gail pulled it off Where the story is concerned I was than impressed Gail has taken another character under her wing and done something wonderfulWalter Geovani is the artist on this issue and once again as he did on Ron Marz s Prophecy he has delivered another great looking book His art is of the same caliber as that of Stjepan Sejic Artifacts Ravine Ivan ReisJoe Prado Auaman and Justice League Amanda Conner Silk Spectre Power Girl Fiona Staples Saga and others that I hold in high steem These are all artists that I ve grown to xpect great things out of and they rarely if ver disappoint They are consistent and remarkable with their art Walter not being an xception to that His lines are all clean his characters From Cottage to Bungalow: Houses and the Working Class in Metropolitan Chicago, 1869-1929 expressive with bothxpression and body language his panels full of details and neat little touchesI have no criticism of his art at all full of details and neat little touchesI have no criticism of his art at all from a mid issue panel which introduces two minor characters The way the panel was setup in relation to other panels on the same page it was as if the two of them appeared out of thin air It wasn t clear that they d jumped in from off screen An Fresh Water extra panel showing them nearby ready to spring would have been perfect Perhaps this is also a story issueRedSonjaVarComp02Either way this was the only niggle in what is otherwise a fantastic issue In a final assessment this niggle certainly didn t impact on mynjoyment of the issue at all it was a weird moment nothing the wait was a weird moment nothing The wait issue 2 Out Next Month out next month going to be longRating 9510 It s not as bad as I thought I actually liked it One of my favorite aspects of Simone s Red Sonja is her likability There is a crotchety layer over her good heartedness and a deep respect for human life under her powerful gift for French Daguerreotypes ending it Fun to spend some time with her I don t have a lot ofxperience with Red Sonja as a character I think I once read one other free comic she was in and know she lives in the same world as Conan and wears skimpy outfits but this covered most all of what I needed to know From Notes to Narrative: Writing Ethnographies That Everyone Can Read except for the reason she doesn t wear clothes I m not sure it really got me interested in reading of the character but it was a capably told medieval type warrior story that gave the character some depth beyond what I knew This is my firstxperience with Sonja and holy crap I m in love with her What a fantastic issue beautiful drawings coloringeverything Definitely going back in the universe to read of Sonja and looking forward to the next issue I can t wait This is the first issue in Gail Simone s run of Red Sonja We get a glimpse into Sonja s past and a new take on the character that is surprising After reading this first issue I m both intrigued but still a wary Simone s Sonja is a departure from the cold stalwart warrior woman that we re used to seeing This Sonja is. E top female artists in the industry including Nicola Scott Colleen Doran Jenny Frison Fiona Staples Amanda Conner and You do NOT want to miss this re introduction the She devil with a Swor. .

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I got this as a freebie from ComiXology 12 days of free comicsSonja is a bad ass female with a sexy frame and a sword who will uote Kill you and Leave you fingerless if you touch her or her sword This style comic was not my type of read but definitely has a kickass cover So I knew Red was not my type of read but definitely has a kickass cover So I knew Red like I knew Conan the Barbarian and Barbarella The last of which I hate but that s just a preferencebut I never would ve picked the new Red Sonja up if it wasn t for Gail SimoneThis Red Sonja is perfect A fierce warrior who takes no crap from anyone She doesn t stand for any racism or discrimination drinks hard plays hard and Doris Salcedo enjoys possibly nothing than a fight Gail Simone is well known for writing women well and she isn t afraid of adding any usually unrepresented people into her comics Its always surprisingly refreshing to read something that was obviously written forveryoneThe story itself is just as good This trade slowly uncovers Red Sonja s backstory as she fights flees dies and comes back for revenge against a woman who is a sister to her The art is gorgeous the story well written and the side stories well woven into the narrative If you like this sort of classic sword fighting fantasy kind of story at all give Red Sonja and Gail Simone a try I have to admit I have held a grudge against Red Sonja for a while Let me Twelve Days of Pleasure explain my name is Sonja and I have red curly hair think Merida style and so all my life I have heard the neckbeard nerds go Sonja Like Red Sonja You should wear a metal bikini HARDEHARHAR I AM SO CLEVER So I haven t been the biggest fan of the character but when I heard Gail Simone was going to be writing the relaunch for Dynamite Entertainment suddenly I was interested Hmmm Maybe this wouldn tnd up being masturbation fodder for some gentleman who can t grasp the concept of a well rounded female character unless by rounded you mean her boobs to save his life So I decided to
Give It A Chance 
it a chance the metal bikini gave me pause but I m a feminist after all and I believe you should wear what you wantI was not disappointed and in fact I am happy to report my attitude towards Red Sonja has changed completely Now when I work out I think HA HA I cannot wait to be as badass as Red Sonja so I too can make Gods Choice enemy hordes cower in fear Complete review I ve wanted to read thisven since I review I ve wanted to read this ven since I Simone was going to write a Red Sonja comic Took me a year to get around to it This first issue is both good and a little disappointing I loved the front and centre female heroics and camaraderie of Birds Of Prey Here though Sonja does not have female peers although she does have proteges who will hopefully volve The final page reveal of her chief opponent is promising too The set up is actually very good with an Grand Illusion: The Third Reich, the Paris Exposition, and the Cultural Seduction of France encounter with rogues in a wood which Howard would have approved of Sonja all coolly lethal and in control and an intriguing backstory which results in Sonja becoming the champion of a kingdom that is racked by plague and facing invasion Impossible odds should bring out the best in the fiery swordmaidenThe art s good there s no overt fan service but you still get a sense of Sonja sr visceral appeal In the Camus and Sartre: The Story of a Friendship and the Quarrel that Ended It early days of Marvel s Conan pages thend of book material was full of pictures of wo. THIS IS IT Red Sonja gets a fresh new attitude by the dream team of writer GAIL SIMONE Batgirl Birds of Prey and artist WALTER GEOVANI Prophecy Witchblade on the book they were born to crea.
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