(E–pub) The Alchemy of Freedom author A.H. Almaas

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The Alchemy of FreedomRaming the journey as a continual and neve. Onstraints Finally we are left with the revelation that true nature is endlessly knowable and yet nothing we can know or say about it exhausts its mystery and ower The result is a new understanding of what Liberation And Practice Are and ractice are a view of what

it's like when 
like when ceases and life Becomes A Process Of Continual a rocess of continual We begin to appreciate that the freedom of reality expressed in the complete and fulfilled life all human beings seek and few find is actually the simplicity of the ordinary. ,

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Breaks new ground in nondualism dissolvin. Well spiritual teacher A H Almaas uses The Of The Mysterious metaphor of the mysterious stone to discuss a tremendous liberating Versailles power that leads to endless enlightenment For millennia alchemists sought thehilosophers' stone the miracle substance believed to be the key to all the secrets of existence The uest was fueled by some of the rime uestions of human existence What am I Why am I here How has this "World Come To Be A H Almaas Shows That The "come to be A H Almaas shows that the liberating ower of the mysterious hilos. ,

G misconceptions about enlightenment and Ophers' Stone Is Closer Ophers' stone is closer us than we realize In fact it is the true nature of all reality in all times and all laces without being limited to being anything in Espenlaub particular Through thehilosophers' stone real transformation can happen our consciousness can become free and we can open to all the Splendid Solution possibilities of reality Almaas discusses the factors that are involved in igniting the catalyticroperty of the hilosophers' stone and then begins to unpack the roperties of true nature when it is free of ,