[Journey to Ixtlan The Lessons of Don Juan] E–pub é Carlos Castañeda

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Age guy through different spiritual rituals and experiences as he is taught by Don Juan about the shamanistic view of lifeI was 16 when I read the book and I loved the way Don Juan was 16 when I read the book and I loved the way Don Juan the world as so very alive and kind of magicalThe book can be a good assageway to realize that the world is than our rationalistic eyes are used to conceiveOh yesclearly the book doesn t want to give any answers but

Rather It Stimulates Our Imagination 
it stimulates our imagination how we erceive the worldEver wondered if the Wind itself could be an animated thing roaming around the worldinteracting and Arts and Culture: An Introduction to the Humanities, Volume I playing with those whoercieve him Ok I m a boomer and I went through my own Painting, Sculpture and Architecture of Ancient Egypt period of reading and living with Carlos Castaneda his teacher Don Juan and their world of indigenous Mexican shamanism This and its follow up book Tales of Power changed my life when I read them in my mid 20s they helped me forge a new identity as an adult as a warrior with an awareness ofersonal Twisted Pathways power and taught me lessons for a lifetime that are still with me If you are open to the teachings in these books they can truly beowerful and life changing and living far away from home as I was in my mid 20s in Finland I Rld” and erceive reality on his own termsOriginally drawn to Yaui Indian spiritual leader don Juan Matus for his knowledge of mind altering lants bestselling author Carlos Castaneda immersed himself in the sorcerer’s magical world entirely Ten year. Hm This is a tough
One For MeA Friend Of 
for friend of someone I ve always admired recently recommended this book along with several others ve always admired recently recommended book along with several others wrote them all down and immediately went to look for them at my local libraryUpon arriving I discovered that not only had I forgotten the list of books I had no idea how to navigate the nonfiction section For a minute or so I wandered aimlessly with nothing but the name Carlos in my head I started back towards the doorway but aused reluctant to leave I looked up at the shelf and there it was I told my friend and he said It s that kind of book You ll see And then he reminded me of the Dewey Decimal SystemYes it is that kind of book And I can see why my friend recommended it to me ButButNo disrespect to my friend or the will of the universe but I can t do hunterwarrior mysticism I just can t I also refuse to call this nonfictionSorry John Well almost 10 years has it been now since I read this bookThere have been odd discussions about the truthfulness of of Castanedas books about Don Juan and the experiences Castaneda describesIn my opinion I don t care wether the stories are bogus or trueCastaneda describes his journey as an aver. In Journey to Ixtlan Carlos Castaneda introduces readers to this new approach for the first time and explores as he comes to experience it himself his own final voyage into the teachings of don Juan sharing with us what it is like to truly “stop the wo. As captivated by Don Juan s teachings since as a youth I had traveled a lot with my family in Mexico and the American Southwest so I could easily visualize from Finland the landscapes and culture they were art of Anyway this book goes into my All Time Favorites List Because Of How Its Teachings So time favorites list because of how its teachings so who I became as an adult Powerful stuff This is the third volume of the trilogy including The Teachings of Don Juan and A Separate Reality I read all three one after the other while working at the Chicago Womens Athletic Club during the summer between college and seminaryAlthough it appears to be the case that Castaneda the author fabricated some of the material appearing in his accounts Forty years on what are we to think of Carlos Castaneda The Don Juan series of which Journey to Ixtlan is the central volume were initially acclaimed as a breakthrough in anthropological field research Castaneda as the researcher laced himself at the center of his book writing it from the oint of view of his own reactions rather than laying out an ethnography Journey to Ixtlan became his UCLA doctoral dissertation and was the most noted book of the series because in it Ca. S after his first encounter with the shaman Castaneda examines his field notes and comes to understand what don Juan knew all along that these lants are merely a means to understanding the alternative realities that one cannot Fully Embrace On One’s embrace on one’s Journey to Ixtlan The Lessons of Don Juan