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A Certain AgeWhen he girls admire him a young man Husband in Harmony takes it as a matter of course but when a widow selects him for her attention hehrills with he knowledge hat he is being stamped with The Rich Girl Goes Wild the approval of a connoisseur Helen RowlandWell Mrs Theresa Marshal 44 is no widow She shares a 5th Avenue residence and a lovely place in Southampton with her very much alive husband Sylvester Octavian Rofranohe 22 year old she often refers Lone Star Refuge (Deep in the Heart, to as Boyo manageso prove with some freuency and energy hat he is even alive han he senior man in Theresa s life Marshall is goofy for her flyboy Rofrano being late of World War I although a lot less late han most of his fellow pilots She is stuck on him enough o have begun having notions of hem Asian Perspectives on Animal Ethics: Rethinking the Nonhuman taking it onhe lam ogether If only life were so simpleBeatriz Williams from her FB pagesThere is he problem of Sophie Fortescue 19 an heiress The Broadcast Voice to a successful if somewhat reclusive inventor father mom having reached a bad end many years back She is a mechanically inclined chip offhe old engine block and an object of extreme affection for Theresa s brother Jay is not as far along in years as his sister but is past his first bloom An erstwhile man about The Byzantine Wars town he is eagero marry young Sophie and secure not only The Berenstain Bears Follow Gods Word the companionship of a beautiful and vivacious partner buthe not insignificant advantage of her considerable inheritance Theresa engages young Rofrano for him The Berenstain Bears Follow God's Word to acthe cavalier and present young Sophie with Jay s formal reuest for her hand and presumably Ouija the rest of her in marriage But seeing Sophie sparks something in young Rofrano Complications ensueWe are introducedo Music Data Analysis the goings on by a gossip columnist forhe New York Herald Times It is May 1922 and nom de plume Patty Cake fills us in on what looks like he crime of he century in Greewich CT a juicy case in which The Patent King is on DeWitt Clinton and Amos Eaton: Geology and Power in Early New York trial for his life his daughters The Patent Princesses in attendance Ms Cake pops in fromime Sailing Into Retirement: 7 Ways to Retire on a Boat at 50 with 10 Steps That Will Keep You There Until 80 toime Japanese Cultural Encounters to update us onhe progress of Stairway to Heaven: Led Zeppelin Uncensored therial and o add a hird voice enough o help plait he Theresa and Sophie Mind Body Bowl: Think, move and eat your way to a more balanced life threads into a lovely braid LOVEhe uest marriage Lhomme De Kaboul the conuest divorcehe inuest Helen RowlandPatty is a fun element but The Sisterhood of the Dropped Stitches the star ofhis show is Theresa Marshall I kept hearing Unleashing Mr. Darcy the voice of Lady Mary from Downton Abbey albeit it with an American accent Lest onehink of her as maybe oo modern a woman it should be borne in mind hat he 20s was not called Roaring for nothing It was a ime of change Boundaries were being pushed Sophie is considered daring because she wants Red Plaid Shirt: Stories New Selected to work for her living instead of being a prize awardedo he highest bidder Theresa akes advantage of he daring culture of he day o match her philandering mate for a change in partaking of he world Octavian confronts considerable survivor guilt having made it What Makes Us Catholic: Eight Gifts for Life throughhe vagaries of The Great War while having lost so many of his fellow flyers Everybody seems o be going hrough life at automobile speed nowadays but alas Undone there are no sentimental garages by Life s wayside at which we may obtain a fresh supply of emotions purchase a newhrill or patch up an exploded ideal Helen RowlandThe Mistletoe, Moonlight, Murder title refers not onlyo Her Surprise Hero the chronological status of Theresa Marshall andhe MayDecember couplings of Jay with Sophie and Theresa s hubby with his latest young Mills and Boon Complete Christmas Collection 2017 (Mills Boon e-Book Collections) thing buthe The Lotterys More or Less timeshemselves Williams offers a nifty look at he 1920s peppering her novel with elements of he dynamic culture and Snowed In With The Reluctant Tycoon the odd sign post Ty Cobb and his infamous demeanor areossed across he stage early on Man O War hunders past in a back story role bringing Octavian and Theresa ogether That relatively new fangled automotive device comes in for some use as well Here is a nice passage hat gives a sense of much of his era capturing The bartender The bar So forbidden and masculine an unimaginable place for a girl o find herself alone until now Until suddenly boys and girls are going This Is Kind of an Epic Love Story to saloonsogether and hey aren called saloons any A whole new vocabulary is springing up overnight it seems like mushrooms or crocuses all clustered around he underground slaking of illegal hirst and it seems he illegal he The Disasters thirst ishe ordinary and acceptable it s become Information Technology and Socialist Construction: The End of Capital and the Transition to Socialism to slake it in mixed company among strangers Andhe vocabulary has something o do with That Doesn T It doesn it speakeasy blotto Silly words The Evolution Of Modern Land Warfare trivializinghe laws The Sudanese Communist Party they re breaking Trivializing everything inhe world I love how Williams posilutely picks up The Commodity Futures Game: Who Wins? Who Loses? Why? the sudden societal unsteadinesshat followed Critical Thinking the horror of war ashe world Risk: Negotiating Safety in American Society tried onceo regain its balance It is putting her story in he context of a ime of great upheaval made manifest in her characters hat raises it from a pretty good novel with a sparkling character in Theresa o something higher Love is like appendicitis you never know when nor how it is going Grand Designs: Building Your Dream Home to strike youhe only difference being The Queen, Vol. 2 that after one attack of appendicitis your curiosity is perfectly satisfied Helen Rowland And ifhat s not enough you might hink it s he bees knees The Bachelor's Bride thathe story is based on he German opera Der Rosenkavalier The name Octavian Rofrano is lifted whole from hat The Marshcallin Princess Marie Therese von Werdenberg becomes Theresa Marshall Baron Ochs auf Lerchenau has become Theresa s brother usually called Ox Sophie remains Sophie Williams added he murder mystery element o move hings along as he plot of her source material was a bit hin It is no surprise hat she finds inspiration in he classics Williams was raised in Ashland Oregon and was exposed early on o a regular diet of Shakespeare and some of A Ranch, A Ring And Everything the refined forms of public entertainment offered inhat notable college own After marriage a woman s sight becomes so keen hat she can see right Grand Masti - Fun Never Ends through her husband without looking at him and a man s so dullhat he can look right Darkened Days through his wife without seeing her Helen RowlandOne ofhe ruly delightful elements of his novel is hat every one of he 27 chapters is introduced by a deliciously cynical well most are anyway uote from Helen Rowland And if Lords of Temptation: The Earl's Intriguing Imposter / The Duke's Blind Temptation the name is unfamiliar you are in good company Rowland wrote a column called Reflections of a Bachelor Girl for The New York World inhe early part of he 20th century I have included in EXTRA STUFF a link o Spellfinder the Gutenberg editions of one of her books of collected wit and wisdom A Guideo Men link o he Gutenberg editions of one of her books of collected wit and wisdom A Guide o Men sprinkled into his review some Rowland uotes aken not from he book under review but from Rowland s opus Depression: Finding Hope Meaning in Life's Darkest Shadow to give you aaste A Certain Age is a fun read It points out some of The Steampunk Adventurer's Guide: Contraptions, Creations, and Curiosities Anyone Can Make the gender issues comingo First Shot: The Untold Story of the Japanese Minisubs That Attacked Pearl Harbor the fore athe The Financial Crisis and the Free Market Cure: Why Pure Capitalism Is the World Economy's Only Hope time It notes how possibilities for women in both work and love were constraining and loosening Buthat is understructure The characters are fun o follow with Theresa standing above he rest and Patty Cake offering some extra spice You may be reminded of A Little Night Music although with fewer jokes The mystery element keeps Dont Blame the Shorts the story moving along uite nicely I would be shocked ifhis is not one of he major summer reads of 2016 A Certain Age is an ageless read and a certain joy Review first posted March 5 2016Publication June 28 2016EXTRA STUFFLinks o Don't Blame the Shorts: Why Short Sellers Are Always Blamed for Market Crashes and How History Is Repeating Itself the author s personal Twitter and FB pagesThis is Williams seventh novel Her booksend Good Karma towardhe historical and he romantic Usually I gag at such hings but I was able o manage his one uite nicely My review of Williams 2017 release Cocoa BeachNovember 14 2016 A Certain Age is named Nobody Passes: Rejecting the Rules of Gender and Conformity to Kirkus s list ofhe best popular fiction of 2016The internet Guide o Jazz Age Slang came in handyProject Gutenberg Editions of Helen Rowland s A Guide o Men 35 starsTelling lies is a fault in a boy an art in a lover an accomplishment in a bachelor and second nature in a married man Helen RowlandBeatriz William s newest novel A Certain Age is a loose reinterpretation of Richard Strauss s comic opera Der Rosenkavalier which was first performed in 1911 But Williams sets her Something Worth Landing For twist ofhis story in New York The bestselling author of A Hundred Summers brings What the Waves Know the Roaring Twenties brilliantlyo life in Seven Last Words: An Invitation to a Deeper Friendship with Jesus this enchanting and compulsively readableale of intrigue romance and scandal in New York Society brimming with lush atmosphere striking characters and irresistible charmAs Your Best Age Is Now: Embrace an Ageless Mindset, Reenergize Your Dreams, and Live a Soul-Satisfying Life the freedom ofhe Jazz Age ransforms New York City he iridescent Mrs Theresa Marshall of Fifth Avenue and Southampton Long Island has done The Warming the unthinkable she’s fallen in love with her young paramour Captain Octavian Rofrano a handsome aviator and hero ofhe Great War An intense and deeply honorable man Octavian is devoted O Diário de Rywka tohe beautiful socialite of a certain age and wants The Oxford Inheritance to marry her Whilei. ,
Uring Iron and Blood the roaring 20 s Williams explains in her author s notehat he opera was meant o enact a struggle between old and new old money and new money physical maturity and youththe main plot being a rivalry between a beautiful young innocent and a lady of a certain age over The Sworn Virgin the lady s much younger lover And her novel really showcaseshat especially Burning Twilight taking place inhe 1920 s where Pagans: The End of Traditional Religion and the Rise of Christianity there was aon of conflict between Boomerang (Part One (Part One: Chapters 1 - 19) (A Boomerang Novel) tradition and modernism The 20 s were aime of great change for he world as a whole but especially here in America Things hat were unheard of just years ago are suddenly becoming More Big Nate! 3-Book Collection: Big Nate Goes for Broke, Big Nate Flips Out, Big Nate: In the Zone the new normsuch as divorce and women working outside ofhe home The prohibition is going on hemlines are being raised automobiles are already clogging up All Involved: Day Four traffic and returning soldiers are still struggling with memories of WW1 But Williamsakes a bit of liberty with her retelling adding in It's Okay to Laugh: (Crying Is Cool Too) the suspense of a murder mysteryThe novel opens with an article dated May 29th of 1922 of a woman reporting onhe Trial of Aqualicious the Century The details aren made clear right away as Pixie Piper and the Matter of the Batter to who s onrial and what The Actual One: How I Tried, and Failed, to Avoid Adulthood Forever the crime was but we get snippets ofhe article s reports Three Promises : An American Faerie Tale Collection throughouthe book The rest alternates between he POVs of Mrs Theresa Marshall our lady of a certain age and Miss Sophie Fortescue a sheltered daughter o a newly wealthy inventor Sophie lives with her father and her older sister Virginia along with Virginia s young daughter Evelyn Virginia s husband is very much absent in Florida Speak Easy, Speak Love tryingo establish a life before he sends for his wife and daughter Their POV opens a bit earlier All In: How Our Work-First Culture Fails Dads, Families, and Businesses—And How We Can Fix It Together thanhe article on Clark the Shark the second day of 1922 We meet Theresa s young lover Octavian Rofrano They met after he had just returned fromhe War where he was a pilotHe is Mad as Helen twentywo years old my Boy and The Cherry Harvest: A Novel therefore a man inhe eyes of his almighty Lord God and of he law He looks like a man all he now Keeper of Myths than when I first saw him That washe summer of 1920 a year and a half ago and he was a man in a boy s skin let me ISIS: The State of Terror tell you a perfect pink cheeked Boyo young lips and old eyesOctavian wants nothinghan for Theresa The Nine of Us: Growing Up Kennedy to divorce her husband ando bear him children and marry him He is hus far uite devoted o herA bachelor never uite gets over Train I Ride the ideahat he is a hing of beauty and a boy forever Helen RowlandThen Theresa s brother Jay Oschner an infamous bachelor shocks everyone by proposing marriage at last To Miss Sophie Fortescue As an old family radition hough he proposes hrough a cavalier He goes The Cat King of Havana to his dear sistero ask for her assistance in providing said suitable cavalier and she persuades Octavian The Cat King of Havana to do it ando also check into The Shepherd the Fortescues sincehey seem Estimating for Interior Designers to be a bit reclusive Ever since Eve started it all by offering Adamhe apple woman s punishment has been So What If I Bleed to supply a man with food andhen suffer The Lost Frost Girl the conseuences when it disagrees with him Helen RowlandWhen Octavian and Sophie meethere seems o be an instant connection between he wo Loyalties are split as a riangle of a sort forms Octavian also happens Princess Of Desire to discover a secrethat members of Missing Dixie the Fortescue family have been hiding andhe revelations are soon o come o light very publiclyBefore marriage a man declares The Authentics that he would lay down his lifeo serve you after marriage he won even lay down his newspaper o alk o you Helen RowlandAnd Not Just Jane: Rediscovering Seven Amazing Women Writers Who Transformed British Literature throughouthe novel at he beginning of each new chapter we have a great uote from Helen Rowland who Williams mentioned in her author s note was a journalist who wrote a popular column called Reflections of a Bachelor Girl a century ago I completely agree with Williams observation hat her uotes are an interesting insight into Captivology: The Science of Capturing People's Attention the changing socialimes at he urn of The Globalizers: Development Workers in Action the century but it s funny how a lot of her wisdom still holdsrue From Crib to Kindergarten: The Essential Child Safety Guide todayThis one kept me guessing untilhe very end Yankton College too I didn see Keynes's Way to Wealth: Timeless Investment Lessons from The Great Economist thewist coming until it was right before me and I was a bit surprised at he ending of his book I was left unsatisfied with Virginia s endingbut am hoping hat maybe Williams purposely left it hat way as a set up for a future bookmuch in Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth the same way she set up her series abouthe Schuyler sistersAnd speaking of The Witchs Love Spell (Warlock Romance Trilogy, the Schuyler sOne ofhe hings hat I love about Williams books are hat we the Schuyler sOne of he Kim Harrison Bundle thingshat I love about Williams books are Kim Harrison Bundle that we familiar characters from previous books in each one This is no exception Inhis book we get Horse Dildo Camwhore: The Dildo Diaries to see Julie Schuyler who has been a constant in every book I ve read by Williams but not ashe grand older woman We Were Never Here that we know and love Inhis glimpse of Julie she s in her early Audacious Creativity twenties and living lifeo Deathtrap Equalizer the fullest It was so funo get The Binding that glimpse of her so differenthan what I m used The Ex to when envisioning her character And she s nothe only familiar one we get a glimpse ofOf Natural Knowledge in Preclassical Antiquity the character s inhis book Theresa was my favorite by far Through her reminiscing we get Iron Heinrich (The Clockwork Fairytales, the story of how she and Octavian met and startedheir love affair along with her life before he came along Her choice at Iron Heinrich the end really surprised me and I would loveo see of her in future booksI couldn connect with Sophie muchshe s portrayed as his innocent young girl green o he ways of Exit Strategy the world but she came across as much differenthan Diva NashVegas that most ofhe The Ventriloquists time I didn really sense any chemistry between her and Octavian Sweet as Sin their relationship just seemedoo sudden and a bit forcedI adored he setting having not read a lot of fiction set in he 1920 s Williams still remains one of my favorite authors and I hope fiction set in Traps Treachery: Core Rulebook (Legends Lairs, d20 System) the 1920 s Williams still remains one of my favorite authors and I hope s already at work on her next book I discovered Beatriz Williams work as I was abouto fly abroad on vacation In my final misguided attempt o only ravel with e books I promptly Had A Panic Attack After Clearing Security a panic attack after clearing security raced into Dark and Deadly Valley the nearest airport bookstoreo load up my carry on with paper copies I bought THE SECRET LIFE OF VIOLET GRANT on a whim because Know This: Today's Most Interesting and Important Scientific Ideas, Discoveries, and Developments the premise intrigued me and devoured it while onhe beach Addicted I Infamous: the page-turning thriller from New York Times bestselling author Alyson Noël then scouredhe local bookstore for of her books which I fortunately foundIn A CERTAIN AGE Williams evokes Every Moment After the champagne shimmer and razor cut sophistication of post WWI 1920s Manhattan ashe craze for bootleg liuor and freedom seeps into Bound for Trouble the calcified upper echelons of Fifth Avenue society Theresa Marshall lives a posh life in a longerm marriage Addicted to Murder (Memoirs of a Serial Killer) that has aime honored arrangement both she and her husband are conducting discreet mutually respectful affairs Though Theresa is a woman of a certain age wealth and prestige have cocooned her in unimpeachable bare backing beauty and she attracts Giddens and Castells the attention ofhe Boy aka Octavian a brooding former pilot whose heroic endeavors during Gioconda descodificada: Retrato de la mujer del Renacimiento the war have assisted himo bypass The European Union and the Palestinians the rigid entry rules ofhe upper class landing him a helpful patron and stock broker job His sinewy physiue and The Miracle Seed tight lipped attitude prove irresistibleo Machine Design the intrepid Mrs Marshall whories Greening of Trade Law to set him up as heroy only No Ordinary Time: Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, the Home Front in World War II to find herself falling uncontrollably and uncomfortably in love with himWhen Theresa s dissipated brother sets his sights on Sophie a seemingly naive heiress of new money Theresa dispatches her Boyo present her brother s marriage proposal in an old fashioned act of cavalier manipulation Blair Witch: Book of Shadows that will upend everyone s fragile existence Boy and Sophie discover unexpected rapport within a secret andhe unsolved mystery of a murder unravels with startling conseuences for all involvedNarrated in he alternate POVs of Theresa and Sophie Beatriz Williams is at he op of her game here She evokes he intimate socially incestuous world of old New York and its clash with he burgeoning riches forged by middle class enterprise as well as he struggle The Tactical Guide to Women: How Men Can Manage Risk in Dating and Marriage toward feminist liberation withinhe framework of A Red Skeleton in Your Closet two very different women who must decide whohey want o be in he waning glory of a certain age Sophie and Theresa mesmerize with Stalin in October: The Man Who Missed the Revolution their opposing viewswin sides of City Adrift : A Short Biography of Bombay the same coinhat can never be fully reconciledSteeped in wit and glamour riddled with Stealing Green Mangoes: Two Brothers, Two Fates, One Indian Childhood the fractures of a crumblingime and place A CE. Mes are changing and she does adore he Boy divorce for a woman of Theresa’s wealth and social standing is out of he uestion and here is no need; she has an understanding with Sylvo her generous and well respected philanderer husbandBut heir relationship subtly shifts when her bachelor brother Ox decides Толкование сновидений toie Dinner with a Cannibal: The Complete History of Mankind's Oldest Taboo the knot withhe sweet younger daughter of a newly wealthy inventor Engaging a longstanding family radition Theresa enlists he Boy The Sage in Harlem: H.L. Mencken and the Black Writers of the 1920s to act as her brother’s cavalier presentinghe family’s diamond rose ring o Ox’s intended Miss Sophie Fortescue and o check into he background of he little known Fortescue family When Octavian meets Sophie he fal.

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RTAIN AGE is gloriously readable ranscending he cliched boundaries of so called women s fiction A Certain Ageby Beatriz WilliamsLet me begin by placing a few key phrases before youhedonism of The German Mujahid the Jazz Age in New York CityCaptain Octavian Rofrano BOY honorable devoted war hero battle scarred paramour ofhe flamboyant Mrs Theresa MarshallMiss Sophie Fortescue naive charming ingenue advancing and retreating on he fringes of he Roaring 20 sAs a fateful riangle forms loyalties divide and old crimes are dragged into daylight drawing Octavian into ransgressionand Theresa into Edith Kermit Roosevelt: Portrait of a First Lady the jaws of a bittersweet choicepublisher s noteThis is an excellent rendering ofhe jazz age in NYC and he colorful characters dabbling in conventional and forbidden pursuits45 A Certain Age was a ok read and I kept getting lost in parts of he story I felt like i skimmed Shamed: The Honour Killing That Shocked Britain – by the Sister Who Fought for Justice through a lot ofhe sections because i was losing interest For hat reason I m giving it 2 stars Oh well 35 Stars Entertaining but not as riveting as he other books by Beatriz Williams Gideon's Bride that I ve read I didn really connect with His Holiday Matchmaker the characters I would have enjoyed it ifhe main story had been about he murder mystery but overall I liked A Certain Age and Beatriz Williams continues be a favorite author of mine If you know anything about me by now it is hat I have drank of he Beatriz Williams Kool Aid Williams has a magical way of ransporting you His Unexpected Baby Bombshell / From Paradise...to Pregnant! tohe defining His Real Father times of our nation s history by creating charactershat deftly ell a story hat not only encompasses he culture of hat era but also subtly reveals what it meant o be a woman at hat point in history A Certain Age akes us o he roaring 1920s Manhattan The imes hey are a changin Women are becoming bolder clothes are becoming scantier jazz is being born and booze is supposedly becoming scarcer It is a city on he verge of cultural change At least among The Incumbent, Part I (Ballbusting Nutcrackers) the 5th Avenue eliteMrs Theresa Marshall ishe ueen of he elite Appearances are everything and she maintains hem with her husband even while falling uite desperately in love or at least in infatuation with A Garden of Marvels: How We Discovered that Flowers Have Sex, Leaves Eat Air, and Other Secrets of Plants the much younger war hero Octavian Rofrano But she unwittingly changeshe entire rajectory of her entire happiness when she sends her lover o serve as Pray for the Girl the cavalier for her brother Oxo present Ox s proposal Engaged in Death tohe almost scandalously young and certainly scandalously wealthy Miss Sophie Fortescue Family secrets Unsolved murders Discreet affairs Steamy romanaces Women challenging Ice Planet Barbarians Part 6 the role into which society has pigeonholedhem All leading up o he murder rial of he century A Certain Age is old from he alternating perspectives of Theresa and Sophie The former being a woman of a certain age jaded by life eyes open Baltimore Chronicles Volume 1 tohe realities of social standing and The Omen the associated expectations The latter a doe eyed and sheltered young woman who still bowso he expectations of her father and lacks he life experience The Bleeding of the Stone to uestion if she wants If she deserves Without a doubt Theresa was my preferred point of view She had a self confidence edged with just aouch of insecurity and she had no delusions of what was expected of her in society Stand by her husband keep her lover discrete She was smart han a little manipulative and completely unapologetic I adored her Sophie s naivet wore a bit hin at imes for me but she ended up being he one who cast off Calm Before The Storm the mantel of 1920s woman and stepped intohe future These Frío / Subte two women werewo sides of Vidar the same coin one who despite her best efforts could not break free ofhe mold and Modern Albania: From Dictatorship to Democracy in Europe the other who seemed borno leave it behind The one aspect Womens Infidelity 2 that fell short of Ms Williams s other books washe entwined mystery There is a Suspended Animation: Short Stories of those who wait trialhat is alluded o in flash forward news columns and Sophie has a mysterious childhood and recluse father but I was not drawn into hat storyline It was interesting and I realized we were being led Good Old Days, My Ass: 665 Funny History Facts Terrifying Truths about Yesteryear towardhe resolution but I was way interested in reading about Theresa and Octavian The general outlines of المشرق العربي المعاصر من البداوة إلى الدولة الحديثة the mystery were not shrouded in obscurity andhe big The New Cosmos: Answering Astronomy's Big Questions twist was not as shocking as I know Ms Williams is capable of Intriguing at bestFinally we see some of familiar faces and names as are wovenhroughout Ms Williams s other books he Schuylers particularly Julie he van der Wahls At Murder and Mayhem: A Doctor Answers Medical and Forensic Questions for Mystery Writers this point I would love a friendfamilyree Monsoon Summer to see how all ofhese novels Piece Together To Tell An together o ell an story Well Phantom Hill this is a cool little number from Ms Beatriz Williams a snazzy author I just rediscovered I ve read One Hundred Summers buthis novel about he 1920 s jazz age and everything we hoped went with it held my attention so much better Wealthy 5th Avenue socialites heir affairs Long Island summer homes horse racing etc They were doing it all well before we were all born and hey did it with such casual accomplishment as if it were heir birthright It s so amusing hat every generation hinks Scandal in Silver they discovered sex alcohol parties etc No wonder my parents just smiled athe sixties and seventies The same old just in a different way less clothes and longer hair But now it was Silver Eve their children outhere Fast forward Whales and Tales to present day andhe millennials are having Happy Birthday, Dear Amy their way withhe world Our kidsAnyway his book is marvelous witty sexy sneaky and mysterious Bonus is he journalist of hat era Helen Rowland whose uotes introduce each chapter I want a book about her I am always fascinated by well written books hat ake place during he 1920 s It was an exceptional ime between wo wars prohibition he old guard and he new struggling o find a way o share The Last Survivor: Living In A Town Called Dachau the same space Beatriz Williams book exemplifieshose Less Doing, More Living times and struggles and in a wayhat is so real it is almost painful at imes There was a point where I almost couldn bear Lacan's �crits: A Reader's Guide - Volume 2: Between Freud and Structuralism the facthat some people in DIY Magic: A Strange and Whimsical Guide to Creativity this story would not get whathey wanted Disappointment River: Finding and Losing the Northwest Passage thathey would be forever marked or even destroyed in My Lover the Bigfoot the very intimate battles ofhe war between he various lovers I wanted hem all And Home Was Kariakoo to win all ofhe characters drew my empathy for one reason or another Based on a play An English Murder that I have never seen nor experiencedhis up dated version of Don't Talk To Strangers the story with awist finely woven in should have a film based on it but only if The Worst Thots Ever: A 512 Scandal Vol. 1 they can find actors who can do justiceo How to Hug an Elephant the nuances ofhe characters A great story Literary Machines 931 that I recommendo everyone who enjoys historical fiction hat is extremely well written Falling in love with a younger man while you are still married and hen having a younger woman come along wasn he best hing o happen o Mrs Theresa MarshallA CERTAIN AGE began with an excerpt from a murder rial The Girl in the Maze then movedo alternating chapters and old of he life of high society and how hey adapted social protocol o whatever hey wantedWe follow Mrs Marshall Mr Marshall Captain Rofrano and Miss Fortescue in he scandalous antics Tapas Deck: 50 Little Dishes that Capture the Essence of Spanish Cooking they were all involved in Decisions hado be made and Sophie Fortescue had he most difficult decision even hough her father was he one hat would be making The Real James Herriot: A Memoir of My Father the decision about who she waso marryMs Williams again perfectly portrays he ime period and how women in wealthy families really didn My Own Worst Enemy (MOWE, t have a choice about choosingheir spouse After The Fly Trap the marriage proposal was made an investigation intohe Fortescue family adds another layer o he book The Fortescues are not who The Ninth Buddha they sayhey are and a house hat Mr Rofrano they say hey are and a house hat Mr Rofrano up in was part of heir secretOnce he secret was revealed and Sophie Fortescue was outspoken he book heated up with an ending hat was oh so good with an unexpected wist I enjoyed His Own Life Story and War Diary the characters but Mrs Marshall and Mr Fortescue were my least favorites Mr Fortescue wasoo controlling and Mrs Marshall was Double Clutch (Brenna Blixen, too sneaky for meA CERTAIN AGE was beautifully written as all of Ms Williams books evenhough it ook Me A While To Get Connected But a while o get connected but was still enjoyableThe book s cover is stunning and Accidental Cowgirl the book is patterned after an operaitled Der Rosenkavalie ENJOY if you read A CERTAIN AGE 45. Ls under Gibbous House the spell ofhe pretty ingénue even as he uncovers a shocking family secret As he love riangle of Theresa Octavian and Sophie progresses it ransforms into a saga of divided loyalties dangerous revelations and surprising wists First Spankings that will leado a shocking Kentaurs transgression and eventually force Theresao make a bittersweet choiceFull of he glamour wit and delicious wists hat are he hallmarks of Beatriz Williams’ fiction and alternating between Sophie’s spirited voice and Theresa’s vibrant Peek-a-Boo timbre A Certain Age is a beguiling reinterpretation of Richard Strauss’s comic opera Der Rosenkavalier set againsthe sweeping decadence of Gatsby’s New Yo.

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    EBOOK (A Certain Age) When the girls admire him a young man takes it as a matter of course; but when a widow selects him for her attention he thrills with the knowledge that he is being stamped with the approval of a connoisseur Helen RowlandWell Mrs Theresa Marshal 44 is no widow She shares a 5th Avenue residence and a lovely plac

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    Beatriz Williams ¾ 0 Free read EBOOK (A Certain Age) 35 Stars Entertaining but not as riveting as the other books by Beatriz Williams that I've read I didn't really connect with the characters I would have enjoyed it if the main story had been about the murder mystery but overall I liked A Certain Age and Beatriz Williams continues be a favorite author of mine

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    EBOOK (A Certain Age) 35 starsTelling lies is a fault in a boy an art in a lover an accomplishment in a bachelor and second nature in a married man Helen RowlandBeatriz William's newest novel A Certain Age is a loose reinterpretation of Richard S

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    Read A Certain Age Beatriz Williams ¾ 0 Free read Download Ë PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¾ Beatriz Williams If you know anything about me by now it is that I have drank of the Beatriz Williams Kool Aid Williams has a magical way of transporting you to the defining times of our nation's history by creating characters that deftly

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    EBOOK (A Certain Age) Read A Certain Age I discovered Beatriz Williams' work as I was about to fly abroad on vacation In my final misguided attempt to only travel with e book

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    EBOOK (A Certain Age) Well this is a cool little number from Ms Beatriz Williams a snazzy author I just rediscovered I've read One Hundred Summers but this novel about the 1920's jazz age and everything we hoped went with it held my attention so

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    EBOOK (A Certain Age) Download Ë PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¾ Beatriz Williams A Certain Ageby Beatriz WilliamsLet me begin by placing a few key phrases before youhedonism of the Jazz Age in New York CityCaptain Octavian Rofrano BOY honorable devoted war hero battle scarred paramour of the flamboyant Mrs Theresa MarshallMiss Sophie Fortescue naive charming ingenue advancing and retreating on the fringes of the Roaring 20'sAs a fateful triangle forms loyalties divide and old crimes are dra

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    EBOOK (A Certain Age) Beatriz Williams ¾ 0 Free read Read A Certain Age I am always fascinated by well written books that take place during the 1920’s It was an exceptional time between two wars prohibition the old guard and the new struggling to find a way to share the same space Beatriz Williams’ book exemplifies those times and struggles – and in a way that is so real it is almost painful at times Ther

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    EBOOK (A Certain Age) A Certain Age was a “ok” read and I kept getting lost in parts of the story I felt like i skimmed through a lot of the sections because i was losing interest For that reason I’m giving it 2 stars Oh well

  10. says: Beatriz Williams ¾ 0 Free read Download Ë PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¾ Beatriz Williams EBOOK (A Certain Age)

    EBOOK (A Certain Age) Falling in love with a younger man while you are still married and then having a younger woman come along wasn't the best thing to happen to Mrs Theresa MarshallA CERTAIN AGE began with an excerpt from a murder trial then m

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