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characters speech sounds a too modern Perhaps I m overly conditioned to the formal manner of speech we see in the movies and specially in the recent TV series Of Spartacus And Who Is To Say Spartacus And who is to say how people actually talked in those days There was slang and profanity and verything lse just like today Getting past that is A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, easy though and we see not only Leonidas truly one of the great leaders not only of ancient history but of all human history but the culture in which he was born and raised a society that was in many respects far advancedven than mighty haughty Athens in terms of political progress and women s rights just finished this book really The Shadow Reader enjoyed cant wait to get the 3rd one in the series We are proud to announce that A PEERLESS PEER by Helena P Schrader is a BRAGMedallion Honoree This tells a reader that this book is well worth their time and money Goodness I do so wish the rating system wasxpansive however my rating is 45This novel is the continuation of Schrader s fictional biography of King Leonidas segueing "neatly from the first volume in the trilogy Completely ngrossing and so marvelous how the "from the first volume in the trilogy Completely ngrossing and so marvelous how the took whatever crumbs we know of Leonidas s life at this stage and kneaded them together into such an njoyable and plausible story Leonidas is now out of the agoge and on active duty He has his Baptism of blood at his first combat xperience Rising from the ranks he is given his first taste of command leading a handful of men We are given a good description of his inner state while facing the Argives He is appalled at so much wa. Years as an ordinary citizen and the third will describe his reign and deathAbout the AuthorHelena P Schrader holds a PhD in history from the University of Hamburg which she The Power Of A Choice earned with a groundbreaking biography of General Friedrich Olbricht the mastermind behind the Valkyrie Plot against Hitler Helena has donextensive research on ancient and archaic Sparta She has combined her research with common sense and a sound understanding of human nature to create a refreshingly unorthodox portrayal of Spartan society in this biographical trilogy of Leonidas as well as in her three previously published novels Visit her website at wwwhelena schradercom or learn about Sparta from her website Sparta Reconsidered at wwwelysiumgatescom helena. I really njoyed this book as the second of the series The author seems to have really come into her stride on this book She weaves a very compelling tale and I found myself devouring the book Epic I want to go back in time to walk through the agora take "part in the rich festivals and watch the "in the rich festivals and watch the contenders Ms Schrader had done a thoroughly fabulous job bringing such a legendary man to life Good read Schrader is good at bringing the Spartan society to life but I struggled with the time jumps in this book than the first I understand that she needs to move the story along and cover a large swath of history but sometimes there is no transition and it is jarring how many important vents happen off screen I really njoyed this the author brings to life the people and places of sparta and her nemies creating just the right combo of historic detail and page turning anticipation Leonidas of Sparta A Peerless Peer by Helena Schrader picks up where her first book about his childhood leaves off She writes about relationships he built over his life his life coming up in the ranks as he served in the military and his Exploits Battle Against in battle wildlife and natural disasters He learns about diplomacy maritime warfare and other cultures During this period Leonidas continues to learn and grow in the Spartan culture He The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right even marries and starts his own family Since he is an Agiad prince he has family complexity that he skillfully considers and then navigates his life and career accordinglyI have never been a fan of historical fiction but these books really bring history to life While it is not. Sparta at the start of the fifth century BC is in crisis The Argives are attacking Sparta's vulnerable island of Kythera but King Cleomenes is interested in meddling in Athenian affairs His co monarch King Demaratus opposes Cleomenes' ambitions and soon the kings are atach other's throats Exploiting this internal conflict Corinth launches a challenge to Spartan control of the Peloponnesian League while across the Aegean Sea the Greek cities of Ionia are in rebellion against Persia and pleading for Spartan aidKing Cleomenes' youngest half brother Leonidas has only just attained citizenship He has no reason to xpect that this revolt will shape his destiny At twenty one Leonidas is just an ordinary ranker in the Spartan army less in. ,

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A story of fact it contextualizes what we know with what might have been about that time and place If you want to learn about Sparta during the fifth century BC this book is a worthwhile readIn the book s historical notes section Schrader xplains why she routes the story in the manor she does and she
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a lot of sense does not fear going against commonly accepted conjecture about Sparta and calls out unsupported myths for what they are Her challenges are supported with her own hypothesizes using what she and others know about that period She shares a refreshing perspectiveThe author is writing a third and final book about Leonidas and I cannot wait for its completion and release I have not been this Monsieur Pain excited about a book for as long as I can remember uite a strange feeling so I am compelled to cheer Schrader on in herndeavors I believe this author and historian deserves notoriety than she gets Read these books if you want to learn while being ntertained at the same time Writing historical fiction is always tricky regardless of the ra or subject and if you set the book in ancient times it s ven trickier In the case of Helena Schrader s three book series on Leonidas of Sparta she nails it Rich with detail about the city state of Sparta circa 500BC Schrader tells the story of its most famous king This volume is the second of the trilogy as Leonidas grows to manhood starts a family and begins to realize his destiny My only uestion and it is probably a picky one is the tenor of the dialogue Although no modern phrases or collouialisms were used Schrader does have her children saying Mom an. Terested in high politics than putting his private life in order He needs to find reliable tenants to Restore His Ruined Estate And his ruined state and important to find the right woman to be his brideMeanwhile his niece Gorgo is growing up Not particularly pretty she is nevertheless precocious and courageous ualities that get her into trouble than once This is the story of both Leonidas and Gorgo in the years before Leonidas becomes king of Sparta and before the first Persian invasion of Greece sets Leonidas on the road to ThermopylaeThis is the second book in a trilogy of biographical novels about Leonidas and Gorgo The first book A Boy of the Agoge described Leonidas's childhood in Sparta's infamous public school This second book focuses on his. ,

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Leonidas of Sparta A Peerless Peer Leonidas of Sparta Trilogy #2