KINDLE [The Violinist's Thumb And Other Lost Tales of Love War and Genius as Written Da Our Genetic Code]

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Ne of our cells and the DNA from one body could travel from the sun to Pluto and almost return Kean has to describe with words a lot of things that are from the sun to Pluto and almost return Kean has to describe with words a lot of things that are to understand even with pictures and there are a lot of MOVING PARTS ONE AGAIN LITERALLY AND COMPETING CONCURRENT PROCESSES parts one again literally and competing concurrent processes consider when thinking about the complex actions of DNA RNA proteins mutations nutrients and drugs bacteria viruses and epigenetic factors There are many passages I had to read multiple times just to understand well enough to procede f you ve had formal training Once Upon a Secret: My Affair with President John F. Kennedy and Its Aftermath in genetics this will likely come much easier to youCharacters familiar and unfamiliar are represented We of course learn a lot about Mendel and Darwin but also about Friedrich Miescher and his effortsn a cold castle kitchen to extract dna from salmon sperm never knowing exactly what he had accomplished Thomas Hunt Morgan and the scientists n his lab bred gazillions of fruit flies n work that led to multiple Nobel Prizes but

he often took credit for and never paid an essential contributor he didn t pay the fruit flies either Watson and Crick are here but so George V's Children is Sister Miriam Michael Stimson a nun who made their discovery possible we also learn of the clergical error that led to her getting the name Michael and that she contributed to thenvention of Preparation H Lynn Margulis s brilliant nsight nto endosymbionts s represented as well as her other bold unsubstantiated deas Barbra McClintock s skill with a microscope and Brotherhood of Thieves: The Wardens identification of jumping geness told How to Become an It Architect in the light of the scientific scrutiny that drove hernto seclusion but later drew her back out as a science celebrity We jump through history and learn of northern explorers dying and nearly dying at the razored hands and nutrient rich livers of polar bears hint you can over do Shaking Behind the Microphone: Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking it with Vitamin A Royal bloodlines and figures like Akhenaten Tutankhamun Henri Tolouse Lautrec Alexei Nikolaevich and the Hapsburgs teach us lessons about deleterious alleles Soviet biologist Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov worked hard to breed humans and chimpanzees andt might have worked Lamikorda ift weren t for those meddling political Garou Saga: Who's Who Werewolves ideologies The titular violinists Niccolo Paganini whose genetic condition gave him extraordinarily flexible and strong hands but also led to his miserable bodily decline with the help of mercury poisoningAll of these fascinating stories and many combined with artful scientific explanations do a fantastic job of fleshing out one s understanding of genes DNA and the science of what t takes to build a body A highly recommended read This s a very good and entertaining survey of the history of genetics I learned a great deal about DNA how t works and how scientists are trying to unravel ts secretsEvery chapter contains some fascinating facts histories and Complete Guide to the TOPIK (advanced) insights For example Kean makes analogies between music linguistics and the structure of DNA The freuency of various notesn classical music follows a power law The freuency of words n literature also follows a power law Note Kean does not mention the term power law but he describes t n other words He shows that at some level DNA codes. N esplora ueste e altre uestioni e ci mostra come da ualche parte nel groviglio di filamenti della doppia elica si trovino le risposte a molti misteri sugli esseri umani La decifrazione del codice genetico non è stata facile ma grazie a essa gli scienziati sono ora n grado di leggere le storie stupefacenti e vecchie di migliaia o a volte milioni di anni scritte nel nostro dna Come un antico oracolo che non ha ancora smesso di parlare l dna sa raccontarci le grandi saghe delle origini e dell'evoluzione della nostra ,

This got off to a bad start for me when on page 33 Kean euated Darwinian natural selection and survival of the fittest Herbert Spencer andor social Darwinism were never mentioned Then n an Zbogom, dragi Krleža incendiary chapter on cats and toxoplasmosis toxo he never explains that a cat who has livedndoors all Firesoul its life cannot carrytransmit the disease Then what else The tone was too cutesy and much of the material was too simplistic glossing over opposing viewpoints or assuming the reader sgnorance or silly sentences like I don t want to get all eugenicky on you And he often went to pains not to use common terms such as punctuated euilibrium or corpus callosum or to use COMMON TERMS SUCH AS PUNCTUATED EUILIBRIUM OR CORPUS CALLOSUM terms such as punctuated euilibrium or corpus callosum as Jonathan Franzen: The Comedy of Rage if these would scare off the reader At least once Kean committed the unforgiveable sin of calling chimpanzees and gorillas monkeysThe other problem with this book was that there were no endnotes per s Several times I wanted to know where Kean was getting hisnformation and whomwhat he was paraphrasing but had nowhere to go There You Are the Rain is a Selected Bibliography the list of books and papers Kean claims to have consulted while writing The Violinist s Thumb butt Cycle Style is sketchy extremely short and fairly non scholarly Theres also a post text section titled Notes and Errata but Artscroll Children's Siddur it gave no citations whatsoever Not to mention the word Errata whys t called that when there s no list of mistakes or corrections But by the final chapter I d come to like the book Iron Cross if only because I admired how much trivia and how manynteresting anecdotes were crammed Zachary's Virgin into 358 pages Genes are at the heart of this book and the author just happens to have parents named Gene and Jean last name Kean so this topics Pfaueninsel in his well you gett Sam Kean s one of my favorite authors deftly explaining scientific concepts n the context of the fascinating figures who first brought them to our attention The stories are full of the humor and foibles of real life and that realistic treatment brings the people and situations to life all the convincingly Kean has a remarkable knack for finding fun anecdotes and Torah With Ramban's Commentary Translated, Annotated, And Elucidated: Devarim/Deuteronomy (Artscroll) interesting connections that reinforce concepts throughout his books His enthusiasms nfectuous and bleeds out n the form of humor copious end notes additional notes and llustrations on his website and n the case of this book a hidden Acrostic Message Encoded In The Chapters Paragraphs I Ve Already message encoded n the Chapters Paragraphs I ve already a couple hours trying to decode t and am likely over thinking t but figured I should write this review first or who knows how long I ll be working this outThe Violinist s Thumb s about the history of genes and DNA how we came to uestion the nature of Time Capsule inheritance our firstnklings of the structures Hot Under the Collar involved dalliances with fruit flies seuencing genomes encoding proteins suffering mutations puzzling over freaks and chimeras swapping DNA with Neanderthals detecting virusntrustions all the way up to our current Horses improved yetncomplete understanding of what makes us us As of 2012 anyhow Having completed all four of Kean s books I dub this the most challenging The subject matter Goblin King itselfs The Luthier's Apprentice incredibly dense metaphorically as well as literally six feet of DNAs crammed Factories in the Field: The Story of Migratory Farm Labor in California into every La specie umana è stata sul punto di estinguersi Può la genetica spiegare l'a ossessivo di certe persone per gatti Perché nascono ndividui privi di mpronte digitali e bambini con la coda Che cosa possono dirci Villa Mendl: Leben und Schicksal der Ankerbrot-Erbin Bettina Mendl i geni sulla morte prematura del faraone Tutankhamon o sulla vicenda di Tsutomu Yamaguchil giapponese sopravvissuto a due esplosioni nucleari uale combinazione genetica creò le dita straordinariamente flessibili di Paganini Con la consueta brillantezza e l peculiare gusto per l'aneddoto scientifico Kea.
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Also follow a power law He Shows How Palindromes Do shows how palindromes do n DNA occasionally and how they have affected X and Y chromosomesKean explains how various genetics researchers made discoveries and New Jewish Voices: Plays Produced by the Jewish Repertory Theatre influenced or failed tonfluence each other Kean has a remarkable ability for bringing human nterest stories to life For example he tells the story of Barbara McClintock whose ncredible observational skills with a microscope enabled her to discover jumping genes n 1951 Scientists dismissed her discovery because she dared to uestion the stationary gene dogma Her reputation suffered badly Decades later as genetics progressed she was vindicated and was awarded the Nobel Prize n 1983I have two misgiving about this book First Kean freuently uses the word theory Sword and Sorceress 24 in the popular sense rather thann the scientific sense He should really have used the word hypothesis which s much appropriate for a new dea that s still unproven Second Kean s writing s peppered with silly attempts at humor He uses expressions like a bitter butter battle broke out Heck and we also needed us some brains Such attempts at humor somehow seemed out of place and put me offNevertheless I recommend this book to
who would like to get fascinating overview of genetics and The Riptide Ultra-Glide its history I m going to be honest and tell you the entire reason I picked up The Violinist s Thumb by Sam Keans not because I m Die Sanduhr interestedn biology or DNA or anything to do with science really Mardi Gras it s because the name Paganini drew menI ve never been the type of girl to understand science The closest I came was a low C Ghetto in Biology 14 years ago when I attended the University of Wyoming Ever since then I ve operated under the assumption that magic sparkles course through my veins that storks bring babies to deserving parents and that my father gave me his caterpillar eyebrows as a way to torture men my later years of life Sound silly Of course t does that s because when I see science explained t looks as strange to me as reading a difficult piece of piano sheet music might to you I say might here because I m operating under the assumption that you don t play Rachmaninoff on a daily basisIn spite of all these misgivings the name of Paganini the famous violinists who folk lore states sold his soul to the devil for his ability to play drew me n to this book Random fact Franz Liszt also rud to be demonic n places studied Paganini s skill on the violin and translated That Yankee Cat: The Maine Coon it to the piano He also was the first to play music memorized on the stage for a concert I blame him for my many breakdowns AnywaySo Paganini was the bait but what hooked me about this book was just how accessible the science was Seriouslyt blew me away In between serious chunks of letters and strands and things I know nothing about were anecdotal stories and historic lessons about names and things I had never known about It opened up a whole new world to me and n the process I like to think I learned a little something then I expected toFully enjoyable well researched and surprisingly fun this book gave me really strange DNA dreams and made me feel a little bit like a smart person for a short whil. Pecie la più dominante che l nostro pianeta abbia conosciuto e Ghost Stories of Washington insieme le semplici storiendividuali dimostrando l'impatto decisivo che l'eredità genetica ha sul destino di ciascuno di noi Ma non si pensi che American Espionage and the Soviet Target il seuenziamento del genoma umano rappresenti un punto d'arrivo Le nuove frontiere dell'ingegneria genetica aprono prospettive che ci affascinano e al tempo stesso ci terrorizzano specie uando lascianontravedere la possibilità di «modificare la nostra stessa essenza chimica e di nventare da capo la vita». ,

The Violinist's Thumb And Other Lost Tales of Love War and Genius as Written by Our Genetic Code