Don't Let Me Die! (NEW)

Lucy I really enjoyed the author s diction and imagery throughout this book including the moment when Lucy s beat up legs were revealed It wasn t just the fiery red color that shocked her She thought Dazedly Of Fabric Caught In of fabric caught in zipper The teeth were the stitches hundreds of them Hoh 83 Even though this image was sickening and saddening it gave me a great image of what her legs looked like and how much her life would change once she got out of the hospital Review by SannyaLucy St Cloud gets into a really bad car accident after a party and it leaves her crippled She makes it through surgeries and therapy but battles depression when it comes to surgeries and therapy but battles depression when it comes to friends and even her boyfriend Lucy turns to Carl Swenson a guy she met in a chat room and they become close online Lucy does not tel One thing that I learned already that was in this book is that don t talk to strangers on the internet What happened in this book is that when Lucy started talking to a guy that was on Netcom She was talking to him because she was bored at her grandparent s place She told him everything that she used to be before she got hit by a told him everything that she used to be before she got hit by a and that her sis Liz was getting marry By the end of the book the guy went to Lucy s new place and tried to rob her I read this back in the sixth grade for fun and really enjoyed it I think if I were to reread it today I d pick up on entirely different points the author was trying to make being that I m 25 and not 12 The books tells the story of a young woman Lucy who survives a horrific accident but isn t able to just walk away She goes through many surgeries and isn t able to walk. Everything goes black Lucy wakes expecting to walk away from the accident But she can't wal.

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This book catches you from the star I liked the fact that the book starts off just before the accident happened instead of trying to set up characters You got to now them as the *book progressed I did not realize this was written for a teen age group I figured it out pretty * progressed I did not realize this was written for a teen age group I figured it out pretty though The reason for the three All though It ept me interested in learning if Lucy will walk again I really got tired of Lucy s whining It seemed like although she wanted to walk Aga This Book Is So This book is so Lucy goes over to her friends house and her boyfriend is dancing with her best friend and neither of them bothered to say hi to Lucy so she leaves It s rainning out and she can t see the road very well and then a tracter trailer is on its side coming toward Lucy blocking the whole road Lucy is forced to just sit in her car as the truck comes closer When they get her to the hospital she has many surgeries and infections The doctors dont now if she will ever walk again or if she will be stuck in a wheelchair foever It s all her boyfriends fault If you ever have to opportunity to read this book DO IT it s an amazing novel that will leave you sad and happy It s a well written book that has everything in it betrayal love heatache hope and a happy ending Its a novel about a girl whos learning how to build her new life back together it s a book you can not put down and the character you can relate with Cheese tastic I love this book because it makes you feel appreciated about being able to walk and it gives you a new perspective on life it makes you feel appreciated about living The book is about a girl named Lucy Lucy slams on the brakes when she sees the truck hurtling toward her on the rain slicked ro. Ho gets in a car crash and her legs are not paralayzed but are damaged severely In The Book She Meetsall the book she meetsall types of people who are in the same situation It s a book that you eep turning the pages and you can t put down It is a depressing setting but the main character makes the depressing news happy A very good book that some people may find inspirational It is about a girl who gets in a terrible accident and is very lucky to be alive It is very possible that she will never walk again but her goal is to walk down the aisle at her sister s wedding She runs into another conflict when an online buddy she meets In A Chatroom Refuses To Leave Her a chatroom refuses to leave her It throughs another twist into the story and gives a predictable book some suspence and a good ending See if you can figure it out Overall I thought this book was very well written and ept me wanting to turn the page The only thing I did not enjoy was the fact that the book jumped right into the tragedy without having the reader Black Heart, Red Ruby know much about the main character Lucy I did not like this because I think that some of the deeper understandings of the book were lost due to notnowing enough about the main character Even though I didn t get to learn much about Lucy I new that I would still enjoy the book when I read the tires screamed in protest wanting to obey the brake s command but unable to on the wet slick road The smell of burning rubber was sickening the headlights of the oncoming tractor trailer blinding Hoh 17 This scene was extremely descriptive and created a very vivid picture in my head which made me feel as if I was actually. Ad But the blinding headlights eep getting closer Tires sueal Glass shatters Lucy screams.
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Don't Let Me Die!

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