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Sweet Alien Savage (Zerconian Warriors, #4)Good read br br I really enjoyed the story line My only annoyance with this #series is the insistence of the human women of ersistently trying to #is the insistence of the human women of ersistently trying to the Zerconian males like they were human with human motivations They obviously aren t and it seems foolish that anyone used to dealing with aliens would even obviously aren t and it seems foolish that anyone used to dealing with aliens would even to shove them into a human mold or even expect them to behave in a human manner Of course their customs and mating behavior would be different Expectations otherwise would be just idiotic and backward thinking Book Review Sweet Alien Savagebr br I am an independent reviewer This is the 4th book in the Zerconian Warriors series and ends in an HEA This story follows Koran the crotchety second in command The Prince sends Koran to another lanet to investigate a disturbing transmission and to meet the human ambassador Zoey is heavily This Deleuzian Century pregnant in this book It is hysterical to see herregnancy described as less of a glow and realistically sweaty heavy and crabby Humor "via misunderstanding sarcasm is another tool the author uses to great effectbr "misunderstanding sarcasm is another tool the author uses to great effectbr Koran meets the ambassador and her mousy assistantsister Mila Mila offers to school his men in how to treat and converse to human females Her lessons were laugh out loud funny Of course Mila is mate to Koran and the Women's Romantic Theatre and Drama: History, Agency, and Performativity push andull of that relationship is fun to watchbr br This book has romance humor a murder mystery and an HEA I love that while Mila is timid she is not dumb She shocks Koran with her IT skills changing his view of what women can accomplish This book is appropriate for an adult audience I am giving this book 5 stars I only wish it was longerbr Talk about one dimensionalbr br These characters were stupiddim and soo one dimensional I was looking for the cardboard After reading 13 and loved it this book was a little flat and rushed by I did enjoy it Koran Al a doesn t want a mate or a human one at that so while on a mission to another Tell Me What You Want planet for the the Prince to find out about a distressful transmission that went out he meets the ambassador of thelanet Aline and her assistant Mila and he is draw to mila straight way but Aline has lans for him and let s her sister know all about it What happens now check it out to find the answers DELICIOUSLY CUTE SERIOUSLY SEXY AND DELIGHTFULLY ENTERTAININGbr Title Sweet Alien Savagebr Series Zerconian Warriorsbr Designation Book Four of Series Standalone Novella NO Cliffhangerbr Genre SciFiAlien Romancebr Author Sadie Carterbr Reading Platform Kindle Unlimitedbr My Rating FIVE SUPE. The last thing Koran Al’a desires is a human mate They are illogical emotional and show no respect for tradition and rules His mate will be rational sensible and obedient Mila has always lived in the shadow of her successful bea. .

R SEXY STARSbr Love it Sadie Carter Has Delivered Another Carter has delivered another with Sweet Alien Savage the fourth release in her delightfully entertaining Zerconian Warriors Series and I m still totally smitten I fell head over heels in love with this science fictionadventure romance last year after reading Alien Warrior the first book of the series and have been a fan ever since Personally I believe this release can be read as a complete standalone story without having read the first three books However if you like cute sexy fastpaced funfilled scie Four Savage Starsbr br This has been a really great series It lots of fun and uite humorous as Zarconians mate with Earth girls This time Koran finally meets his mate as Mila Clumsily bumps through life This was a fun sexy readbr br br If you are a Kindle Unlimited Subscriber this is on the free read list Sweet Alien Savage is the story of Mila and Koranbr br When Koran Al gets sent to Earth to find origins of a misleading and slanderous video his only mission is to find the culprit and return He does not expect to be attracted to the clumsy Mila Gray sister and assistant to the catty Earth commander Aline and that she would turn out to be his matebr br When a worker is strangled and Zerconian warriors are blamed Mila and Koran work together to discover the truth while working on understanding each other as a newly mated couplebr br The hero is confused and grumpy my favorite scene definitely is him learning about compliments and comparing the heroine to a treeLMAO the heroine is strong sweet and klutzy their love story is adorable and sexy and keeps you investedbr br Really enjoyed itbr br Safebr 45 Sweet Alien Savage Zerconian Warriors 4 Koran and Mila One Of My One of my br He s a grumpy and traditional warrior who wants an obedient mate She s used to being lain and overshadowed by her beautiful sister even as she organises everything in the backgroundbr br I know what I want for my birthday and it s over 6 ft tall has eyes that change colour and is adorably arrogant That s right sign me up for a Zerconian warrior of my very own I love those guys and I devoured all the currently released books including the novellas in under a week I confess I was a little addictedbr br But there was a lot to love about this series Sadie Carter has done a fantastic job at not only writing a troop of sexy alien warrior but she given us a whole bunch of feisty hilarious heroines as well I enjoyed watching the friendship develop between the women almost as much as. Utiful older sister But that’s okay with her she likes being in the background That is until the day that Koran walks into her life Never has she felt such an instant attraction to a man His sinful body his dark dangerous looks The romancesbr br As I mentioned I read these book in uick succession which meant that I uickly worked out the formula that each of the books follow This did make each instalment redictable however that obviously didn t stop me from jumping from one book to another This was a lighthearted and fun series to read although you known what s going to happen doesn t take away the enjoyment I took from reading each warrior fall for his human womanbr br This series covers a lot of troupescharacter types as well so if you like a Le rendez-vous plain Jane grumpy heroes warrior women enemies to lovers stories than this series is bound to fulfil your wishes Personally I really enjoylain Jane and grumpy hero stories so those were my favourite books in the series Please see Boundless Book Reviews for the review that will ost at a later datebr br a targetblank relnoopener nofollow hrefhttpswwwgoodreadscomusershow39479968boundlessbookreviewshttpswwwgoodreadscomusershow3a 45 starsbr br Sadie Carter contacted me to let me know the fourth installment of the Zerconian Warriors is out I enjoyed the others so much I was all over it In Sweet Alien Savage we get the story of Koran AKA Grumpy whom we got to know in the first three books This story is a erfect mix of comedy mystery and romance br br I really loved Mila with her awkward clumsiness yet she is so endearing and strong willed The erfect match for a uber macho Zerconian Frankly Koran doesn t know what hit himbr br Oh shh Koran br Did you just shh me br She glanced over at Him Yes I Did Yes I did bad you don t seem to understand what shh means br br Oh yes Perfect match for a 7 Zerconian warrior A little etite nothing of a woman with a will as big as his size I loved the aringbr br I found a few typos in the story not enough to take away from my enjoyment but I do have to comment that they are there for example eave instead of leave br br Overall I really do love #this series and it is uickly becoming one of my favorites When I want a uick funny read with some #series and it is uickly becoming one of my favorites When I want a uick funny read with some hot aliens and loads of funny idioms this will be my go to series I leave you with one of my favoritesbr br Seriously You d leave Darac out to dry just because you re not getting your own way br He looked uzzled Darac is not wet unless you engage water torture for risoners br br Sarabr br a targetblank relnoopener nofollow hrefhttpwwwboundlessbookreviewscomhttpwwwboundlessbookreviewscomabr br a targetblank relnoopener nofollow hrefhttpswwwfacebookcomBBReviewshttpswwwfacebookcomBBReviews. Ven his cranky temperament isn’t enough to dampen her need for him The roblem is her sister has set her sights on Koran and what Aline wants Aline gets Mila knows she doesn’t have a chance No cliffhanger Can be read on its own.