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Summary The Incomparable Miss Brady

He eye of a dashing French comte whom the Maruess Knows To Be A Fortune Hunter Clemmy Patrick And Their to be a fortune hunter Clemmy Patrick and their Seraphina head to Paris and take Parisian society by storm and experience the pleasures and dangers Paris has to offer Used to managing her American grandfather s estates Clemmy turns her energy into managing everyone else s ives but fails to notice that some events are beyond her control including her own future The Maruess is also in Paris and he suspects the Bradys are not as capable of Chicago Architecture (Architecture Urbanism) looking after themselves as they seem and decides to keep an eye on them just in case they need help and finds himself strangely drawn to his unusual cousin This book started off wonderfully Ioved the interactions between Clemmy and the Maruess and Clemmy s determination to throw off convention and remain in "control once the characters head to paris the "Once the characters head to Paris the becomes about everyone else than Clemmy There were way too many characters to keep track of and too many titled characters to keep straight I would have preferred witty banter between Clemmy and Lord Cadogan instead of Clemmy s scrapes and adventures that would have made for a much better stor. Dy been besieged by such an enticing international set of temptations Never had an innocent from the New World been forced to wrestle with such an array of Old World experience But then never had even her suavest and most seductive suitors encountered anyone uite ike. Ci pu forse stare ma che poi se ne Citrus: A History liberi affidandola a un protettore uesto decisamente no non va E cosa mia ettura ha proceduto a salti tra fastidi e irritazioni tanto pi forti ed esasperate uanto meno attese da un autrice da cui avevo finora avuto solo ore tanto pi forti ed esasperate uanto meno attese da un autrice da cui avevo finora avuto solo ore gradevole e divertita ettura I ve given it 3 stars because there are m0ments that are enjoyable but I felt it went on a bit to ong for the story really and I think there should have been moments between the 2 main characters as their feelings developed to make it realistic Personally this novel is not as good as her earlier ones Miss Clementina Brady from Balti Maryland USA arrives on the doorstep of the home of the Maruess of Cadogan expecting to reconcile with her estranged grandfather instead she earns her grandfather has died and a distant cousin has taken his place and the new Maruess has a very Classic Rough News low opinion of Clementina whom heabels as a managing female That s fine with Clemmy who doesn t care what others think of her She s perfectly capable of taking care of herself and her younger brother Patrick Clemmy and Patrick instantly adapt to ife in London and Clemmy catches TThere was her elegant if insufferably arrogant English cousin the Maruis of "Cadogon There was the incredibly handsome though notoriously rakish Comte de Tourne And there was the ravishingly rich if irrepressibly "There was the incredibly handsome though notoriously rakish Comte de Tourne And there was the ravishingly rich if irrepressibly Russian Prince AlexisNever had a proper young a.