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Mica Dragon Horde #1

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Dn t affect my overall enjoyment of the story as it was being told I m looking forward to reading of the Dragon Horde series Ms Winters introduced just enough of the other characters to want you to read their follow p stories I don t review very often at all I suck at it lol I do always leave the star rating for any book I read This time I felt compelled to write a review I enjoyed the book that much I find it difficult to find new booksauthors that really interest me into reading of them I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who has not read it before Now I
off to find books in Dragon Horde series We meet some of the Dragon clan Each member we have met so far has an Only but they each have issues We learn as we read the story Mica has some misguided thoughts Is nhe going to let them keep him from his woman Will she get over her insecurities and fight for her man Can they work together What will happen nextI received an ARC version of this book in exchange for an honest review The book was about a dragon shift resisting his mate Even if we get to spend date night with the characters we really don Even if we get to spend date night with the characters we really don know much about them I guess this series is a part of a group of books that are all on the short side But because of this I didn t connect with the characters much I did like the story but I can t help but wish there were to it I ve only previously read 1 of Ronin Winters books but when I stumbled pon Mica I just had to get it it didn t last long on my kindle app before I d started reading it Mica is book 1 in Ronin s series Dragon Horde which in turn is a part of the Mating Fever collection A set Ronin s series Dragon Horde which in turn is a part of the Mating Fever collection A set books from 8 authors 8 different packs an individuals story on finding their mateI enjoyed reading about Mica Sophia s journey to becoming mates I devoured the book can t wait to read the rest in this series Well I had to add a new category to my shelves but for some this will be a definite draw I just find it something to skip overI was given this book in return for an honest review so that s what. Book club well indulging in a little fantasy never hurt anyone Anyway it’s not like there was a chance of it coming true From the first moment he saw the curvy shop proprietor Mica’s been panting after the gorgeous brunette and his dragon is going crazy with the. FantasticThis broke through one of the remaining way people of size are treated bullied disrespectful and society as a whole allows it I am so grateful to the authors that write these books I can t wait for the next book Thank you I read this book as part of the Mating Fever Series I m looking forward to seeing what this Dragon Horde series has to come You get a back story into two of the other characters and what s happened with their mates I m intrigued to see to see how it all nfolds with what they are fighting and the mates I enjoyed reading this book and read it from start to finish I received this ARC in return for an honest review and I can t wait to read the rest of the trilogy Full figured Sophie was sed to comments about her size but it still hurt just the SAME AND OWNING A TEA SHOP WAS HARDLY DOING and owning a tea shop was hardly doing weight any good but she wanted this shop since she was a little girl She never knew why a huge muscle bound lumberjack stopped at her place every day to order takeout he was like a bull in a china shopMica had passed the tea shop and saw his mate but he was a shy bearded tongue tied doofus when he was near Sophie but as his dragon friends egged him on he knew he had to face rejection if Sophie didn t want him She was his Only and he didn t want another woman Let me start by saying him She was his Only and he didn t want another woman Let me start by saying haven t read anything by Ronin Winters before this book Honestly I bought the book back in early May and forgot about it I had finished one series by another author and was looking for something else to read when I ran across it in my book list I was so very surprised from the get gomost authors that are not well known to me their stories don t flow well at all The overall story line may be good but it seems very stilted to me From the beginning of Mica I was caught p in the story it flowed well and had me hooked I read the book completely through in two hours I loved it I found myself caught p in the characters lives and couldn t wait to see how it would turn out I did run into three or four grammar errors but it di. No one looked out of place in her tea shop than the big bearded muscled and tattooed man but his daily visits were the highlight of Sophie’s day If she had the occasional naughty thoughts about the sexy stranger while she was baking scones or organizing the monthly.
Love's Executioner Wonderful Tonight Kindness Goes Unpunished (Walt Longmire, Fates and Traitors
The author gets I love dragon
so of course I wanted one It s a little graphic a lot than I would have chosen but hey you can just skip over the hot and heavy parts I did a lot of that with this storyThere are two stories running in this one story the background story of what s happening with the dragon horde in general and this story Mica and Sophie s story I like the complexity of the story so it s not just a simple romance just between a baker and a dragon I was a large curvy girl who knew early on i was never going knew early on I was never going have a guy let alone an attractive guy so this story hits home for me And Ms Winters sketches in several other dragons enough so that I want to find out how they get their Only soul mate to the rest of s I didn t give it a five because it was rather short with little than the love story resolved Still I d like to find out what happens to the rest of the dragon wing and their mates Perhaps the later books will be a little longer or detailed I d love to give them a five More please of Mating FeverI found this book by accident took a chance I am glad I didThe story was good the characters likable and the naughty partsinspiring The reason I didn t give the book a 5 was I wanted backstory I wanted a longer visit with the characters Looking forward to Mating Fever InstaFreebie read Novellas are fun to read and I love supplementing them in between books However what I really don t appreciate about novellas in particular or any book for that matter is when they are not grammatically well written Mica is so carelessly and sloppily written that *it takes away from what little plot and script exists It is just lazy that one *takes away from what little plot and script exists It is just lazy that one the namesake Mica is spelled as Micah in the very next sentence Really There is no excuse for that whatsoever Aside from my tirade about the lack of writing and editing skills in this book the plot was poorly developed and delivered Though I applaud InstaFreebie and its authors for the free reads I have a hard time reading them On my Were Scale of Hotness 15 stars. Need to claim her Her stunning smile and infectious laugh lightens his heart – and her sweet as sin body has a earthy effect on him It might take some time to break through her shyness but Mica can imagine no greater treasure than finally claiming Sophie as his ma. ,

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