The Journals of Lewis and Clark E–pub/E–book

Ountered trappers or Indians that *these lands were now under the power of the US There are a few *lands were under the power of the US There are even a few offs with uns drawn They recorded what they saw taking eological surveys and their encounters with different animals including Grizzlies and little wolves coyotes They send a live prairie dog back to the President They also discuss the various Indian customs and compare the different tribes One interesting issue is that LC s "Men Had Sex All "had sex all and down the west as the Indian men offered them their women VD became serious problem Interesting how the two leaders differed Lewis is very introspective in his writing and can be hard on himself He eventually years later commits suicide Clark is matter of fact but he also ends up the one who is truly thankful to Sacajawea and provides for the education of her childAn amazing adventure story An easy read Highly recommended for any American There is something about the imperfect spelling and broken rammar that is flavorful and solid like the scratches on a vintage record or the fuzz in the background on the radio Also some of the passages are just flat out cool in their curt yet epic appraisal of the landscape Yep over there the Indians won t I Was A Stranger go near that mountain because it s said that it s defended by Spirits and Little People who will kill you if youet too close Me and Lewis are onna o check it out tomorrow Liked it for a while but then my 21st century mind drifted Wort. Iwether Lewis to lead an intelligence The Lives of Stay-at-Home Fathers: Masculinity, Carework and Fatherhood in the United States gathering expedition from the Missouri River to the northern Pacific coast and back From 1804 to 1806 Lewis accompanied by co captain William Clark the Shoshoneuide Sacajawea and thirty two men made the first trek across the Louisiana Purchase mapping the rivers as he went tracing the principal waterways to the sea and establishing the American claim to the territories of ,
Wow I was expecting something slow but this was a thriller Seeing the reat West unfold before these men was an exciting read Made me wonder why I read fictional adventures when this is out thereSacajawea steals the show in the early part of the book These reat men really depend on her She uides them teaches them what to eat and Her husband *Was A Bit Of An *a bit of an always etting sore feet sinking a boat to swim but they 1,000 Awesome Writing Prompts got to take him along because they need her 2 weeks into picking her up sheives birth to a baby and she hauls this kid around the entire 2 3 years When she takes ill the entire company 50 or so men all halt and LC personally see to her health They are constantly sending out scout parties before the larger roup presses on and you repeated hear that the scout crew consisted of Myself L or C 2 lieutenants the Indian woman and her baby The baby Seriously How did she feed the damn thing The most dramatic moment occurs at a meeting with the Snake Indians She is sitting with LC when the Chief enters The Scene And She Breaks scene and she breaks crying because one of the Chief s men is her brother Turns out she was kidnapped from the Snakes during a war and hadn t seen him for years This is why she knows the way and can speak so many languages What life bringsLC ive some extraordinary accounts of the West of course This was a roup under orders from President Jefferson They went about notifying each roup they enc. In 1803 when the United States purchased Louisiana from France the reat expanse of this new American territory was a blank not only on the map but in our knowledge President Thomas Jefferson keenly understood that the course of the nation's destiny lay westward and that a national Voyage of Discovery must be mounted to determine the nature and accessibility of the frontier He commissioned his young secretary Mer. H a peek if not for the dazzling walk through a faraway time via the eyes of people who actually lived it These dudesSeriouslyIf walk through a faraway time via the eyes of people who actually lived it These dudesSeriouslyIf want to know what it takes to survive in the wilderness read these journalsI feel like the eneral sentiment these days is that Lewis and Clark are both stereotypical ignorant dorks who crossed America just with Sacagewea to help them and that she pretty much did all the heavy lifting for them That Lewis was the pansy sort of intellectual and Clark the

uneducated but man s man captain Not true in the slightest *For one thing they had 33 companions with them including Sacagawea s husband *one thing they had 33 companions with them including Sacagawea s husband a French trapper both of whose names Lewis and Clark routinely butcher the dorksThey were also both terrible spellers another endearing trait And while Sacagawea certainly helped them it s not like she blazed the trail and were followed by the ignorant non natives who were completely helpless Nope Not at all In fact I surprised myself by rowing uite fond of them both though I ll admit I preferred Clark and though the journals are hardly page turners there ARE rather intense moments and also rather endearing moments as well Not necessarily in what these two say but how they say it Honestly justRead this Seriously It s abridged it s fun it s interestingAnd it s history that reads like fiction The best kind Did you know Lewis and Clark had a dog with them that went all the way to the Pacific and bac. Daho Washington and Oregon Together the captains kept a journal a richly detailed record of the flora and fauna they sighted the Indian tribes they encountered and the awe inspiring landscape they traversed from their base camp near present day St Louis to the mouth of the Columbia River In keeping this record they made an incomparable contribution to the literature of exploration and the writing of natural histo. The Journals of Lewis and Clark

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