E–pub/Kindle [Alien Generals Chosen Brion Brides #4] ☆ Vi Voxley

Alien Generals Chosen Brion Brides #4

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Ok of the Brion Warriors I will start again in order this time what a great in order this time what a great I sincerely hope Vi Voxley will do what her competition does not do they give us these too short books with limited character involvement few tie ins with other books in the series and these books afe noe edge ofthe seat crisis after the other We get a HEA but these is lots of work by the Hero and strong heroine to get there No fainting violets in these stories Each is her own person and I could see that the series could go on for serveral books most happily from my partI would love to be a beta reader as there are some minor flaws that if eliminated would silence the few critics Give her books a chance 500 to 700 pages in not nearly enough Vi Please write of these lengthy sci fi s This is the first book I have read by this writer While I do think it has pote. E love of her life but the general is far than she could have been prepared for And no one's supposed to deny their chosen but what if she has compelling reasons To Do So Even If do so even if body can't fathom the idea Faren is not a simple man Seemingly devoid of emotions rational to a fault he is a monster on the battlegrounds and his reputation far precedes him But after losing his brother the only demon who could match him Faren is aimless When the binding hits him like a spear to the chest making him recognize the innocent curvy Leiya as his true mate he fi. The Book of Air kill the human woman he has sworn his heart to The universe doesn'tnow the power of an alien general who can only be controlled by the woman he loves Will Leiya trust to love the man who is the epitome of everything she despises or will fate have to make the decision for man who is the epitome of everything she despises or will fate have to make the decision for
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Wasn t for me Absolutely despised the lead female character She was judgmental and the story in general was very boring and predictable The female leads inner monologue went on and on for pages and was very repetitive Just my two cents I love this series Love all the super machoism The extreme testosterone these adventures reek with just dazzles These heros are the ultimate male specimens and who wouldn t fantasize about having such a creature totally and absolutely at your beckon call Besides the heroines are just as spunky and vivacious A truly titillating cat and mouse game Everyone of Vi Voxley sc0fi stories are uniue totally absorbing absurdly romantic hot insanely sexy an of considerable length to give the reader a real story to grab on to and look for thee next book I have read them in the wrong order so After I finish this last bo. This general doesn't play fair This is a 70 last bo. This general doesn't play fair This is a 70 full scifi romance novel featuring a BBW human heroine and a growly alpha male Brion warrior general It can and should be read as a standalone and has a guaranteed HEA ending Leiya has a secret Trouble is even she doesn't now it One of the most promising singers Briolina has to offer no one could now that the bright star is actually a human a Terran from Earth But when the most dangerous Brion in the universe marks her as his own Leiya has than hidden secrets to worry about She thought she was ready for th. ,

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