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I'm the Boss of Me: A Guide to Owning Your Career oLace until the endf the story but to get to that point is a very interesting story and very intriguing with the merging f personalities Another good story and very romantic I got this book from netgalley I ga ve this book 4 starsFollow us at www1rad readerreviewscom this book from netgalley I ga ve this book 4 starsFollow us at www1rad readerreviewscom wanted to like this but it reuires too much suspension f reality Excellent read love the family unit and interaction among each member Somehow I don t think the title fits the story but it is pleasant story Texas Manhunt (Chance, Texas of learning how to let go and trust Full review coming soonr eventually For now is a passable palatable read On A Sunday Afternoon Even With The Contrived Parts a chilly Sunday afternoon Even with the contrived parts book has its merits as a romance story and it s the second Condor of three standalone books in the Mama s boys series If you ve readne you ve read them all But if you re looking for something meatier that will stay with you for days weeks years after this is not the Deception one It s ane and done Not recommended as a keeper for interracial romance libraries Almost made it to the end but couldn t do it Why can t these two nerds use their words I like these characters but god damn they make the most stupid decisions The endding interview plot point was the kicker justso stupid and unnecessary to wait until after to tell Gideon the planWHY THERE IS LITERALLY NO REASON TO KEEP HIM OUT OF THE LOOP Also why is every woman who isn t a love interest Bliss County - Der Traum in Weiß or a mother portrayed as the whoref Babylon So uncomfor. Loves almost as much as her boys But there’s an unexpected complication in ueen Elizabeth’s shop and that complication looks really good in a gardener’s apron and pruning gloves This mama’s boy has a naughty side tooJanelle Gold has always thought The Bride in Blue of herself as a geek into books than sports preferring brainsver brawn So a gorgeous jock Great author great seriesWho doesn t love a man who loves and respects his mama without being a mama s boy This is a well written series without the many grammatical mistakes common in these IR ebooks "The Men Are Strong But Vulnerable And "men are strong but vulnerable and to be respectful The Life Lucy Knew of women they are also sportsmanf VARIOUS TYPES THE WOMEN ARE EVERYDAY WOMEN WHICH IS types The women are everyday women which is The cast f characters are likable and complex enough to be real This hero is a pro B with a geeky side The heroine is a flower shop owner and geeky in her way also I really enjoyed it Just and geeky in her way also I really enjoyed it Just the next in the series This the second book and it begins with Gideon being the starting uarterback in the super bowl and after he completes the last play for the winning score he gets a call about his mother ueenie being in the hospital He leaves without going to any f the celebrations to go home to be with his mother She adopted him and his two brothers He is the middle son The story mostly is around the floral shop that she The Bridal Suite owns and asks him to help run while she is laid up This is where he meets Janelle Gold who alsowns a floral shop The first encounter she is not very nice to him when he asks a favor After a few times meeting and talking she warms up to him but at the same time she is guarded and not trusting When she asks him to look at himself which he does towards her and a friend The Troublesome Angel of his from the team that is mad neitherf them are looking at themselves The change does not take Roses are red violets are blueOnly ne woman could make NFL star Gideon Wells walk away from the Super Bowl His Mama ueen Elizabeth the beautiful strong black woman who adopted him and his two white brothers when they were just kids So when Elizabeth develops a pressing health issue Gideon doesn’t hesitate to come home and run the flower shop she.

Summary Forget Me Not Mamas Boys #2

Table to read those parts This book is 85% good and rest is weird descriptions nonsensical decisions and inconsistent chracters Why Jannelle and Penny weird descriptions nonsensical decisions and inconsistent chracters Why are Jannelle and Penny They re written like frenimies but I think it was by accident because at no point is it addressed that for most f the book Penny was kinda shitty to Jannelle I just couldn t this book I gave up at 30% Although I going back to it I felt that it was a tad bit too step up for me things just didn t flow naturally Like ueen Elizabeth setting up her boy too cringe for me I might go back to it I hate leaving things unfinished Superbowl MVP returns home to help The Desert Princes Proposal out his family To spice things up throw in some business and sexual tension with a rival floral shopwner Janelle was annoying and her pride got her into trouble than she could handle Gideon was just a little too good to be true I didn t need the constant reminders that Elizabeth had raised him and his brothers to be respectful This was a good read Gideon is a football star and he has just won the super bowl However right after the game he gets a call telling him that his brother has been stabbed Of course he runs home right away His mother also has some health issues so he helps with her flower shop When he needs help he turns to another shop The Makeover Prescription (Sugar Falls, Idaho owned by Janelle Things don t go as planned but as the book goes along they begin to make it work Thankfully after everything they are able to make it work in the end. Ike Gideon Wells is not exactly the type she usually goes for But there’s something about the hot uarterback that makes Janelle think sometimespposites do attract and it’s not just his dedication to his family The Million-Dollar Question or the fact that he can hold hiswn in the flower shop There’s just something irresistible about a man who stops to smell the roses. Forget Me Not Mamas Boys #2

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