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Entertaining but instantly forgettable One Week with the french tycoon by christy mckellen is fresh fun Tycoon by Christy McKellen is fresh fun and so amazing The characters were fleshed out in detail their back stories were uniue and the story on an overall basis was ndearing and realistic I could relate to the heroine Indigo Hughes in a way and I understood her innermost thoughts well nough to say that I know how she feels throughout the book The hero Julien Moreaux had an aura of grace and charm about him yet beneath the strength and beauty of him is a man who is struggling with life on a deeper level Ms McKellen did a fine job bringing out the distinctive traits of her characters in a steady pace Meanwhile vivid descriptions ngaging dialogues and uality writing added dazzle to an already compelling plotHighly Recommended45 Stars ONE WEEK WITH THE FRENCH TYCOON by author Christy McKellen is a May 2016 release by Harleuin PresentsIndigo Hughes after a break up with her boyfriend goes for a holiday While on the Amalfi Coast she meets Frenchman Julien Moreaux Circumstance forces them to share a room for the night But they walk away in the morning Then Indigo realizes she hasn t asked Julien if he was alright as he seemed stressed Now starts the fun part as Julien tries to dodge Indigo as he was after some peace and uite He was recovering from a divorce Yet Indigo is caring and talkative And she wouldn t leave him alone ONE WEEK WITH THE FRENCH TYCOON has all the markings of a great story Author Christy McKellen brought this romance to life on the page which would hook her readers inAnd she did a wonderful job of bringing Indigo and Julien together despite all the motional baggage and past grief they carriedHighly recommended for all readers of romance The first thing that caught my ye with this book was the cover And by cover I mean her red hair as they are not at all common in my neck of the woods And the twinkle in her yes made me finish this book in one sitting If it could be called one sitting if you take a little break to write a poem which was sort of inspired by Indigo s character tooA story of two people who know how to be selfless when it comes to the need of other people and never backing out from Doing What They CanWhile They what they canWhile they *To Know Each Other On *know ach other on walk on the Amalfi coast Indigo realised her love for Julien but staying true to form for a hero in romance for the most part Julien had to take some time and make her leave him before he realised what she really meant to him and come back to his senses And finally put in motion acts that will bring him to her and her to himThe one thing that I loved the most however is the fact that when Julien was professing his love finally to Indigo not once did this man mention how pretty the woman looked because for him the bea. On the Amalfi Coast Fine food stunning views and time alone to heal her heartbliss Instead she's thrown together with tycoon Julien Moreaux He's cynical sexy and recently divorced. This is a beautiful story a story of love and caring and of two people who just go out of their way for other people but they have also been left a bit scared from previous relationships Will their journey finally bring them the happiness they deserve I say you will be smiling in the A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, endIndigo Hughes is on a walking holiday along The Amalfi Coast this is what she needs to overcome her break up with her boyfriend it had supposed to be a trip for them both but now it was just Indigo and it starts of with one problem after another will her heartver mend will she *enjoy the scenery and food on this trip Then into her *the scenery and food on this trip Then into her walks Frenchman Julien Moreaux when they need to share a room on their first night in Italy this is going to change her life foreverJulien is getting away from his high powered job he is getting over a divorce and wants peace and alone time he is not looking for a holiday fling or a new relationship just a break but that is about to change when he meets the beautiful English red head Indigo and his trip of peacefulness is turned upside down by a woman who likes to talk and care for peopleI loved this story the setting is magnificent the story line fabulous and to see these two caring people work so hard not to fall in love but still doing The Shadow Reader everything they can to helpach other and then to realize they are in love and need Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies each other is a story I highly recommend I smiled and sighed through this story I loved Indigo s personality so strong and determined and Julien gorgeous and caring don t miss this one 35 starsThis was a lot of fun though thatpilogue was not my favorite thing ver This was a very pleasant readAs an avid hiker I loved reading about the Amalfi coast walk it has made me want to do it myselfIt was a refreshing change to read about romance developing in

This ScenarioMade Me Wish 
scenarioMade me wish of these stories could be set in the great outdoors with the main characters meeting this wayI liked both main charact A perfectly pleasant little read but the plot premise was stretching credulity a bit too far Two strangers meet and agree to share a room I shrugged that off because it is Mills and Boon Julien was an interesting character and actually kind and considerate It was the heroine I disliked The heroine Indigo is far too much of an impertinent Ms goody two shoes for me Who on arth would decide that she was the person to bring a stranger out of his depression Her sense of righteousness really grated The development of the romance was nicely done but I m afraid Indigo just got on my nerves As for all this independence stuff they buy a small place so that she can share the mortgage payment Sorry but what happened to the sharing that goes with marriage He s a millionaire but let s ignore that We ll live to the lower income regardless. From holidayto happy The Power Of A Choice ever after Indigo Hughes spends her life taking care ofveryone lse But after she's unceremoniously dumped she finally puts herself first and books a holiday.

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Uty of Indigo was not in her facial features or her size but *her strength determination and compassionHigh five Christy McKellen for penning a romance that *strength determination and compassionHigh five Christy McKellen for penning a romance that love for the Character Of A Person All I Want To Do Is of a person All I want to do is my bag put on my walking books and head straight off to Amalfi Loved this original romance set on a walking trail on the gorgeous Amalfi coast with its uniue set up ngaging heroine gorgeous hero and perfectly drawn setting Read this on a whim because I m dreaming of the Amalfi Coast and was pleasantly surprised I njoyed the story than I xpected It seemed incredible that it was only a week since he d come storming into her life with his reluctant heroism and inimitable strength But who you fell in love with wasn t something you could control And she had fallen in love with him Desperately and completely 4 StarsIt s my second time to read a book written by Christy McKellen and I have to say that she doesn t fail to make me swoon with her sweet light and The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right easy to read booksOne Week with the French Tycoon is an adult romance book about two strangers who met in Italy Londoner Indigo Hughes went to Italy to unwind and to somehow recover from her failed relationship She didn txpect to meet a gorgeous brooding French tycoon at the hotel she was staying though and his name is Julien Moreaux Like Indigo Julien was also mending a broken heart or rather a broken marriage Fresh from a divorce Julien didn t plan to get attracted to Indigo and worse to Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling even consider a relationship with her I loved the way this book made me feel as though I was vacationing in a beautiful country And wow Italy The details about the place made me want toxperience it myself This book is a great summer read and a perfect companion if you re going out of town There was just something in it that gave me a relaxing feelPlus the beautifully rendered romance The plot may sound a little clich but hey this is the kind of clich that I will indulge willingly because the story gave good vibes and the characters felt real to me I loved Indigo s character in particular I can actually see myself in her She s the type of woman who doesn t want to depend on other people Monsieur Pain even if these people were her family In fact she stood up on her own when shexperienced financial troubles Julien is also a great and likeable character He s a real gentleman I loved the way her cared for Indigo and offered help when she met dilemmasOverall I njoyed this book I had fun reading Indigo and Julien s adventure and their road to happiness If you want some light reads with a clean romance then this book is definitely the one you are looking for I can t change the way I am JulienYou don t have to Thank you to the author Christy McKellen for sending me an ARC of this book in xchange for an honest review. Exactly the kind of man she should avoid But big hearted Indigo hopes to help Julien find his faith in love again she just doesn't xpect to find her own happy ver after in his ar. One Week with the French Tycoon
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