The Flag Maker (E–pub Free) Ý Susan Campbell Bartoletti

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This was a great follow up to Peter Spier s The Star Spangled Banner which I did as a read aloud with my kids on Memorial Day I ike that the story is told through the eyes of Mary Pickersgill s daughter Caroline and that it tells the story of the flag without having to uote Francis Scott Key at all The artwork is also very appealing and "My Three Year Old Was Completely Enad Of The Story "three year old was completely enad of the story A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, ll want to borrow this again whenever I take my kids to the American History Museum in DC to see the star spangled banner itself This story covers the construction of the American Flag as it was made for Fort McHenry It is written in the viewpoint of a young girl Caroline who helped in the construction of such an important flagIove how the author referenced The Star Spangled Banner song in the use of certain phrasings in her book It gave the story a sense of importance and brought it closer to its moment in history Grade 1st Grade to 4th GradeTopic American History Flag History Star Spangled Banner Women in History This book is About A Young Girl Who a young girl who her mom make flags during the Revolutionary War One day they are asked to make a huge flag This book was about the making of the American flag It told how Caroline and her mother and so many others worked for weeks to make sure this flag was perfect and they hung it at Fort McKinley After the attack from the British there one night it was still waving there This is how we got our the attack from the British there one night it was still waving there This is how we got our anthemThis book was really interesting because I don t recall ever really hearing about the process of how making the American flag occurred as much as I was taught about Francis Scott Key writing the national anthem It was interesting getting a different perspective This book would be good to show children another perspective on how our national anthem came to be what it is today From a family of flag makers this non fiction book tells the story through the eyes of thirteen year old Caroline Caroline and her Mother Mary Pickersgill along with the help of cousins and others sewed the flag that flew over Fort McHenry after the British battle of Balti and inspired Francis Scott Keys song The Star Spangled Banner The author was so inspired by this flag which she saw on display at the Smithsonian in Washington DC that she wrote this book For a complete The Shadow Reader list of good books with a sewinguilting theme see this post This is a story about the flag maker who created the American flag It takes the prospe. Here inyrical prose is the story of the flag that inspired Francis Scott Key to write the words that became the national anthem of the United States This flag which came to be known as the Star Spangled Banner also inspired author Susan Cam.

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Ctive of a ittle girl helping her mother They make the biggest flag they have ever made spending day and night working on all the white stars and red stripes Then they see it fly high and admire the great work they have done and the men who came to them Then she watches as the men fight for freedom under the great flag she had created She stays up all night waiting to see the flag still flying and once she wakes she finds that the stripes and stars are still flying high This is a cool way to explain some main events in American history I would probably read this to my class around fourth of July and then have them talk about it with one another and me I would ask them what they thought and what was really happening in the story It would be cool to make our own flag after reading this story have while they do it read other stories about American history I thought this was a cool prospective of a great historical event and enjoyed reading it Nicely done story about the creation of the flag that inspired Francis Scott Key to write the words that became the US national anthem of the Star Spangled Banner During the war in 1812 a widow who owned a flag shop in Balti was asked by the US military officers to create a flag for the fort guarding the town so arge that the British could see it The fictionalized story of a true event is told by Caroline Pickersgill the real ife daughter of the famous flag maker Mary Pickersgill It tells the story how women sewed it its size etc and how Caroline would The Power Of A Choice look out her window to see it As the British attempt to capture the town both sides mount a fight Key was detained on a British ship while the fighting was going on and penned the poem that became the anthem The author was inspired after seeing the flag at the Smithsonian It is told in a simple style with great author s notes and flag facts The illustrator is Claire A Nivola who has a distinct style of combining details withinarger pictures She was the author and illustrator of Planting the Trees of Kenya and the same style is evident in both This could be used in any curriculum about this period of history the "ROLES OF FLAGS IN THE PAST PRESENT THE CHANGES "of flags in the past present the changes Plot SummaryTells the story of Caroline Pickersgill and her mother who sewed the Star Spangled Banner which flew over Fort McHenry in Balti during the War of 1812 It tells how Caroline s mother Mary was asked to sew the huge flag for the fort how the people of Balti sat on th. Pbell Bartoletti who upon seeing it at the Smithsonian Institution became curious about the hands that had sewn it Here is her story of the early days of this flag as seen through the eyes of young Caroline Pickersgill the daughter of an impo. ,
The Flag MakerEir rooftops watching the battle and the British defeat "THERE IN 1814PERSONAL EVALUATIONTHE STORY IS WRITTEN IN NARRATIVE "in 1814Personal EvaluationThe story is written in narrative which makes it easy to understand Some of the vocabulary used in the story would need to be explained privateers ale ramparts The story would appeal to girls with strong female characters and to boys with guns battle soldiers making it A Great Choice For Younger Students Learning About The Flag great choice for younger students earning about The Flag is a book on the making of the American Flag at Fort McHenry Caroline Pickersgill and her mother began cutting sewing and stitching the biggest flag they had ever made America was fighting against the British biggest flag they had ever made America was fighting against the British the country needed a symbol representing hope and pride the American Flag was that symbol However America was oosing but Caroline ooked at her flag flying over Fort McHenry and knew they stood a chance Not ong after on an August morning a horse and his rider flew down Balti streets yelling that the British were coming That meant invasion and Balti prepared for war Then one night the British attacked and the Americans fought back Caroline fell asleep watching from her window but when morning came she The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right looked for her flag Tired yet still high on its post Caroline saw her flag hanging with hope and pride I reallyiked this book I thought it was interesting to hear about Caroline and her mother s story and what Balti went through at Fort McHenry I also enjoyed reading the cover flaps because it gave some background on Caroline and even the author Susan Campbell Bartoletti Her writing was very easy to understand and I Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling loved her illustrations theyooked so real Overall I definitely recommend reading this book It a wonderful reading on our nation s history and I think students especially girls would enjoy reading this book The Flag Maker also teaches that war is brutal yet good things Monsieur Pain like hope pride and courage can come from it The story of the flag that came to be known as The Star Spangled banner told from the perspective of the flag maker s daughterThe prose is poetic Ms Bartoletti inserts snippets of phrases from Francis Scott Key s poem into the text and it was fun to watch my girls make that connection as we read Here is an example from the bookEvening cameThe sky darkened with stormRain fellSoon thunder andightening joined the cannon and rocketsShips and fort and sky boomed and flashed togetherEach time the sky it up Caroline saw that her flag was still thereAt midnight the bombing. Rtant flag maker Mary Pickersgill and the granddaughter of a flag maker for General George Washington’s Continental Army It is also a story about how a symbol motivates action and emotion brings people together and inspires courage and hope. .

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