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S her x husband who she thinks is dead Snakes are trying To Assassinate Her And assassinate her and are bird shifters too This is one of those books that never lets you catch your breath and in places you really need to Very intense lots of stuff going on the romance is so secondary to all the action it s sometimes hard to remember it s there but it is Good read Since the Sazi live long lives they have several names and sometimes it could get confusing between that and the one aided matings and those loving someone other than their mate In saying all that it was full of suspense and she tries to manage seeing both the future past and present while trying to stay alive to save the other seers and uncover "The Various Plots Against The Sazi He "various plots against the Sazi He not be her mate but he is the one she loves and they have been separated for a very long timeThey are both bobcat shifters although many others make an appearance including wolf and various snakes and raptors Great series Love these shapeshifters The organization is in trouble And will have be broken down from the top down to determine where the leaks and betrayal lie Great topic that could lead through many future books I like Jack s character The introduction of Raven as Josett. Be around other living creatures Jack s character The introduction of Raven as Josett. Be around other living creatures to be in pain What Josette has xperienced lies beyond the scope of the Sazi for her mate is in love with someone lse  But when her gift of. This new story is great and it ties up some loose nds from other books as well You also meet some characters from arlier stories and see how they are by as well as old friends and new nemies abound This how they are getting as well as old friends and new nemies abound This a story of the Sazi a shapechanger society that lives among us normal humans It was good The story had the adventuredanger smut combo with the complex A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, emotions of a couple that used to be This onended in a conclusive happy The Shadow Reader ending but I can see that this romance was just on piece in a larger story arch I will probably track down thearler 5 books Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies eventually She s lived for thousands of years and has had thousands upon thousands of visions of what will be and what could be but someone is definitely trying to kill her and she can t see who Her long dead husband has been out of her sight for years and she s grieved his lose for years but Sazi chain of command has sent security for her her husband Now both are on the run for their lives and trying to find out who while running Can they survive In this one the Sazi shapeshifters are bobcats Heroine is the spooky seer fromarlier novels who can t always tell whether she s living in the past present or future her visions

#are so real #
so real her Hero Josette Monier is a legend among the Sazi  One of the most powerful beautiful and oldest Sazi in xistence she lives in self imposed xile  Her gift of sight is so strong that to. ,

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E s true mate when faced with her love for her The Power Of A Choice ex hubby Jack is an interesting read indeed Must be my love for all things Native American but damn I love the character of Raven and I cannot wait for his story This series isver changing and ach book is so totally different from the next great concepts that are still tied together by each book is so totally different from the next great concepts that are still tied together by common goal yet ach path differs Great Series If You Get Bored Reading About The series if you get bored by reading about the doing the same old thing I would like to purchase the Sazie Series where can I obtain them I loved the Sazi series It was part of a summer of reading that started me on the road to writing my own book series Thank you for inspiring me Another xcellent Sazi novel While this one doesn t appeal to me like Hunter s Moon and Captive Moon did I still was thoroughly ngaged and The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right entertained I wasn t a big fan of Rick though I just he loved Josette but just not well and he didn t redeem himself to me Still a great read Surprisingly didn tnjoy this book as much the second time around but overall it was ok Josette and Rick are good characters and the seer sections were of interest Still didn t hold my attention like I wanted Just three stars and will be skipping on the next reread. Sight reveals trouble for her community she knows that she has no choice  She must set aside her personal pain and save her people  And perhaps save herself and find love again . Timeless Moon Tales of the Sazi Book 6
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