Once Upon a Miao (Pdf)

Revolving around the author s life *WHEN HE WAS YOUNGER LIVING IN *he was younger living in aka Cat City Makes me wanna try the Kolok younger living in aka Cat City Makes me wanna try the Kolok Took me a while to finish but I did it anyway The illustrations are nicely done The stories in the book can be so relatableHope to get to see him if he ver does come out and fly here I love this so much The stories about siblings ambition and friends is relatable but felt very bittersweet for me personally But seriously this book is awesome Really cute drawings of a halcyon childhood in Kuching I introduce this to my hubby and he keeps laughing from reading this I can. S the South China SeaWhen I left my hometown at the age of 17 to pursue my studies I found that many of my new friends knew next to nothing about Kuching Some ven thought that people from Malaysian Borneo all stayed on treesAfter 9 years Of Engineering And Missing Home I Returned Home To Chase engineering and missing home I returned home to chase my dream of being a cartoonist In this period. I got to know about this book *through Parents Group in Facebook Finally bought it the other dayit s a refreshing reads Brings back *Parents Group in Facebook

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bought it other dayit s a refreshing reads Brings back childhood memories although we are from different part of Malaysia There are plenty similarity during our childhood Don t think newer generation can or will appreciate the story inside Only those who had gone through that would understandthank you for bringing back many childhood memories and for not giving up #On Writingdrawing Keep Up The #writingdrawing Keep up the work simplicity always give the best xplainationslove the storylines characters This was a cute and funny comic. No one told me that I had to draw a person if I wanted to tell a story of a person So I drew myself into a cat to tell the stories of my youth growing up in Kuching Sarawak It's really not because I do not know how to draw a person Certainly not koff koffOh if you don't know where Sarawak is it's on Borneo island the other side of Malaysia acros.

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T wait to read the Second Book I Know About book I know about book when I went to Comic fiesta 2018 with my bf I saw a very cute illustration and attracted Since I m a Sarawakian too I want to support the author and it turns out to be one of my fav Brilliant sweet heartwarming I have been following Miao since I was in school and through blog When I bought the first book not long after it was published I could not believe that Miao is *In Har Funny And *har funny and of the stories are common to our lifeas a Malaysian student life n teenage lifeif there is Miao books after thiswould like to buy n read it. Back in my hometown many memories from my days in Kuching came back to me This book is my book of memories of the land where i grew up and fell land where I grew up and fell love withHonestly I have no idea what I just wrote That's why I prefer to use my drawings to illustrate my storyI hope you will njoy reading this book as much as I njoyed writing and illustrating Once Upon a Miao

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