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The Gun Bluford Series Number 6

Paul Langan ð 9 ead

Arrell came to Blue Ford High School because his mom could not find a job on the east coast She found one on the west coast so they moved "to this new neighborhood Over the course of the school year Tyray made Darrell s life "this new neighborhood Over the course of the school year Tyray made Darrell s life Darrell joined the wrestling suad and learned how to defend himself The next time Tyray tried to bully Darrell Darrell fought back and made Tyray look weak and helpless After Darrell stuck up for himself Tyray went out on the street looking for a way to get back at Darrell Tyray found a man that sold guns on the black market Tyray bought a gun from the man for fifty dollars and planned on taking it to school to scare kids so that he would feel powerful again After he got the gun he started telling people at school that he had a gun Everyone At School Stayed Clear Of Him And No One Talked school stayed clear of him and no one talked him After the first day of having the gun he had the principal concerned for the other kids safety She was concerned because Beasts and Savages rumors where going around Blue Ford High School about Tyray having a gun The second day had the sameesult as the first day That night Tyray went to the store where Darrell worked and waited to him to get off work Darrell got off work Tyray was waiting for him in an alley way Tyray saw him coming down the alley and jumped out and tackled Darrell off his bike Tyray brought him to the ground After they both hit the ground Tyray pulled out his gun and put it in Darrell s face Tyray threatened to kill him Beebo Brinker right there but he wasemembering all the things people said to him Tyary lowered the gun and broke Down Crying Then Tyray Put crying Then Tyray put gun to his head and pulled the trigger Darrell lounged at Tyray and knocked the gun out of his hand before Tyray pulled the trigger They both hit the ground and talked things over They both cleared things up between them After they talked things over they both walked away like the whole thing never happened Tyray is a young man that attends high school on the west coast He had been aised by an abusive father his older brother is in prison and his mom is always gone working then she comes home and cleans the house so that Tyray s father does not get upset and abuse them Tyray and his family live on the bad side of town and Tyray is always around bad things and bad examples The only person Tyray had to look up to was his older brother He and his older brother got along well when they were little but then Tyray s brother grew up and started hanging out with his friends and doing bad things A few of the times when he had done bad things Tyray had been there and watched him do those things Tyray thought that these things were okay to do Tyray started stealing and bullying other kids at school making him feel powerful The setting of this story starts off in a large high school in the middle 1990 s about a boy that has grown up in a bad neighborhood in an unstable home Tyray is about 17 years old summer break just ended and there is a new kid in his class and Tyray wants him to feel miserable After about a month of Tyray bullying Darrell Darrell fought back and broke Tyray s arm Two weeks later Tyray was getting picked on in school by kids that he used to pick on and bully Tyray set out on the street to find a gun Tyray found a man named Bones that sold guns Tyray asked Bones if he could buy a gun from F Darrell Mercer The tale traces Tyray's troubled home life his desire to ebuild his. The Gun by Paul Langan I liked the book because you never knew what was going to happen next Tyray Hobbs is the bully in school He threatens and beats people up to get their money and to make them scared of him One day a kid named Darrell stood up to him and breaks his wrist Tyray becomes a joke around school He thinks if he would buy a gun he would get his status at school back He lies to get enough money to buy a gun and then waits outside of Darrell s workplace to get his Manual of Forensic Science: An International Survey revenge back Tyray is about to kill Darrell but then points the gun to his own head Darrell tackles Tyray before he can shoot himselfTyray is the main character Throughout the book heealizes that picking on people is not the way to earn espect He looks up to his brother and because of this he doesn t kill Darrell Darrell Remains The Same Throughout The Book He Tries To remains the same throughout the book He tries to friends with Tyray multiple times The book takes place in a city in California Most of the story takes place at Bluford High School or Tyray s house It does not say the year this story took place but it sounds like present day I would give this book five out place but it sounds like present day I would give this book five out five stars I would ecommend it to middle school age kids to young adults who like action packed books and interesting Die Stadt der Tiere: Ein Tierkrimi reads Iead The Gun by Paul Langan In this book the main character Tyray is his high school s biggest bully and that is his only known way to be accepted by his peers When one of his victims Darrell decides to stand up to him the kid flips him and drops him on his wrist breaking it on the spot This lead to Tyray not being as feared or Gendering the Trans-Pacific World respected as he was before People made fun of him instead of vice versa He was determined to getevenge but didn t know how Then he got a good or bad idea He was going to get a gun After a failed attempt he finally got his gun and got his El show de Grossman respect back as he wanted Then he decided to kill Darrell when he finally got the chance he couldn t and almost committed suicide Darrell saved him and lead to him feeling better andesolving his problems peacefully I personally thought this book was giving a good message but it wasn t as entertaining or capturing as others It was Minor Marriage in Early Islamic Law relatively small in size and meant for younger or beginningeaders The vocabulary wasn t advanced and the plot wasn t exciting I do congratulate the author in that I never drifted off or daydreamed while Plato and the Power of Images reading but I think this may be due to the fact there wasn t very much book to drift away from The message as I said before was common and we have all seen these stories before However it WAS present and positive It said to me violence is not the answer I agree with that and liked that the author was trying to communicate it He also did it well It was uite obvious Overall I liked the book and appreciated it but would notecommend it to older or advanced eaders Mac Speed The Gun is about a young African American man That Is Still Going is still going high school and is bullying other young men The young man that is bullying these kids is Tyray Hobbs He bullies these kids because he likes the feeling of having power and that people are afraid of him There was a new kid who started attending school in the beginning of the year so Tyray targeted him Tyray did this because he knew he could make him cower and be afraid of him The young man s name was Darrell Mercer The seuel to The Bully this book is about Bluford freshman Tyray Hobbs the tormentor Im Bones told him to come back in a weeks time to buy the gun One week later Tyray got the fifty dollars for the "GUN AND SET OUT TO FIND "and set out to find Tyray picked the gun up from Bones and plotted his evenge against Darrell for what he did to Tyray Then the setting changes from the high school to the street and then to an alleyway behind a grocery store where Darrell works The theme of the story is that no matter what happens to you in your lif Taking a life is never worth the satisfaction and taking you own life does not make it better It only makes the people around you hurt than if you would have just confronted them about the problem I ecommend this book to high
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kids that like eading troubled people This book teaches a lot of good lessons and I believe that it may change someone s life I FEEL THAT THIS BOOK WAS VERY MOVING AND feel that this book was very moving and me on my toes at all times The Gun ended with a surprising twist that I was not expecting at all I Professor Unrat recommend this book to you toead on a weekend It is a short easy Kämpfer Der Hoffnung: Wie Ich Den Kindern Madagaskars Eine Zukunft Gab read that is very easy to follow The gun by Paul Langan was an amazing book It had me at the edge of my seat and wanting the whole time Tyray Hobbs is a freshman at Bluford High School He hates school but the one thing that keeps him alive is being a bully Tyray is six feet tall muscular and he takes advantage of these things when it comes to school Tyray is known for intamidating kids and stealing their money but all of that comes to an end when Darrell Mercer comes along Darrell humiliated Tyray in front of all his friends and now Tyray wantsevenge Now Tyray thinks the only solution to his problem is a gun This book had my heart pounding and my hands shaking I could not believe how good it was The Gun had me hooked from the beginning all the way to the very end I was not expecting the ending that I had Tell the Machine Goodnight received and Ieally think that the ending is what made me Big Muddy Blues: True Tales and Twisted Politics Along Lewis and Clark's Missouri River rate the book five stars Ieally enjoyed this book and I know other people will too I would ecommend this book to anyone who enjoys young adult or drama This book was focused on the eal life situations that people go through every day There is no doubt in my mind that someone wouldn t enjoy a book as good as The Gun The story The Gun by Paul Langan is about a bully that ends up getting bullied and loses his bully eputation His is name is Tyray Hobbs After he got picked on and bullied by Darrel Mercer Darrel was the only person to stand up to Tyray Tyray wanted to get his evenge on Darrel He wants to buy a gun from this guy that his brother knows His brother is in jail The guy tells him that the gun costs 50 dollars Tyray had to find a way to get the money He always had money when he was a bully Tyray pretended to be friends with this girl and lie to her in order to get 50 dollars from her Tyray endd up getting jumped therefore losing the money Tyray ended up stealing money from his mom He bought the and went to find Darrel He was about to kill him but he couldn t I think the arthur s purpose of this story was to inform and entertain This story can be very entertaining but it is also teaching you something It teaches you that if you become a bully there are conseunces that can come your way and other outcomes that you may not like I think Paul Langan did a great job on this book It was very goo. Reputation and his uest to get evenge on Darrell the only boy who ever stood up to hi. .