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Riding Hard kI don tnow about you but "ever since reading Enid Blyton s stories of boarding school I ve been a teeny weeny bit "since reading Enid Blyton s stories of boarding school I ve been a teeny weeny bit of anyone who got to go to one so when Midas PR asked me if I wanted a copy of The Exclusives to read whose very setting is an exclusive girl s boarding school I couldn t resist Better still the summary indicates that are secrets in the past that are impacting on the present for at least one of the pupilsI was uickly absorbed we first meet Josephine Grey in 2014 daughter of the Prime Minister s advisor when she receives an email from Freya Seymor her Minister s advisor when she receives an email from Freya Seymor her best friend at Wendell s Back in 1996 the two girls were studying their A levels hoping to go to Oxford but it is clear from Josephine s reaction to Freya s email that something went badly wrongThis is an engaging story although sadly devoid of midnight feasts and jolly japes the atmosphere is far competitive and with rivalries bubbling beneath the surface the japes are anything but and the conseuences far reaching The whole Story Is Told From is told from s point of view a girl who has a mentally ill mother and a father who is being busy and important Freya is really her only friend and so when the friendship suddenly breaks down she has scant support to help her throughIn the present Josephine is an archaeologist but she doesn t want to go digging around in her own past and she doesn t want Freya raking it all up either As her personal life such as it is begins to fall apart Freya s dogged determination to meet up with Josephine to discuss the past causes panic It is obvious from the beginning that she feels guilty about something but what could possibly have such a long lasting reactionThe storytelling is engaging and I had some sympathy for both girls although there did come a point when I wondered how much longer the author could expect me to wait for the secret to be revealed as my patience reached its limits It is always nice to read a book where the characters appear to be authentic funnily enough I was convinced by the pupil s behaviour than some but by no means all of the adults As much as I hate to admit it lots of girls together can be a force to be reckoned with and I could easily imagine that in the enclosed environment of boarding school the element of claiming the prize whatever the cost can soon spiral out of control Interestingly it appeared that the Head teacher shared this personality trait with her pupils but for her it was to ensure Wendell s ept the top slot in the Times listI enjoyed this story about frien. In 1996 Josephine Grey and Freya Seymour are best friends and on the brink of great success Both are students at the elite private school Greenwood Hall and Josephine the daughter of the advisor to the Prime Minister is heading for everything she has ever worked for Head Girl Oxford the demons of her mother finally abated once and for allBut in 2014 Josephine is hiding in Jordan and has been for eighteen years since. Dship how bonds are made how they can be broken and what happens afterwards enormously I m full of admiration for the publisher s twenty7 choice of debut novels the two I have read feel fresh and innovative I can t recommend *this book if you like xxx as t haven t read a book uite like this one * book if you like xxx as t haven t read a book uite like this one setting combined with the secrets yes there is than one cause a powder eg of tension and I could only wonder what the result would be when the whole thing went up I wasn t disappointedThe Exclusives is published today in eBook format the paperback will follow in April 2016 This book really did manage to capture me at first and I thought it was very interesting and engaging What I didn t like so much was the way the author ept things hidden from the reader it felt clumsy and obvious at times and I didn t like the big reveal at the endBut I did enjoy reading the story and how it switched between the past and the present The chapters were short and every time I finished one I wanted to read just one I finished most of the book in one sitting I enjoy reading books about boarding schools and female friendships and I think the author managed to make it all feel real very successfully While Josephine often did things I thought were a bit stupid I always understood her motivation and got why she did thingsBut there were some big things revealed near the end that I wasn t a big fan of I won t get into spoiler territory but it felt a bit predictable and weak This book won t be for everyone and neither will the charactersThe story is told over two different timelines one in 1996 where Josephine and Freya experienced something horrible that night and one in 2014 as Josephine is haunted by her past The author doesn t actually reveal what happened to the girls To Destroy Their Friendship Until The Last 10% Of The destroy their friendship until the last 10% of the which for me illed the suspense a little You can t exactly predict what happened to them but what did happen is probably one of many things a reader will consider for a moment or two before moving onThe characters are pretty ugly towards each other and it s easy to lose empathy for them There s nothing worse than a main character who treats her friends like dirt and justifies it That said Josephine s mother is a paranoid schizophrenic and Josephine herself spends a lot of time wondering if she is like her This makes for a perspective that I ve never actually read before A lot of Young Adult this is not YA btw novels have characters simply go crazy or start experiencing hallucinations but this book tackle. Those catastrophic events in her last year at school And then one day she is found Freya whom she has not seen since those fateful four months insists on meeting to revisit their difficult past once and for all and finally lay to rest the events that have haunted their adult lives ever since But Josephine can’t bear to it only took one night for their whole lives friendship and even selves to unravel beyond compr. S a real mental illness and I thought that was uite well doneThat said the main character is a little one note She doesn t want to talk about that night with the friend Freya who she went through it with in fear of becoming crazy or jeopardizing friend Freya who she went through it with in fear of becoming crazy or jeopardizing academic future In 1996 she denies it In 2014 or jeopardizing academic future In 1996 she denies it In 2014 denies it Her voice and perspective don t change over 18 years and I think this might bother some readers like it did me Josephine never develops she just comes to realizations and makes big leaps in thought that have little logical support behind themThe boarding school thing is what attracted me to this book like many others I m sure Throw in a dark plot and you ve got me I absolutely hated the school though The headmistress put her school s reputation above the students and that annoyed the crap out of me because I Der Verlorene Koffer: A Graded Reader for Beginning Students know it probable happens in the real world I usually also like view spoiler affairs with teachers hide spoiler There s just something about boarding schools that capture my imagination Not sure why because I m pretty sure I would have floundered in theind of pressured oppressive close nit community Thornton relates in these pages Yet it is precisely this atmosphere that makes the plotline work so well in this book The two main characters Josephine and Freya are essentially trapped together At first as friends this creates the tightest of relationships Afterwards it is one of the motivating factors in the degeneration of their friendship and personal morality But this is no schoolyard fall out What the book is really about is the opposing ways people cope with trauma and tragedy How such things can ruin lives in the biggest or most subtle ways Thornton s brilliance is in the way she portrays these fissures in the very nature of the two girls without needing to reveal all the details until the end The tension was so high in parts that it made me feel uncomfortable If she hadn t hooked me so hard with Jo especially I might have put the book down In both Freya and Jo there are thoughts and actions which are understandable if Thornton had depicted one way as right or wrong it would never have been such a good story Instead she presents the two characters without judgement save the nature of the conseuences that come from their actions Whatever else comes from the readerAs a first novel this is one hell of an accomplishment Not only for plot but in the layered characterisation ImpressiveMany thanks to Rebecca Thornton Bonnier Publishing and Netgalley for this copy in exchange for an honest review. Ehension They have done truly terrible things to one another in the name of survival She most of allAll she has ever wanted was to forget but Freya is no longer willing to let her and now at last Josephine is to meet her reckoning The Exclusives is a gripping and emotional thriller that explores the power the past can have on our present and confronts how far we are willing to go when everything we prize is threatened. .

The Exclusives

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