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O Germania to find out what s really going on in That Vast Not Uite Conuered vast not uite conuered The assignment revives all of Cassius s fears about the ferocious and unpredictable Germans but he has no choice He sets out for Germania with a gung ho young officer Marcus Scaeva who not only worships Cassius as a hero but can t wait to tangle with barbarians By setting the na ve brash Scaeva as a foil against the cynical inwardly panicky military veteran Cassius the author brings Cassius to three dimensional life We learn as backstory that Cassius was a boyhood friend and comrade in arms of Julius Arminius now a trusted leader of German auxiliaries attached to the army of Governor Varus Brooke s neat stratagem is now a trusted leader of German auxiliaries attached to the army of Governor Varus Brooke s neat stratagem is Cassius to refer to Arminius as Julius thus deterring readers of history whose memories might be pricked by repetition of the man s surname eventually cassius is challenged man s surname Eventually Cassius is challenged the most ghastly of circumstances to prove his courageThe description of life in the legions is well done as are the profiles of Varus and his military commanders Although many of these are historical figures Brooke boldly grafts personality traits onto them that make the eventual leadership crisis both believable and inevitable The stage setting seems very authentic with only a few possible glitches men in togas reclining at dinner Altogether plot characterization and setting can t be faultedWhat can be faulted though is the lack of copyediting It s depressing to come across a barbarian hoard on the very first page Numerous examples of bad sentence construction and incorrect grammar mar what is otherwise an excellent story Alas the nobly born Cassius doesn t now his Latin either He hands over twenty gold aureus and then another ten denarius instead of aurei and denarii enjoys matching gladius with you rather than gladii and walks through the atrium to the tablino apparently an Italian annex I m sorry to have to take away two stars for such carelessness My hope is that Brooke will have the manuscript professionally copyedited and will then republish ROMAN MASK to the wholehearted praise it deserves Let Thomas MD Brooke take you back to Ancient Rome Win 1 of 3 paperback copies at Tome TenderClick on Banner to enter November 23 December 7 2015 Makes a great giftVisit Rome at the height of its power through the eyes of a hero who hid his shame at the accolades he thought he didn t deserve Cassius was living a lie and he Tressed to Kill knew it silencing his torment with wild living and alcohol As the son of a powerful Roman family he has prestige As a hero he had the adulation of the masses He had fought in Germany distinguished but broken he ran and now was his chance to truly earn the title warrior hero when the Emperor s wife summons him to her side with a command With no way out Cassius was to go back into the bloodiest battles Rome of AD 9 would ever see What he didn t expect was to have a young and brash young soldier at his side by far the best swordsman to be seen This is Cassius story as he grows from a spoiled socialite to a true warrior and commander when the odds are not in his favor and Rome s mighty legions are brought to theirnees on the battlefield against the German warriors defending their homelands Feel the desperation of a force reeling from their greatest defeat ever Endure the lack of true leadership by men ill prepared to wage real war and be amazed at their willingness to fall on their own swords to save face As Cassius takes on and of the strategic planning he finds he has the intelligence to map out the paths of least resistance and the charisma to command men to follow him even when it is surely to their own deaths There is a traitor among them and Rome is being repeatedly stabbed in the heart the blood of their warriors coating the battlefields as the monstrous Germans hack them to pieces enjoying the torturous screams of their enemies Where will Cassius lead his followers Will he ask of them than he is willing to give What happened to the coward who ran scared as in his place stands a great warrior a leader of men willing to die for those around him if it would give them even a slight chance to liveI read Roman Mask in one sitting it was that powerful that mesmerizing and that well written Thomas MD Brooke is a master storyteller as he brings the glory and the shame of war to life in a time long ago when Rome thought it was its right to rule the nown world Vicious battles brave soldiers bloody battlefields and the brutality of hand to hand combat when one misstep means certain death Mr Brooke does not argue the rights of one country over another he presents a tale of war of one man s battle within himself and his chance for personal redemption and honor There is tentative romance heroes falling to the blade as the villain survives This is war at its worst and best Heroes will rise as will the strong and the very lucky deceit will be uncovered and inh. He is seduced by the many vices of Rome However his scandalous life is soon upset by a summons from the Emperor's wife It ends his happy decadent life and returns him to Germany to assist the Roman legions in their greatest ever trial and the events that will resound down in history in the dark forests of the Teutobur. Lar and pluralThe title was inspired interpreted Mask AS METAPHOR FOR SEVERAL DIFFERENT THINGS IN THE NOVEL metaphor for several different in the novel the personality Cassius presents to the world and what he reveals to us in his interior thoughts the beauty of Rome itself hiding corruption the personality Julius presents to the Romans and the one he finally exhibits the cavalry mask worn by Macarius at whose death Cassius recovers his courage and self confidence and feels real hatred for his former friend and his treachery It could be also the author s nod to the one found at Kalkriese and shown on the cover I would have rated the novel even higher if not for the proofing errors The Latin really bothered me Even so I recommend this novel very highly 45 stars This is an amazing book based on the true story of the Roman Military trying to fight conuer and settle the Germanic Tribesmen in September 9
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in and the Teutoburgium Forest in Germany Rome has three legions with their three Golden Eagles in this area a true sign of Rome s power and strength These men are trying to build Roman strong holds and military posts all over Germany They are turning the native citizens into farmers instead of fighters their small homes into cities and farms Rome has even brought a home breed ing who has been raised and trained in the Roman High Military but he is rightful King of a large group of tribesmen He is now King of many of the Germanic Tribesmen He is meant to make the Roman take over of Germany a smooth transition The able bodied tribesmen will follow him and help Rome The Dancer Who Flew: A Memoir of Rudolf Nureyev keep the other tribes in order Rome has taken everything away from the citizens they pay super high taxes to help Rome s war machineeep going They are close to starving to death because the soldiers take almost everything that the farmers have harvested and or slaughtered There is treachery amongst friends and infighting amongst command staff These two things will bring Rome to her nees in Germany The fighting in this book is amazing it is written in so much detail it is like you are there on the battle field This is the story of the greatest defeat in Rome s long history It is also the story of a man coming to the realization and understanding of his past and his future and everyone who moves in and out of his life The characters come alive on each page The detailed writing when the characters are in Rome and Germany are fantastic a true look at what it might have actually been like to live and breath during this time period I can t wait to see what else this author will come up with next This is an excellent debut novel for this author about the battle in Teutoburg Forest between the Germanic tribes and the Roman army during the reign of Emperor Augustus Full of revenge blood and betrayal many of the scenes were taken from the historical details of the time including some of the characters The pacing was uick and I was drawn to the story to its end What a nasty and terrible battle Highly recommended 5 stars Another month another novel about the Roman disaster in the Teutoburg Forest for me this novel was a pretty good retelling of the disaster from a potentially interesting point of view The protagonist is a Roman war hero famed for his courage but behind the outward bravado he is a man clearly suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder who considers himself at heart a coward Imagine then how he might react and behave when thrown into the military catastrophe which is the Teutoburg ForestThe title is very clever Apart from the obvious reference to the outward mask displayed by the hero there is the deceitful mask of loyalty to Rome displayed by the German traitor Arminius or there is the literal armoured mask of the courageous young Thracian cavalry officer who attempts to break the German linesI do think this could have been a much better novel if the author had left out some of the clich d scenes of Roman decadence in the first uarter of the novel but the climactic scenes in Germany redeem the story without any shadow of doubt I received this book for free via Goodreads First ReadsI admit that historical fiction is not a genre I am used to or interested in I try to read as many genres as possible and I recently finished a good book from this genreSo I admit I randomly chose this book as my next one to read as I was late for the bus to work one day I just grabbed it and ran I am now eually happy and sad I didIt is uite brilliant in my view The main character is flawed Cassius Aprilis formerly senior tribune of a legion in Roman Germania has returned to Rome in acclaim after saving his troops from a German ambush No one nows that the attack broke Cassius s nerve forcing him to resign from command Bitterly ashamed and loathing himself for his cowardice he returns to his old life of drinking and debauchery among the fast set in Rome That lasts until Livia wife of the Princeps Augustus orders him back Le parties are complete without him except he hides a secret After his nerve is broken in Germany the thought of genuine armed combat is enough to send him into a cold sweat of fear and shame But this doesn't dissuade him from living off a false reputation so he can continue a life of casual affairs wine and parties as. Roman Mask got off to a rocky start for Me But As Soon As but as soon as stumbled across the name Varus I new I was onto something Our hero Cassius Aprilis was introduced to us as a spoiled rich id drinking and partying his way through an endless succession of meaningless days This is not the ind of book I like and I almost put it down but luckily I was saved by a plot twist when Augustus sent him to Germany as an aide to Governor Varus Suddenly it all started to make sense Our Cassius wasn t really a wastrel he was a tortured soul who felt like a fraud as he was celebrated for a lucky break during a near fatal campaign where he saved his fellow soldiers from almost lucky break during a near fatal campaign where he saved his fellow soldiers from almost death What no one
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except the was that he suffered what can best be described as PTSD and now he was being thrust back into service into what was destined to become one of Rome s most disastrous defeats of all time So now we get to watch him wriggle his way through a new assignment trying to hide his cowardice while at the same time we get to see a thorough and engrossing description of Varus s folly Due to their immense hubris the Romans assumed that every conuered culture would be grateful to contribute to civilizing themselves Roman style Varus might have been a good governor over a less warlike society but he totally miscalculated his German province He missed all the vital signs including patrols that never returned and reports from worried subordinates Surrounded by luxury Varus heard what he wanted to hear and scorned the advice of experienced soldiers who new all was not uite right Cassius Aprilis soon came to doubt the commander s competence but he too was deceived by allies whose carefully laid treachery had been planned for many years When the inevitable revolt burst upon the Romans they were totally outnumbered and doomed from the start Once things started moving this book was hard to put down Tension swelled from the time Cassius started his journey to Germany and The Gingerbread Man and the Leprechaun Loose at School kept on going all the way to the end The story was well plotted and moved along uickly I didn tnow a lot about the German disaster aside from what I saw in I Claudius and I think the author did a great job of painting a very memorable picture Roman MaskAs an archaeologist I read a lot about Roman an Byzantine history also fiction but those fictional books should be accurate Thomas MD Brooke wrote a book that is exceptionally researched and very well written It gives an impression of he harsh Roman society with houndreds of thousands of outcasts The description of life in the legions is well done as are the profiles of Varus and his military commandersI never write about story lines or spoilers in reviews But I can tell you that the unconventional main character is also good fun too A new Gordon Doherty is born An amazing retelling of the Teutoberg Forest Disaster In 9 AD three crack legions in Germania were nearly annihilated by a confederation of German tribes led by the Romanized German prince Arminius called herein Julius Arminius All three Eagles were captured This was a pivotal moment in history and arguably why generally in today s Europe one could say Romance languages descendants of Latin are spoken west of the Rhine and German to the eastGaius Cassius Aprilis Tribune in the Roman army as well as the narrator comes home to Rome after a horrific battle at the North Gate Pass Thought of as and celebrated as a hero by others he nows in his heart he has succumbed to false pride is a coward and so escapes into drunkenness and debauchery to suppress terror and self loathing Through the novel his PTSD manifests itself in nightmares in which a certain Centurion Decius accuses him He had sent Decius to certain death Since he has been a close friend since boyhood of Julius and Julius is going to Germania to claim the throne of his tribe the Cherusci he is tasked by Livia the Empress to act as advisor to Varus the Governor He travels with a young na ve enthusiastic glory seeking fellow tribune Marcus Scaeva anxious to get into battle and bloody his sword The two finally are assigned reading military intelligence and they make recommendations Through Varus s onerous taxes and his building projects supposedly bringing Roman civilization so the natives will see its benefits and also through the treachery of Julius the three legions are lured into tense battle with the GermansThe novel was well written and paced smoothly I liked both Cassius s and Marcus s character development Cassius overcomes his fears and Marcus matures Proofing errors although some had been caught in my copy still marred the novel There were homophone errorspouring through reports instead of poring through reports p148 I sheaved my blade instead of I sheathed my blade p 285 and others further in the text I think whoever proofed the novel was sloppy the last 80 pp or so The Latin should have been checked closely especially singu. It is Rome AD 9 and Augustus Caesar rules Imperial Rome at the height of its power as the Roman Empire stretches across the nown world Cassius son of one of her most powerful families is the personification of Rome's imperial strength wealthy popular a war hero with a decorated military career none of Rome's fashionab.

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Roman Mask (The Cassius Chronicles #1)