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Claimed by a Cowboy iCharactern Ditch FlowersI m not a big fan of first person narration so I struggled at first I was won over narration so I struggled at first I was won over Linsmeier can write She pulls you nto Julia s world uickly She does a great job at developing Julia s character and gives us a chance to connect with her We re allowed to feel The Myriad Of Emotions Julia Wrestles With As She Deals myriad of emotions Julia wrestles with as she deals the lost babies nfidelity and the tough choice she has to make The obvious criticism s that certain elements of the plot might come across obvious criticism s that certain elements of the plot might come across bit contrived but because Julia s character Claimed by Desire is so well written we can easily g Ditch Flowerss a lovely tale about what Say Youll Remember Me it means to love how to cope with loss and mostmportantly the power of forgiveness In her debut novel Amanda Linsmeier gives us a realistic of look Accidental Bodyguard into the life of a young woman who wants to be a mother despite the roadblocks thrownn her way The uestion s whether she ll ever get her wish and at what cost If you like stories about real people and the decisions that form their lives don t miss this one 4 This story was heart wrenching At times t made me cry and at other times Mehr als das it made me angry Both emotions aren sympathy with the main character Julia has gone through three miscarriages Even The Accidental Cowboy (Angel Crossing, Arizona, if you haven t experienced such a harrowing event the author pulls younto the depths of Julia s despair that you than sympathize with her Then Julia meets Jacob a little boy who bears an uncanny resemblance to her husband and you re left with the burning uestion Did her husband cheat on her The mystery grips you as Julia finds herself pulled to the boy and his mother The main character experiences so much sorrow and Abby and the Bachelor Cop is forced to find strength within herself leaving the reader to wonderf Julia will ever find the happiness she seeks The narrative was fluid bringing the reader from scene to scene effectively even Eye to Eye if there were moments focused on Julia s decorating I give the novel four stars for the author s ability to raise such strong emotionsn me maintaining a plot that kept my Accidentally Expecting interest and creating a character I liked evenf I did want from her at the end Cheating Pig who knocks up his ONS But of course the heroine stays with the loser Because she s a masochist. Ouble comes n threes and soon a boy shows up at Julia’s new daycare whose blue eyes and freckled face look eerily like Greg’s Despite her love for her husband Julia finds her thoughts haunted by the boy’s face and she can’t shake the feeling that her husband has a secret. Ditch Flowers

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Really really really enjoyed this book I enjoyed the characters and the story Herzrivalen immensely The author did a beautiful job of bringing the readernto the mind of the main character and the anguish of nfertility Very nicely done and certainly a title I d recommend to my friends A beautifully written story about all the ups and downs life can all the ups and downs life can at us This Book Will Not Disappoint No Matter What You Have Been will not disappoint No matter what you have been n life the main character will make you cry laugh and reflect on your own conflicting emotions through personal hardships and struggles Julia reminds us that there Alaskan Nights is hope and that the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and otherss pure and simply love This book s kinda hard to rate so I won t give t any starsHowever I can t say that I hate the book and n fact I enjoyed this than The White Picket Fence geez I am still angry with that book despite reading the seuelAnyway before I rant and stray to this one the book kinda gave me a different perspective about partnership or relationship I always hear that a relationship or people n a relationship shouldn t measure the love and the effort they give to each other but n reality t Always Look Twice is difficult as relationships a complex matter In this case I feel that the female but All For You: Halfway There / Buckhorn Ever After / The One You Want / One Perfect Night in realityt Any Man Of Mine is difficult as relationships a complex matter In this case I feel that the female find herself broken as she can t conceive a child Annalee And The Lawman into a full term I Imagine beingn a relationship and feeling short with against my partner because I believed I am broken I feel that the mistake her husband did gave a semblance of balance that her gunk of a husband wasn t after all perfectFurther I can t hate the male MC that muchso can t give a lower rate just because of this I just can t care about him and maybe the freuency of the deed and the POV of the OW helped with me to not totally condemned this book to my trash human hybrid totally nope shelf I remembered my father saying smart girls do their research but The Apollonides Mistress Scandal it s hard to hate a person because she was stupid and I keep on reading the part where she found a wedding ring to the guy she had the one night stand with but must have missed t because can t find Anything For His Son it therefore can t hate herStillI can t and won t tolerate cheating especially by the MCs becausef I start to Trouble comes n threes Grandma CeCe always saidA baby Just holding one sets Julia’s heart thumping She’s wanted a child for so long When she finally gets pregnant she’s bursting to tell the worlduntil a checkup from the doctor confirms a miscarriageJulia’s world feels li. Nderstand them adulterers lol I will start justifying the very act The dea of loving someone then cheating with another doesn t sit with me as a LOVE at all so for me f you can t respect your partner because cheating s NOT respecting then talk to them and end things before sampling the other fish n the sea This s a beautifully written story But hard to read at the same time Heartbreaking really and I never read cheating stories so giving this But hard to read at the same time Heartbreaking really and I never read cheating stories so giving this stars was like giving five stars to a non cheating story I really thought he was nnocent and t broke my heart that he wasn t I do not know how I would handle Annie and the Outlaw it but I must say the heroine did amazing I would not be that gracious or forgivingBack story He goes to see his mother after his Fathers death and after the heroines first miscarriage Goes to a bar drinks commiserate with the bartender picks her up sleeps with her and returns home Five years later the move their and heroine sees boy tha What readers will love about this book I thinks the strength of the heroine She s a little hesitant at first but once she gains her footing heroine She s a little hesitant at first but once she gains her footing out It s also a great tale of love and acceptance Readers of women s fiction with teeth should pick up this one Amanda Linsmeier has a poet s view of the world The details ANNIE AND THE PRINCE in her writing pull the writernto the scenes crafted The Single Dad's Redemption in Ditch Flowers The storys beautifully told The theme of resiliency stands out Julia the main character A Christmas Affair is a woman of strength and grace Linsmeier s debut novel provides greatnsight to the lives of women during their child bearing years It s a brave work that doesn t gloss over pregnancy loss but rather paints ts reality The Apple Orchard in a way that those who haven t experiencedt can empathize The pacing of the book kept me eagerly turning the pages rooting for a happy ending I look forward to seeing what Linsmeier writes next I bought Ditch Flowers after reading a uote from the author Amanda Linsmeier When Hitler Took Austria: A Memoir of Heroic Faith by the Chancellor's Son in an article where first book authors were giving advice to other potential first book authors She said Write the book you want to read It spoke to me Immediately checked out her book read the synopsis and bought t I m glad I did because I met Julia James the main. Ke t’s dissolving This second tragedy following her father n law’s death shakes her and her husband Greg To support his mother they uproot their lives and move to Greg’s childhood home Under the bright Midwestern sky Julia can feel a new world and new hope beginningBut tr.