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Ions raised by the discovery Just who was Jimmy Ness Did he jump from Tay Bridge or was HE PUSHED EXACTLY HOW DID HE IMPACT ON THE pushed Exactly how did he impact the of various characters affected by the discovery of the body The knowledge Jessica accumulates becomes a dangerous thre.

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Death on the Silvery Tay

Characters Death on the Silvery Tay

What would YOU do if you discovered a dead body *A Group Of Women Walkers Come Across Waterlogged Human Remains *group of women walkers come across waterlogged human remains out on a spring ramble in the waterlogged human remains when out on a spring ramble in the Neuk of Fife Each woman reacts "Slightly Differently To The "differently to the find and it soon becomes apparent that eac. ,
H of the characters involved in The Discovery Of The Body of the body have something to hide Set against the Bridge Disaster this psychological thriller follows Jessica as she copes with the aftermath of finding the body of Jimmy Ness and the many unanswered uest.

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