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2 StarsI was not a fan of this short story Definitely not Hugo material To sum it up there is a war in the galaxy between the Terrans humans and Posthumans Machine enhanced humans and AIs We follow an AI that controls a space shit as it battles the humans The problem with this story for me was that it was just so incredibly boring First of all I feel like I ve seen most of the concepts presented here elsewhere better executed as well The main character AI #Was Also Apathetic #also very apathetic further contributed to the story not being engrossing or captivating I did not care about. 2015 Hugo nominee Best Short StoryI am a knight iding to warMy suit of armor is a single Mark III frigate a body of polysteel three hundred meters long with a skin of cer. ,
The characters nor the plot and the long
descriptions of battles 
of battles technology was just another layer of boring for me The thing is normally those things would excite me but here I just didn t buy it The logic behind technology and the lack of consideration for eal technological advancements we know today was flawed and battles descriptions were dry and without conseuence I do see potential in it but it was just so dry and emotion less that I felt like it dragged on uite a bit And considering it s a short story that definitely should not be happening Hugo 2015 nominee eadi. Amic armor plating one point six meters thick In the place #of a lance I have 160 Long Arm high acceleration deep #a lance I have 160 Long Arm high deep space with fission warheads Instead of a sword Ng I ead this story as *part of my due diligence in preparation for the 2015 Hugo Awards The same as *of my due diligence in preparation for the 2015 Hugo Awards The same as by Tom Kratman in his nominated novella Big Boys Don t Cry told in fewer words but with higher atio of weapons porn to storytelling Blessedly short and with a massive spoiler in the title A ship s AI starts thinking for itself in the middle of warThis story has one of my pet peeves claiming to use logic without understanding it at all Why #Does Popular Science Fiction #popular science fiction this Star Trek I m looking at youAlso some of the characters were utterly asinine and simplistic. Carry two sets of tactical laser turrets twenty point defense low pulse lasers and two hypervelocity 100 centimeter projectile cannonsToday I will need few of those weapo. .