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Being NixonWell wow This was a surprisingly wonderful readI am not a politically minded person but I will admit to having a certain fascination with the Watergate story probably because I am an thically minded person and those vents are a classic unraveling of comeuppance for wrongdoing Naturally Nixon to me has long been the national bogeymanBut now Evan Thomas well documented gracefully written work has shown me what it was like to xperience the Nixon Surgery for Cochlear and Other Auditory Implants era from Nixon s point of view Without sparing well deserved criticism Thomas convincingly shows us a politician who had strengths and good intentions as well as mockable character flaws A human being with whom I could actually sympathize I learned a lot about Nixon and politics from this book and I mayven have learned something of general value about assessing the overt behavior of well publicized individuals They seem utterly knowable because their actions are wellpublicized but the complete story may not be immediately Uncommon Leadership: How to Build Competitive Advantage by Thinking Differently evidentI m still not sorry that I never voted for Nixon but now I know that he was less powerful and pitiable than iver would have supposed Fascinating but sparse on detail this biography of the 37th president hits the high and low spots of Nixon s controversial career without dallying overlong on any of the nuts and bolts that underpinned that career Thomas writes very well and there are both fresh and familiar insights into Nixon and his personal life and demons But in the nd there is not nough deep analysis or Multichannel Marketing Ecosystems explication to give one a sense of what being Richard Nixon or being with him was really like This is the 37th presidential biography I have read and I admit Ixpected an overabundance of detail so rich and intricate is the story of Nixon and so Extending Symfony 2 Web Application Framework extraordinarily well documented his life Instead I found myself far too often wondering how something played out what went on in the days and minutes and not just the months and years The Watergate scandal receives the best of the detail and I understood it clearly after reading the book But of the 37 presidents I ve read books on thus far this is the first to make me think maybe I need to read a second book on one Evan Thomas is the master of the nuanced biography As he did to perfection with his study of Bobby Kennedy he links together anecdotes to form a mostnthralling and insightful portrait of Richard Nixon In adding to the vast literature on the 37th President Thomas offers a balanced and compelling look into both Nixon s personal and political lives The book left me feeling a range of Angels Whiskey emotions from uplifted and inspired to disgusted and ashamed Thomas shows how Nixon was a brilliant activist courageous peacemaker and savvy visionary However hisxtreme shyness Ritual Alliances of the Putian Plain: Volume Two: A Survey of Village Temples and Ritual Activities endless insecurities and incessant need for approval left him struggling with conflicted instincts on how to handle hisnemies both real and perceived In devising ways to undermine his opponents he allowed a toxic nvironment to develop and run unchecked around him which ultimately cost him the presidency But as a world leader he possessed unparalleled optimism spirited nergy and a belief in idealism The indelible image Thomas leaves me with is that Nixon was a true fighter always resilient in his ability to bounce back Nonetheless he made a number of foolish mistakes in how he chose to carry out his battles It is always a pleasure to read Evan Thomas s work The grace and precision of his language is nothing short of poetical Being Nixon A Man Divided by Evan Thomas was published in 2015 Thomas was a writer and Wish You Were Here: An Essential Guide to Your Favorite Music Scenes—from Punk to Indie and Everything in Between editor for over three decades at Newsweek and Time Magazine and served as visiting professor at Harvard and Princeton He is the author of nine books including Ike s Bluff President Eisenhower s Secret Battle to Save the World which I read andnjoyedThis ostensibly comprehensive full length biography is the product of significant research and is consistently fluent fluid and The Day Christ Was Born eminently readable And it proves far balanced than Ixpected given its reputation for being too sympathetic to NixonOne uestion which proves difficult to unravel is whether this book intends to serve as a biography or a character study During its 5 Nights: Sinful Delights Boxed Set early pages it feels firmly like the latterxploring Nixon s thoughts and actions and analyzing his personality As the narrative approaches his presidency though it seems to morph into a biography But it never seems fully devoted to The Seventh Witch either causeAs a result while it is consistently interesting and thought provoking Being Nixon reads like a collection ofngaging short stories that hold together somewhat loosely many with a psychoanalytical feel and others which convey serious history fortunately from approachable rather than painfully pedantic perspectiveNixon s pre presidency receives about one third of The Book S 531 book 531 These fifty six years fly by far too uickly and many moments are covered with little or no depth Readers hoping to learn much about Nixon s House Senate or Vice Presidential years for instance will be disappointed and his unsuccessful 1960 presidential campaign fails to receive the penetrating coverage it deservesNixon s five and a half years in the White House are reviewed with intensity although this portion of the book never feels like a particularly serious survey of his presidency Instead these twenty chapters provide a steady stream of fascinating anecdotes uips stories and revelations that capture the reader s attention but never completely satisfy And because Thomas tends to bounce uickly from topic to topic discussions freuently feel unfinished or disappointingly perfunctoryReaders familiar with the basics of Nixon s li. Evan Thomas delivers the best single volume biography of Richard Nixon to date a radical uniue portrait of a complicated figure who was both determinedly "Optimistic And Tragically Flawed The New York Times Bestselling Author "and tragically flawed The New York Times bestselling author Ike’s Bluff and Sea of Thunder Thomas brings new life to one of American history’s most infamous paradoxical and And the Miss Ran Away with the Rake enigmatic politicians dispensing with myths to achieve an intimate and nuanced look at the actual man What drove a painfully shy outcast inlite Washington society a man so self conscious he refused to make ye contact during meetings to pursue power and public office How did a president so attuned to the American political id that he won reelection in a historic landslide lack the self awareness to recognize the gaping character flaws that would drive him from office and forever taint his legacy In Being Nixon Evan Thomas peels away the layers of the complex confounding figure who became America’s thirty seventh president The son of devout uakers Richard Ni. ,

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Le of years after his and that I read it before reading his which has greatly colored my opinionThere will be other Nixon biographies of course and I will read them because in the case of Richard M Nixon history is never over Recommended by Bill Gates I picked up a copy of this book a few years ago in the bargain section at Barnes and Noble Its length and most assuredly what would be dense content made me hesitant to start reading it But Thomas does a great job of laying out the life and presidency of Richard Nixon in a way that is informative and The Pocket Wife engaging I wasn t born during the Nixonra but I was too old for it to have been taught in school when I went so my knowledge of Nixon was admittedly narrow After reading this I find myself fascinated by his character and time as president I believe there is no apter a description than what Thomas uses Nixon was indeed a man divided At times I ve wished that I could be a college professor I would teach a course The Color of Our Sky entitled The Psyche of Richard Nixon A serial collector of resentements is how I ve heard Nixon described by a biographer I couldn t agree This is the first biography of this man that actually attempted to delve into his mind as tortured as it was Of course the section on the Presidency takes up the most space in this book twenty chapters but the author does go back to the origins of this complicated man For as much as he does I would have liked to have seen much informationexposition on Nixon s formative years andarly career in politics Without missing a beat the Watergate scandal is dissected at length For as interesting as it was I felt it was the best section of the book it s my opinion that the author described the plottings and machinations of a man unraveling before his subordinates yes uite well In all of the descriptions that I ve read on the Watergate scandal Thomas version is possibly one of the best He pulls no punches describing it in a pure simple nuts and bolts fashion Overall I found this to be a very good read Sure parts of it could have written better but this author is one of my favorites and I greatly admire his style of writingORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN 2015 Having been raised in a liberal household full of Nixon haters I found it mbarrassing at first to realize how much I Obsession empathized with Nixon at the start of his political career I recognized Nixon s strengths as admirable and felt for him as he wrestled with shyness and socialxclusion An older friend had told me he had voted for Nixon over Kennedy in 1960 Thomas s book shows me for the first time how Nixon could make such a choice viable Evan Thomas does a great job of showing how after winning the presidency Nixon s personal weaknesses created a vicious cycle of isolation and paranoia The balance of detail and narrative and interpretation is just right Readable and insightful BEING NIXON has helped me better understand the political world I grew up in and whose legacy we are living with today and the complex motionally unstable figure at the heart of so many of its most turbulent moments Reading various biographies of the same person gives one different sides to the person s life Evan Thomas gives us his take on Nixon and I thought it was a decent synopsis of the man Some have taken issue with the title but authors are often not responsible for the titles given to their books as Most Of You Probably Know Being Nixon of you probably know Being Nixon have been bestowed by an ditor who wanted to project this bio as a new slant on Nixon s lifeThe White House has been populated by several inscrutable men Jefferson Woodrow Wilson a hero of Nixon s and Nixon himself He was a hard man to get to know and kept much of his life hidden xcept for thousands of hours of tapes which often depict him in a bad lightThomas s book does humanize Nixon and gives us the Nixon who loved his wife and daughters and who had a very tender side and loving supportive family life The podcaster Bruce Carlson of My History Can Beat Up Your Politics asserts that if not for Watergate Nixon would be ranked as one of the top Presidents due to his reestablishing relations with China his playing hardball with the Soviet Union and helping push through detente and a mutual arms reduction Nixon was proud of his abilities as a "Statesman And Did A "and did a of traveling during his tenure in office I admit that there are times I ve felt very befuddled how Nixon ver got to be lected President He was an introvert who felt uncomfortable around most people yet at the same time he craved political office and adulation After the lection of our current President I would not be surprised if the American people All Roads Lead Home elected a gorilla to the Presidency Thomas s book did help me to understand how Nixon finally won the Presidency He was a skilled politician and a uick learnerA salient point the author makes and one his sources confirm is the feeling that Nixon had suffered some grievous hurt in childhood whichxplained his never letting his guard down never showing affection to his wife in public and always putting on a game face My speculation is that Nixon was never praised by his father He considered his mother a saint and in documentaries has called his father a good man but there is nothing in the book to indicate that Nixon s father showed him any special attention or gave him credit And Nixon by all accounts was an xemplary kid and top scholar He was first among all California high school students and was offered scholarships to Harvard and Yale but had to turn them down because it was 1930 and the Great Depression left his family too impoverished for him to afford room and board Nixon had an older brothe. Ative x Dixiecrats Nixon was also deemed a liberal in some uarters for his fforts to desegregate Southern schools create the Environmental Protection Agency and nd the draft A deeply insightful character study as well as a brilliant political biography Being Nixon offers a surprising look at
man capable of great bravery The Mephisto Threat (Paul Tallis extraordinary deviousness a balanced portrait of a president too often reduced to caricaturePraise for Being Nixon“A biography oflouence and breadth No single volume about Nixon’s long and interesting life could be so comprehensive” Chicago Tribune “Terrifically ngaging a fair insightful and highly ntertaining portrait” The Wall Street Journal “Thomas has a fine ye for the telling uote and the funny vignette and his style is minently readable” The New York Times Book Review “Thomas proves an amiable and fair minded tour guide” The Boston Globe “A measured concise and important American biography” Michael Beschloss author of Presidential Courag. Fe will find much of this book valuable Several Just Cause events such as Nixon sarly morning presidential pilgrimage to the Lincoln Memorial his relationship with Henry Kissinger and his interaction with his family are particularly revealingAnd despite most historians disdain for psycho biography Thomas s xploration of Nixon s psyche and mental motivations is keenly perceptive at best and thought provoking at the very least In addition this book s fluent xtremely readable style makes it a far asier read than its length would suggest Finally while I generally find Acknowledgements sections an after thought Thomas s proves uncommonly substantiveOverall Evan Thomas s Being Nixon A Man Divided is neither a traditional biography nor a dedicated character study Instead it is a well written well researched review of Nixon s life with an mphasis on his personality and motives While not an ideal introduction to the 37th president it provides broad if not uniformly deep historical coverage and is most rewarding as a supplementary book for anyone interested in seeing this tragic figure from a uniue perspectiveOverall rating 3 12 stars Evan Thomas has achieved the seemingly impossible by crafting this highly ntertaining informative insightful and balanced biography of our 37th president Sympathetic without being apologetic this book is the best single volume biography of Nixon that I have ncountered in my many years of wandering through the vast forest of Nixon literature You will fly through this book and come away with a fair portrait of a totally fascinating figure 35 You won t have Nixon to kick around any because gentlemen this is my last press conference Richard Nixon after losing the race for governor of California in 1962 I made my mistakes But in all of my years of public life I have never profited never profited from public service I ve arned very cent And in all of my years of public life I have never obstructed justice And I think too that I can say that in my years of public life that I welcome this kind of xamination because people have got to know whether or not their president is a crook Well I m not a crook I ve arned Fiesta Moon everything I ve got Richard Nixon November 17 1973 Always remember Others may hate you but those who hate you don t win unless you hate them and then you destroy yourself Richard Nixon final address to his staff in 1974 In 1972 Richard Nixon was relected to the presidency in one of the greatest one sided victories in the history of presidential politics His approval rating immediately after the lection was an unprecedented sixty ight percent Less than two years later it was seventeen percent and facing imminent impeachment he resigned in disgraceNixon was a painfully shy and socially awkward loner an introvert in an The Taste of Night extrovert s profession a private person who lived a public life This paradox placed him in a constant state of stress and despair and at times depression He was an insomniac who combined sleeping pills with a small capacity for alcohol which did not serve him wellI could never be a politician because my skin isn t thicknough But I do understand the rules of the game The fact that somebody disagrees with you makes them your opponent not your nemy You do not compile an nemies list and try to recruit the FBI or the IRS in an The Trust effort to punish the individuals on the list The good politicians are resilient and do notngage in self pity They do not refer to the media as the nemy in diatribes against the New York Times the Washington Post and Newsweek and the three TV networks Of course Nixon did possess nough restraint Times the Washington Post and Newsweek and the three TV networks Of course Nixon did possess The Return enough restraint restrict his attacks to private conversations with his staff However we came to know all about his attitude because those conversations were taped and it was those tapes that finally brought him downRichard Nixon never understood the rules or if he did he didn t play by them And in thend his politics of grievance and polarization and anger and resentment toward those who opposed him led to his disgrace The same rage paranoia and amorality that propelled him into the White House also led to his disgrace of becoming the only US president to ver resign the officeAccording to Evan Thomas introduction his Being Nixon was an ffort to understand what it was like to actually be Nixon Not that that hasn t been tried before and never with complete successJanet Maslin in her review in the New York Times points out the major weakness of Thomas book There s nothing simple about the idea of trying to be Richard M Nixon And beyond Prince Hafizs Only Vice explaining the concept of being Nixon Mr Thomas winds up mimicking his subject in unintentional ways He captures the air of a conflicted spirit when he balances staunch optimism with a darker view grapples with seemingly irreconcilable character traits in the same person and works the on the one handon the other hand formulation so hard it bleeds Further Thomas took on a herculean task of trying to compress the life of a man who was nominated five times for national office by a major political party into a from the cradle to the grave biography in one volumeven one with than five hundred pagesJohn Farrell s recent Richard Nixon The Life is a one volume biography but he spent very little time on his subject s pre political history and in addition devoted a couple subject s pre political history and in addition devoted a couple hundred pages to his account than did Thomas Farrell s is in my opinion the best of all the numerous Nixon biographiesBut I need to uickly add that I Aristotle and Poetic Justice enjoyed reading Thomas book for it isminently readable Thomas has an And Bid Him Sing: A Biography of Countée Cullen eye for the pithy uote and interesting anecdote He can t help it that Farrell s book was published a coup. Xon not unlike his rival John F Kennedy grew up in the shadow of an older favored brother and thrived on conflict and opposition Through high school and college in the navy and in politics he was constantly leading crusades and fighting offnemies real and imagined As maudlin as he was Machiavellian Nixon possessed the plainspoken louence to reduce American television audiences to tears with his career saving “Checkers” speech; meanwhile his darker half hatched schemes designed to take down his political foes arning him the notorious nickname “Tricky Dick” Drawing on a wide range of historical accounts Thomas reveals the contradictions of a leader whose vision and foresight led him to achieve détente with the Soviet Union and reestablish relations with communist China but whose underhanded political tactics tainted his reputation long before the Watergate scandal One of the principal architects of the modern Republican Party and its “silent majority” of disaffected whites and conserv.