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They Call Me Alexandra GastoneI received an ARC of this story in xchange for an honest reviewMelina was being transformed into Alexandra through learning her mannerisms and plastic surgery She was to be a spy for her country She was also beaten so it was believed that she had been in a car accident She was to Albert Gastone s granddaughter He was a member of the CIA although he could retire Alexandra who was really Melina now had a really great boyfriend and was popular Melina was a caring person Even though she was not supposed to she formed ties She also had kept her patriotism for her country until she found out that who had trained her wasn t who they portrayed to be She also couldn t see Albert hurt She grew through this story from the twists and turns She The Facial Nerve even learned how to love again I loved this story but hope another book will be written to find out about her further adventures I highly recommend it Alexandra is a sleeper agent into a CIA agent s home She has been posing as the man sAlbert s granddaughter for seven years and is deeply ingrained in her new life to the point that she is starting to develop real feelings for Albert and her boyfriend Grant However it is becoming increasingly difficult to juggle both lives When Perun decides to activate her to kill a man and bring her grandfather down w Alexandra has to make a difficult decision that could changeverything This was a fast paced novel that I could literally not stop reading Alexandra is very impressive in her skills and dedication to the Perun cause However when she begins to doubt the group s intentions she makes way for lots of problems I fell in love with Alexandra from the first page and I was able to connect with her struggle to maintain her mission while also keeping those she loved safe I also loved Albert The thing that I loved about this book is it seemed realistic when showing the struggles that the main character went through Usually these books start with the main character having been indoctrinated to the point that she or she has turned into a cold killer but Alexander s struggles seemed to me a realistic picture of what it would be like to be in that situation The book had twists and unexpected turns the author did a great job of making you connect with the main characters and the Surgery for Cochlear and Other Auditory Implants ending was a cliff hanger that obviously makes way for a second book I highly recommend this book and think this is a wonderful debut from an author that will produce great books in the future I received this book from NetGalley as an ARC for an honest review 35 starsI started out really not liking this book because as far as the spy things go there was NOTHING aside from the very first couple of pages When I read spy novels Ixpect at the very least a couple things that make me think James Bond or Gallagher Girls orsomething But AlexandraI mean according to the title they DO call her that ven if she reallyisn t doesn t really do a whole lot of that at first and when she does it s rather subdued in comparison to many different spy novels That s the point I guess Alexandra doesn t WANT to be a spy She wants to be Alexandra the granddaughter of a nice old man with a normal ish life But she doesn t have that because she works for a terrorist organization in a country called Olissa I have to be honest I don t think Alexandra is that good of a spy She makes a few royal screwups here and there which doesn t make that much sense considering the rigorous there which doesn t make that much sense considering the rigorous she was put through I was thinking when I first started that her character would be like Natasha Romanov who can seemingly do no wrong But it s okay I guess My fault for assuming things Her character does get better as the book goes along Her conflicting feelings are a major part of the story and it really is a bit of a Catch 22 which is super interesting to read about Should she serve Perun which wants her to do terrible things to people she loves or should she betray them and face grave conseuences It only got worse when I found out xactly how she came to be an agent for Perun The poor kid really got the short Yoga Therapy for Insomnia and Sleep Recovery: Supporting People to Achieve Better Rest end of the stickBut like I said the plot does take a while to get to the point where I was really into the story I feel like the beginning was really dragging Alexandra s normal life wasxentuated with only little bits of spy things sprinkled in and that really annoyed me I WANT ACTION AND HEARTBREAK AND SECRET MISSIONS AND I WANT THEM NOW I think someone Multichannel Marketing Ecosystems else with less previousxpectations would Extending Symfony 2 Web Application Framework enjoy this book than I did becauseverything I was Angels Whiskey expecting really hindered mynjoyment of what the story nded up being 45After having the book blast on They call me Alexandra Gastone a couple of months back I was immensely intrigued by the synopsis In this day and age the story line is anything but far fetched and it definitely drew a cord watching the unrest in the Middle East that has been brewing for such a long timeOf course the book is not referring to this conflict specifically though it may have draw inspiration from it in part Rather It sets a very strong portrait of the thoughts and feelings a young woman has being raised with ideals and saddled with a mission that may not have her or a much wider populace s best interests at heart A reminder if you will of the heart ache that vengeance and misguided ideals can bring and that we cant see both sides of the same coin at onceThey call me Alexandra Gastone starts with Milena aka Alexandra or Lex for "Short Lex Has Been "Lex has been as an undercover sleeper op in a important position at only 7 years old Her goal is been as an undercover sleeper op in a important position at only 7 years old Her goal is grow into a prime position within the countries intel and gather it for her own Though doing something for your home country is not as simple as it is cracked up to be when motives are unclear and you suddenly get faces with hurting the people who have played a role in your life for as long as your own blood family hasLex is a very interesting character I adore the fact that she is smart nough to uestion yet loyal nough to hold on to her ideals She is not reckless or stupid but she is damaged giving her some definite flaws Overall she is a great persona to read through and I find myself drawn to the realism that comes with her thought patterns and actions Family is what could motivate a man to knowingly house a spy it could give him the fortitude to look. When your life is a lie how do you know what’s realAlexandra Gastone has a simple plan graduate high school get into Princeton work for the CIA and serve her great nation She was told the plan back when her name was Milena Rokva back before the real Alexandra and her family were killed in a car crashMilena was trained to be a sleeper agent by Perun a clandestine organization from her true .

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A response That s awesome Grandpa I can t believe it My stomach was knotted I should have started with Albert s bad news With only a few days left of being Alexandra good news about the life I could have had felt like being kicked in the gut I would never go to Princeton I wasn t ven going to finish high school Princeton s playing football against Harvard in a couple weeks The Ivy matchups are always fun and I was thinking we might do a little road trip and catch the game I know you probably don t think it s super cool to hang out with your grandpa but I can treat you to some Princeton sweatshirts and show you the best place to grab pizza What do you say I could feel my face burn as I fought back tears It hurt to see Albert so The Day Christ Was Born excited He was going to be devastated when I simply vanished Of course I ll go to the game with you And Grandpa you know I love hanging out with you You don t need to bribe me I m going to miss you so much when I m gone I lo Good I was hoping you d say that said Albert reaching into the front pocket of his blazer Because that brings me to my second bit of good news Albert reached across the table and handed me annvelope I know you ve wanted this for a long time and I ve been putting you off but with the news about Princeton I thought it was time you got your way Without 5 Nights: Sinful Delights Boxed Set even opening thenvelope my heart caught I knew what was inside Since coming to live with Albert we d taken two trips a year one over Christmas break and the other during summer Although Albert was democratic about book club night he hadn t been regarding our trip destinations He always asked for my opinion but then chose to ignore it in favor of trips that were The Seventh Witch educational and thought provoking For the last three years I d been begging for an adventure vacation in New Zealand full of hiking white water rafting horse trekking and bungee jumping I d campaigned hard but Albert had always put me off Given his age I never really blamed himDespite my bestfforts a few stray tears And the Miss Ran Away with the Rake escaped You didn t I said opening thenvelopeAlbert laughed I most certainly did We re going this Christmas Two weeks in Godzone That s what the Kiwi s call New Zealand It ll be summer so the weather is going to be great and we ll do all those activities you ve wanted to do although I m absolutely not bungee jumping You can do it but don t try to pressure me into it with one of your bribes or bets I laughed wiping away a few tears I hope those are tears of joy and xcitement said AlbertI smiled and nodded Although I had to leave him I knew I d made the right decision in choosing to save Albert I was lucky to have as many years with him as I did You need to bring me down off the high I m on What was your bad news I asked grabbing my can of ginger aleHaving just deposited a forkful of food into his mouth Albert held up a finger as he uickly chewed and then swallowed He wiped a napkin across his mouth as he cleared his throat Albert s xpression was pained I m afraid I have to rescind my invitation to the gala I know you were The Pocket Wife excited to go but I learned today the threat level surrounding Kasarian s visit was increased There s chatter a group called Perun will strike All plus ones for lower tiered guests have beenlim I choked on my ginger ale at Albert s mention of Perun and had to Pound My Chest To Clear It My Mind Immediately Swam my chest to clear it My mind immediately swam uestions How did Albert know of Perun Made up of sleeper agents Perun s public profile was almost non xistent There shouldn t have been any chatter unless I stared at Albert dumbfounded my thoughts spinning out of control Was I wrong about Varos Had he actually been caught Had he caved under torture and given me up Did the man sitting across from me know who I was Was he testing me Oh I said not really knowing how to respond Although I kept my face impassive my muscles coiled ready for flight I had a go box buried near the dog park If I ran at top speed I could grab it and be gone in less than ten minutesAlbert patted my hand again I m sorry I trembled at his touch and slid my hand away hiding it in my lap Needing to run from Perun I d been in an impossible situation and Albert had just handed me an out His news about the gala was good if true But that kind of luck didn t just happen in the spy world Per n I asked purposefully stumbling over the pronunciation Never heard of them Albert nodded solemnly Pear une A group of radical Olissan rebels They ve been silent for years but with Aroyan narrowly losing the lection Well I guess they see an opening Hmmm I said shaking my head in understanding Albert looked calm and collected and not at all like someone who was about to jump across the table and slap on some handcuffs Well that s disappointing about the gala but I understand I smiled at Albert hesitantly Had I really just won the spy world s version of the lotto Was really just won the spy world s version of the lotto Was really that lucky Could I allow myself to get xcited about Princeton About New Zealand My heart uickened at the thought of keeping my life as Alexandra And what if Grant got into Penn He d only be an hour awayI picked up the tickets to New Zealand and tapped them on the table Surely Albert wouldn t have shown them to me if he knew Or told me about Princeton I knew Albert He wouldn t bait me he wasn t that cruelI smiled again this time with measured Obsession excitement You know how you could make the gala up to me I said grabbing my fork a sense of relieved giddiness taking holdAlbertyed me And how would that be I held my fork high in the air and then swooped it down to my plate You could go skydiving with me in New Zealand I said with a laughAlbert rolled his Cabaret: A Roman Riddle eyes I love you but I m not doing thatither Not in a million years I studied Albert for a moment studied his look of loving yet annoyed affection My giddiness dissipated replaced by feelings of warmth and peace I reached across and put a hand on Albert s arm I love you too Grandpa c Your grandpa is awesome He told veryone it was not the time or place for an argument An ighteenth birthday only rolls around once so we needed to spank our inner moppets Martine paused She looked like she wanted to ask something but wasn t sure if she should Finally she spoke What the hell is an inner moppet I mean I get the gist but still cI like my job It has its perks What are those Distrust fear isolation an arly death. Eeds her at the CIA in five years’ time They need her active nowBetween her cover as a high school girl juggling a homecoming dance history reports and an increasingly suspicious boyfriend and her mission in this high stakes spy game the boundaries of her two lives are beginning to blurWill she stay true to the country she barely remembers or has her loyalty shattered along with her identit. Her in the ye and pretend he cared The little bit of politics and world building surrounding the countries unrest is cleverly done and there is a good diversion of other characters to keep the story from becoming bogged down or to dark I could really find myself feeling for Grant and got uite attached to AlbertThe story is told in First Person all from Lex s perceptive It s a contemporary YA though probably better suited to the mature YA reader due to violence and the subtle All Roads Lead Home emotional undertones There is romance too though it does not overshadow the other aspects and weaves in with the main story wellI d played a part for so long who was I A spy A granddaughter A high school student A friend A liar A traitor I was all of these people and the contradictions where starting to rip me apartThere where uite a few plot twists and revelations shifting the story toward completely different outcomes in total contrast to what I hadxpected It s also one of the reasons I have given it a high mark It s incredibly well done The storyline flows nicely and keeps you ngaged throughout to find out what will happen nextOn that note a word of warning Even though this book nds at a good spot it also does on a major cliffhanger I am very curious what is to come still and can only image what T A Maclagan will conjure up next I believe the series will have 2 parts and there are uite a few directions it can takeWould I recommend itAbsolutely It s a refreshing story with loads of plot twists spionage a good dash of romance and action I received a free copy of this book from the pubisher via NetGalleyWhile njoyable this book sadly didn t meet my The Mephisto Threat (Paul Tallis expectationsYou can read my full review on my blog This review has also been posted on Addicted to YA Fiction so check it out for reviews Disclaimer This book was provided by Full Fathom Five Digital via Netgalley inxchange for an honest review This is a DNF review of They Call Me Alexandra GastoneSo I was kind of xcited about this book and when I initially started reading I thought I would probably nd up finishing this ARC and giving it at least 4 stars But my xcitement slowly petered out and I realized that I didn t want to finish this bookThe main character annoyed me Milena the MC who is pretending to be a girl named Alexandra Gastone tells us verything Now don t get me wrong I like getting a peek inside the MC s head and seeing how they function But this was literally inner monologues Just Cause every five minutes She uestions her decisions her plans for the future feelings toward a friendand it was too much I thought this was a thriller so Ixpected a lot actionOverall it just didn t feel that interesting to me The premise swept me off my feet but there wasn t nough action to hold my attention I feel like a bit of a black sheep actually because there are so many positive reviews about this book but this book just wasn t for me I m not ven sure xactly where I stopped reading but I think I got through about half of the book before deciding to ditch Check out this and other reviews on my blog Here s to Happy EndingsAlexandra Gastone has a seemingly great life to all those on the outside She has a boyfriend she does well in school and she lives with and is close to her grandfather who works in the CIA She is on track for college Princeton is the plan and she herself wants to work for the CIAHowever verything is not uite w A solid debut that has both heart and smarts Clever solidly paced and with a killer voice THEY CALL ME ALEXANDRA GASTONE is a blast to read Bring on the seuel For the blood of the fallen For the blood of the living For Olissa we fight Heck yeah What a badass book Have you ver read a book that while reading it you just have that strong feeling that feeling that says YESS THIS BOOK SHOULD BE A MOVIE It was like I was watching a film throughout the book and I can t take my yes off the screen Whether she s Milena or being Alexandra Gastone its clear that I love this character I remember this love towards a character before it was when I was reading Vampire Academy and I was obsessed with Rose and I don t want anything in life but to be friends with her Yep that s what I feel towards Alexandra or Lex Her thoughts and motions is very genuine and I don t think there was a time in the novel when I was frustrated or annoyed by her Nope all I have is pure admiration I can t ven put myself in her shoes because well I don t want to She is battling with the uestion LOVE OR DUTY The plot was so intricately done It all seems so real that ven a hint of doubt didn t creep in It was so obvious that TAMacLagan researched this concept thoroughly Her characters are all well written There were turns and twists that I didn t see coming There was a right amount of drama balanced with action and romance that affected me a lot They Call Me Alexandra Gastone is such a smart book Its definitely a new series to watch out for It has been uite some time since I really njoyed YA And this one did it somehow or maybe i m such it somehow Or maybe I m such sucker for wonderful grandparents storyAnother thing going for it is the subtle antipropaganda indoctrination which one can see around the text No longer a child I now knew why I d been shown the images and I also knew they weren t all true cWarnings should go with this 1 The political background here is abismal America is a bodygard to some invented Olissa country It s bodygarding its citizens uite a lot in some cases supposedly straight to death But in death they are allowed to keep their cultural diversity Which is totally generous They were just a bodyguard of sorts It wasn t the US government s fault American companies were behaving badly Companies behaved badly all the time all over the world c Yeah right2 The US guards Olissa against Ira and Russia And I won t ven go into the geography of this Obviously it s difficult to invent a country and place it somewhere not laughable Albert grinned ar to ar I got a call today Yeah It was From My Friend At Princeton my friend at Princeton got in You ll get the formal offer of admission in a week or two Lex I m so proud of you said Albert reaching across to pat my hand You re going to make a wonderful addition to the school and I know you ll love it there as much as I did I threw a hasty smile onto my face and somehow found some nthusiasm for. Omeland of Olissa There Milena learned The Taste of Night everything she needed to infiltrate the life of CIA analyst Albert Gastone Alexandra’s grandfather and the ranks of America’s top intelligence agencyFor seven years “Alexandra” has been on standby and life’s been good Grandpa Albert loves her and her strategically chosen boyfriend Grant is amazingBut things are about to change Perun no longer